Skyblock Utopia Map One releasing June 29th @ 3PM EST

I’m excited to finally announce the first map of Skyblock Utopia. Our team has been working on planning and prep for this upcoming map for close to 2 months. Now before we get started I know that Skyblock traditionally on OPLegends has not lived up to it’s standard we recognize this, and this is why our outlook on how we build a Skyblock Server has changed completely. The whole team on OPLegends believe in what we are building we hope you do to after reading all the new features/old features. The era of closing realms for months on OPLegends is over Skyblock is here to stay, and I’m excited to embark on this new journey of making the best Skyblock server on Minecraft Java!

🍏 Gens Inspired Skyblock 🍏

  • Fully reworked Quests We have brought back the level quests grind through 25 different quests within the spawn (or on your island). Enjoy a story-driven quest line with lore, and amazing selection of rewards to guide you through…….multiple unique quest-bound PvE experiences.
  • Mystical Forest & Desert We have added 2 absolute stunning areas to the spawn that allow players to feel immersed into the gameplay. These areas are part of the quests line, and offer a unique experience to the different quests you will be able to play through.
  • Spawners & Spawner Slots Goodbye Gen Slots you will now have to get Spawner Slots that allow you place more spawners on your island. SPAWNER SLOTS are not P2W you will get more spawners slots through quests then from crates or any other paid items. We understand the P2W nature of Gen Slots on Gens and we want to fix that. This gives a everyone and opportunity to compete no matter how much credits you have.
  • Unlock Crops, Saplings, and Blocks You will now have to unlock different crops, saplings, and blocks to grind in the spawn and on your island based on your player level.
  • Player Level You will need to collect points, and the more points you get the faster you are able to level up. Player level allows you to progress through the game, and the higher player level you are the more money you make, and the more spawner slots you will receive.

🦾 Reworked Gear System 🦾

  • Dungeon & Grinding Gear Gens & Skyblock have been merged together to bring you Dungeon & Grinding Gear within a singular system and menu. Enjoy the simplicity of gens enchants, together with awesome stat driven Skyblock armor. This also includes new enchants that bring unique mechanics and interactions to every tool, some enchants can even be unlocked by progressing through the stories!

⛓️ Dungeons ⛓️

  • Dungeons Core Make your dungeon runs more challenging, rewarding, or easier using dungeon cores! There’s 10 different tiers to collect, with most cores challenging even the most veteran players.
  • Dungeon Enemy Revamp Every single dungeon enemy has gotten a rework in their AI, skillset, abilities, and general player interactions. Elite enemies now have unique mechanics that will make each run mo

💰 Economy Changes 💰

  • Rebalancing of Crate Keys We are removing LOOTBOXES and WEEKLY LOOTBOXES from Skyblock we will be re-introducing MONTHLY KEYS that will have rewards that are worth it throughout the map, and will get weekly buffs to currency items, but no change in items. This is to keep Monthly Keys valuable throughout the map, and to make it to where we are not pushing out new Loot boxes down your throat. We will be releasing FLARES when we believe it’s neccessary to release flares. They might be weekly or bi-weekly depending on how the map goes.
  • Spawner Economy Remember the days when Ghast were the best spawner we have introduced all the new mobs which will require new grinders to be built on your island for mobs you may have never interacted with in Minecraft. This is to make for a better experience for the players, and the people playing.
  • Island Top Island Top will be spawner value based the higher tier spawners the better chance you have at winning Island Top!

🏆 Community Events 🏆

  • Island Building Competition We are very excited to bring back the Island Build Competition. We want to incentivize builders to build the best islands you will be able to win different prizes if you have the best built island. More information on this will be out soon!
  • Skin Showcase We want to host more of these so players can make their best themed skins, and win prizes!
  • Karaoke We know the Karaoke was a hit among players so we want to bring it back on a bi-weekly basis!

🐰 QOL Changes 🐰

  • Events We will be hosting less events, but making the events more meaningful. Crate Key Alls will take place at the same time everyday, and will actually be worth it.
  • Rule Changes We will be posting more about this, but we have plans to roll out more community friendly rules that are not ridiculous. We will also be releasing a 3 step plan on we can better communication between staff, and players. We believe the staff communication between players has been lacking, and it’s our job to fix this issue!
  • Credit Economy A LOT of players have been concerned with the inflation within the credit economy we plan to announce changes soon rather than later, and we believe whatever we decide will be the best situation for the overall credit economy.

📔 Final Note 📔

We’ve been around for 4+ years and nothing last forever let’s try to make some memories while we still can. I know a lot of players are frusturated with the direction of the network, but it’s all a learning process. I just want to thank all of you even the people who consistently talk down on us I know you do it because you care, and it means the world.

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