After more than eight months, we are finally excited to announce the changelog for our long-anticipated Skyblock revamp, which is releasing Saturday, December 23rd at 3PM EST.

Since we last released Skyblock, a lot has changed on our network. We’ve built a ground-up recode of Prison, a record-breaking Gens gamemode, and have made tons of internal improvements to enable us to continue to deliver new content in the future. We’ve brought on 3 new developers, multiple new admins, and introduced them to the important role they have to play on our network.

More than anything, with this expanded team, I am looking forward to us having new opportunities to listen to our community and players’ feedback more than ever. With many dedicated roles allowing us to develop more content than ever before, I firmly believe that 2024 will be the year of OPLegends.

With all of that being said, the rest of this post is dedicated to information about our Skyblock release.

Skyblock at a glance!

Here’s what you need to know about Skyblock:

  • Release Date: Saturday, December 23rd at 3PM EST
  • Release Time: 3PM EST
  • Release Type: Full Reset (All inventory/items/islands lost)
  • Supported Versions: Java 1.20+
  • Island Size: 8 Members
  • Leaderboard: Spawner Value

With that out of the way, let’s look more closely at the features that are arriving this map.

Island Features

Islands have seen some changes this map. You can still have 8 members on an island. We’ve increased the Mob Stack limit to 2048 and the Spawner Stack limit to 1024.

Throughout the story quests and /pass, you will earn Upgrade Tokens. This non-transferrable currency can be spent by the island owner only on /is upgrades. You might be asking why larger islands can’t pool their tokens together. The answer is that a limited number of Upgrade Tokens can be earned in gameplay, so we want to ensure that a player who decides to start their own island later still has them for their own island, since it would be bad to be stuck with no upgrades and no ability to earn more.

Now, with Island Upgrades, you can actually upgrade the limit of how many of certain blocks you can have on your island. For example, island-wide Chunk Chest/Hopper/Auto Chest limits can be raised.

We’ve also decreased crowding requirements. Spawners, Auto Chests, Chunk Chests, and Minions now only need to be 8 blocks away from each other instead of 16 (for example, a chunk chest must be at least 8 blocks away from another chunk chest).

We’ve also reworked Fly. One of the best parts about Skyblock is the accomplishment of building a large island, and unlimited Fly can feel like cheating here. To preserve this gameplay balance, you can only fly using Flight Soup which is earned from Crystals, Dungeons, and more. By making it an item instead of a rank-perk like it is on Gens, we are committing to a less pay-to-win experience. We know that we’ve gotten a lot of complaints about top-rank-only-fly on Gens, and this is us showing our commitment to making a fair gameplay experience.


Dungeons is the biggest feature we’ve introduced to OPLegends since OPLegends started in 2020.

We are launching with two dungeons (the tutorial Dummy Dungeon and the more challenging Gateway Grotto). In these dungeons, you can solve puzzles, fight mobs, traverse through mazes, and fight challenging bosses. You can either play solo or in a /party.

We’re committed to adding new Dungeons after release. They take a lot of time to create, but it’s well worth the effort, so thank you for your patience while we make more dungeons.

Each Dungeon playthrough is unique—you might not get the same rooms every playthrough, as they are procedurally generated. This is the most advanced Dungeon generation possible and the first 3D dungeon generation in Minecraft!

For a demo, check out our Dungeon Sneak Peek trailer on YouTube.

Gear and Custom Enchants

We’ve completely overhauled the gear system for Skyblock. There are 20+ gear sets now. Each gear set is oriented towards a certain goal (such as Dungeons, PvP, or PvE), and has a unique set of stats and enchant slots.

Here’s a table of all of the custom enchants in the game currently (as of the writing of this post; some may be subject to change prior to release):

Name Levels Tools Description
Efficiency 5 Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hoe Your tool will break certain blocks faster than before.
Protection 5 Chestplate, Leggings, Boots You will take less damage from certain sources.
Sharpness 5 Sword, Axe Your weapon will deal more damage to certain mobs.
Manaflow 5 Staff Gain bonus Mana for each level.
Robust 4 Chestplate, Leggings, Boots Gain bonus Health for each level.
Undead Protection 5 Chestplate, Leggings, Boots Gain bonus Defense against Undead for each level.
Lucky 4 Chestplate, Leggings, Boots Gain bonus Luck for each level.
Power 5 Bow Gain bonus Attack for each level.
Smite 5 Sword, Axe Gain bonus Attack against Undead for each level.
Flame 1 Bow Arrows shot from your bow will ignite enemies.
Infinity 1 Bow You will not consume arrows when shooting your bow.
Punch 2 Bow Arrows shot from your bow will knock enemies back.
Haste 5 Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel Your tool will swing faster with each level.
Fortune 3 Pickaxe, Hoe Gain bonus drops from ores and crops.
Looting 3 Sword, Axe Gain bonus drops from mobs
Depth Strider 3 Boots Move faster when in water.
Fire Aspect 2 Sword, Axe Your weapon will set enemies on fire with each level.
Telepath 1 Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hoe You automatically pick up items dropped from grinding.
Tree Feller 5 Axe For each level, 2 blocks of a tree will be broken at once.
Kill Aura - Sword Swing your sword at one extra nearby stacked mob per level.
Soul Harvester 2 Sword Chance of gaining extra EXP from killing stacked mobs.
Green Thumb 3 Hoe Chance of gaining extra EXP from harvesting grown crops.
Replant 5 Hoe For every level, 100 crops you break will be auto-replanted.
Pesticide 3 Hoe Chance of spawning a TNT explosion which harvests and auto-replants nearby crops for you.
Fleetfoot Blessing 3 Boots Gain a 3>9 speed bonus for 6>10 seconds upon killing an enemy.
Hunter’s Bounty 3 Sword Killing an enemy grants you with +2 luck for 4>12 seconds.
Supply Runner 3 Boots Obtain +2>6 speed for 10s upon opening a war chest.
Ravage 5 Sword Each player kill adds +0.2>1 Attack (max 30), but reduces health by -0.1>0.5. Resets on death.
Shielding Presence 3 Chestplate When equipped, it emits a protective aura around the user which grants nearby party members with a defense boost.


There have been a few changes to balance. Now, the economy is a hybrid economy. This means:

  • /shop is now an exchange-like interface where you can create buy and sell orders as a player.
  • The server acts as an infinite buyer/seller for most items, with a price that changes several times throughout the day.
    • Notably, the server will not directly sell you spawners.
  • Players can still create Buy Requests or Sell Offers. The best price will always be fulfilled.

This allows us to have an economy which values player contributions while still ensuring that you can always /sell mob drops, crops, and other economy-related materials.

Much, Much More.

There’s a lot of other changes; this post only includes the ones that were top-of-mind when writing this article, and details that are important for people to know ahead of time. If you have any questions about Skyblock, don’t hesitate to ask in our Discord and we’re happy to answer!

Semi-Complete Changelog

Here’s a more-or-less complete changelog of all of the features added/removed/modified. There’s been a lot changed, so some things may be omitted or forgotten from this list.

  • Raised spawner stack limit from 512 -> 1024
  • Raised mob stack limit from 512 -> 2048
  • Added cooldown to /feed and /heal
  • Moved PvP to spawn
  • Added crystals & lootboxes in /kits + removed armor in /kits
  • Added flight soup and removed permanent /fly to support gameplay balance
  • Added Dungeons
    • Dummy Dungeon
    • Grotto Dungeon
  • Reworked all enchants
  • Added 20+ new sets of gear
  • Added island upgrade for hopper limit
  • Added island upgrade for chunk chest limit
  • Added island upgrade for auto chest limit
  • Added /party support for PvP teammate immunity
  • Added Spawner Sam
  • Added dynamic pricing support to /shop
  • Added player order support to /shop
  • Removed server prices for some items (incl. spawners)
  • Removed spawners from Lootbox to support gameplay balance
  • Replaced Grind/Loot/Relic keys with Common/Rare/Mythic/Legendary/Divine Crystals
    • Crystals cannot be obtained directly from /buy.
  • Minions now have an inventory limit
    • If an item stack cannot be fully picked up by a minion, it will not be picked up.
  • Removed /is vault
  • Removed /is shop
  • Removed Dimensions
  • Removed Mob Arena
  • Removed Omnitools
  • Removed Money Multipliers (incl. pets) since this would lead to infinite money glitching from /shop
  • Added 10 new quests
  • Replaced /tutorial with starter quest which is automatically initiated on first join
  • You now start on your island on first join.
  • Added spellcasting mechanic for active abilities.
    • Spells are initiated with right click (or left click for bow). Spell cast sequence varies based on the # of spells on a piece of gear.
  • Added War Chests to replace Envoys which periodically spawn in /warp pvp.
  • Added /profile icon to inventory
  • Added stats mechanic
    • Gear, boosters, and more all contribute to the stats shown in /profile.
    • Stats are the basis for how much attack/defense/speed/etc you have.
  • Added Artifacts which drop from stacked mob kills, dungeons, and more.
    • Artifacts are needed for armor crafting
  • Added /armor crafting interface
    • All gear is crafted using materials, and some require Artifacts.
  • Added Looting and Fortune pets.
  • Added Health bar to replace hearts due to scale of health.
  • Added new /pass
  • Added gear skins. These cannot be taken off once applied (same as Gens).
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements.