Hey everyone! In the last month, we’ve seen a tremendously positive reaction to our Prison reset. There’s been an overwhelmingly positive response to **Universes, **a concept we have been trying to execute since July 2021.

Now that our Universes concept for Prison has taken off, we plan on regularly introducing new types of Universes in future Prison maps, including this reset. To be clear, we are still ensuring that each new universe feels distinctly like Prison gameplay. As you can tell from playing, the difference between our “fishing” and “farming” universes and Skyblock is drastic. This will be the case for all future universes we add: we know the feel and style of Prison gameplay, and we want to expand it, not replace it.

With this in mind, this map of Prison, we are introducing a New Universe, a complete Armor Overhaul, as well as many minor improvements and fixes.

When does Prison Reset?

Prison Neptune’s fourth map will start at 3PM EST (Eastern Time) on Saturday, November 19th.

To find out what time this is for your local timezone, search “3PM EST” on https://google.com.

All of your Prison enchants, seasonal ranks, plot data, and all other Prison progress will be cleared for the reset.

New Universe

The biggest change we are bringing for Map 4 of Prison is a **brand-new universe! **This new universe contains new content, enchants, and adds an entire new dynamic to Prison! Stay tuned for the new Universe reveal on Tuesday! What is this new universe, you ask? We will be revealing the new Universe and its contents **THIS TUESDAY **in the trailer watch-party in our Discord! Make sure to join https://discord.gg/oplegends ahead of time to see it.

Armor Overhaul

The other huge update we are bringing is a complete overhaul of armor! For many seasons now, our Jewel Armor has remained the same, with only four different sets to collect. We have noticed room for improvement here, so we are overhauling Armor to make it more interesting and fun for all universes!

Armor Crafting

There are now **4 different families of Armor to craft, **one for each Universe! That means there is Farming armor, Fishing armor, Mining Armor, and also ???? Armor for the new universe! Each family of armor has **5 different types **of armor, each with its own unique style and increasing multiplier. When you farm, fish, mine, and ???, you will gain **T1 Armor Shards **(Apple Shards, Coconut Shards, Hydrogen Shards, or Broccoli Shards for each universe respectively). These shards can be crafted into T1 armor, or combined into higher-tier shards to craft better armor! This unique trade-up and salvage mechanic means that you will need to strategize to craft the best armor possible! This will make the Armor economy much more interesting and dynamic as all shards will always remain valuable, so get ready to trade!

Other Changes

There’s also some changes this map which don’t warrant complete sections but are still relevant:

  • Reworked Pet Box balance to make the pet economy slightly more difficult and dynamic.
  • Fixed issue causing Flood of Heaven to continue long after the flood hits the entirety of your farm.
  • Fixed issue causing Seed Eruption to have 1 minute cooldown after Flood of Heaven procs.
  • Removed pet cages due to glitches and inconsistencies. We may recode them in the future, but it will be after this map.
  • Made many improvements to Cosmetics which will be announced separately.
  • Added a “Virtual Key Drop” setting which causes all crate keys from Universes (Mine,  Prize, Super, Fish, Farm) to go directly into your /crates balance rather than dropping a voucher. This can be toggled on or off at any time in /settings.
  • In anticipation of new GKits being released, /gkits now only shows the legacy GKits you have access to, which helps prevent confusion.
  • Added a setting to allow you to disable fishing particles.
  • Added a setting to allow you to disable fishing sounds.


In conclusion, with this new map of Prison Neptune, we are really looking forward to expanding the widely-popular Universe dynamic to a whole new level! We’re so excited to keep this trend going this fall and into the winter, and can’t wait for you to join us on Saturday at 3PM EST for the new map!