Hey everyone! After a very successful Prison reset, we are heading into the Halloween season with a new map of Skyblock Utopia! This map, we are focused on fixing the gameplay mechanics of Skyblock and introducing new PvE content for you to enjoy. We’ve heard many complaints about our old autoclicker-focused economy, and we are proud to finally be fixing this.

Although the changelog this map is leaner feature-wise, the focus of this reset is keeping what makes Skyblock great while improving the mistakes we have made with previous maps. These changes we’re introducing are all aimed at improving a specific problem with Skyblock, and we hope you will enjoy these changes!

Island Top - Introducing Gems

Last map, we introduced an Essence-based Island Top system. While this was intended to provide for a more dynamic competitive economy, there were several flaws with this system, such as:

  • Not being able to trade or pay Essence, effectively making it not a part of the economy
  • One source of Essence (from autoclicking mobs) becoming a dominant strategy.

We are proud to announce a Gem-based Island Top calculation system, inspired by the overwhelmingly positive feedback to the Gang Top calculation system we designed for Prison last map. To briefly explain this:

  • Your island accumulates Spawner Gems from placing stacked spawners on your Island, with the gem value being proportional to the rarity and count of spawners.
  • You earn Crop Gems from farming crops.
  • You earn Combat Gems from killing mobs in the Mob Arena (new area).

Then, these combine together **based on the ordering of how many of each source you have. **This makes it so the dominant strategy is **to collect all sources of Gems evenly. **Also:

  • Crop and Combat Gems are payable and tradeable (Spawner gems aren’t a currency but are calculated based on your island’s spawners, so you can trade around Spawners of course…)
  • You** do not receive Gems from killing stacked mobs. **We felt this made the economy extremely boring and autoclicker-centric last map, and we want to allow people to build whatever kind of farms they want (AFK or not) without being penalized. You still earn EXP from killing stacked mobs, which becomes important for Combat Gear and the Mob Arena, so this is still a good experience!
  • This solution keeps the economy very dynamic. Weekly spawners are still in effect (so spawners from week 1 won’t give Gems in week 2), and so there is always room for a shakeup!

Mob Arena - A better PvE experience!

Another big change we are introducing this map is Mob Arena! For some time now, /warp mine has been a stale experience. Despite our attempts to keep it interesting with new areas and zones, the fact of the matter is that individual progress makes it hard to keep the area consistently interesting. To address this, we are introducing Mob Arena - a persistent area specific to you designed to provide a consistently engaging PvE experience:

  • The Mob Arena is always available for you to access and your progress is saved in between sessions: you can pick up where you left off whenever you want!
  • You bring your regular Skyblock inventory into the arena, allowing you to build up your own personal godset throughout the season to use in the Arena!
  • As you fight more mobs, your Arena Level increases, which makes the arena more difficult but also more rewarding.
  • Leveling up your arena by playing allows you to receive more Gems, higher drop prices, and more!
  • Occasionally, rare bosses which present a unique challenge and amazing rewards will spawn in your Arena!
  • Your Mob Arena is specific to you and is a singleplayer experience.

Combat Gear Changes

To keep the Mob Arena interesting, Combat Gear now has:

  • Higher levels for all enchants related to PvE combat.
  • Special enchants specific to the Mob Arena.
  • Special abilities which can be activated in the Mob Arena.

These changes will make building up armor sets for the Mob Arena more interesting. EXP is still the currency used to buy enchant scrolls and upgrades, so make sure to grind mobs for EXP!

Brewing - Craft new effects!

Brewing is coming to Skyblock! You can now craft potions which give you amazing effects for Farming, grinding, and PvE combat.


In conclusion, we’re really excited about this upcoming map of Skyblock and hope you are too. We have a lot planned for the future of this network, and we’re excited to follow up on the massive success of last map of Prison with a uniquely great Skyblock server. We can’t wait to see you online this Saturday @ 3PM EST!