Hey everyone!

After a long-running and successful second map of Prison Neptune, we’ve taken some time to step back and consider how to innovate within the Prison gamemode once more. Now, after lots of development effort and time, we’re back with the third map of Prison Neptune, where we are innovating once again with the introduction of Universes!


The main change this map is introducing the concept of Universes, which are individual themed Prison gameplay areas. Each universe has its own grind, currency, tool to upgrade, and each give their own colored beacon.

When you deposit different colored beacons to your gang, collecting all types is the meta for /gang top! For example, having 50 Green beacons, 50 Yellow beacons, and 50 Blue beacons will be better than having just 150 Green beacons!

Now, with Universes, you can grind at not just the Mine, but also the Lake and the Farm, collecting all different colors of beacons to become the best on /g top! These different experiences will bring more variety and content to Prison!

Each universe has its own rank and ascension, so you have a Mine rank, Farm rank, and Fishing rank, as well as ascensions for each tool. You get to pick which rank you want to display in chat as well!

The Lake Universe

The first universe we are introducing is The Lake! **Here, you can complete a **rapid-fire fishing grind unlike anything you’ve ever seen in Minecraft before to gain Fish, level up your Fishing Rod, and collect **Blue Beacons **for /g top!

Fishing is a new grind we’ve designed, which unlike regular fishing in Minecraft, is designed to be fast-paced and exciting! Your lake is a large grid of 3x3 pools of water. Each pool lights up when there is a fish within it, and by casting your fishing rod, you will immediately cast it and gain a fish (plus a beacon if there is a beam in the pool)!

The different enchants for this area have all kinds of chaining and effects to make it possible to get amazing combos with this fishing area. Our demos don’t quite do the area justice, but it’s truly a really fun experience to grind for hours, and us developers have found ourselves accidentally spending too much time fishing instead of working on other features (oops…)! This demo only shows off some of the fishing enchants, but you can still see how this is an incredibly unique and fun grind! This amazing area has 9 unique enchants and is truly an incredible place to grind! We’ve had a blast making this area as well as playing on it, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy it too! Lake Enchants:

  • Velocity: Increase the speed at which your fishing rod casts, making it easier to fly faster while fishing.
  • Aim**Assist**: Chance of landing in the nearest pool if your cast misses.
  • Dragon**Fish**: Chance of auto-fishing an entire square grid of fish at once.
  • Laser Fish: Chance of auto-fishing an entire column of fish at once.
  • Grenade Fish: Chance for a fish to explode into 9 parts and start a new cast at all connected pools.
  • Flying Fish: Chance for a fish to fly into a random nearby pool and start a new cast where it lands.
  • Magic Fish: Chance of a magic fish spawning, which will jump from pool to pool and start new casts.
  • Regenerate: Chance for the pool you cast in to instantly regenerate and light up faster.
  • We’re also still working on additional Lake enchants which may arrive at launch or in updates, stay tuned :)

The Farm Universe

Additionally, we’re introducing the Farm universe, which is a Prison grind area that resembles farming! Regenerating crops are all around this farm, and you can collect crops for both your farm tool and farm rank, in addition to collecting Yellow Beacons for /g top!

The farm has 8+ unique enchants **and is a great place to grind, and we know that many of you who remember this from our old Prison Farm will enjoy this area now that it has its own important purpose and new enchants! **Farm Enchants:

  • **Fertilizer: **Have a chance of nearby crops turning into better materials around where you break.
  • **Steady Harvest: **Keep a streak of breaking crops to increase your multiplier!
  • **Rancher Robert: **Summons a helpful rancher named Bob who will run around and farm crops for you!
  • **Flood of Heaven: **Has a small chance of granting a flood from the heavens above which will grant a plentiful harvest!
  • **Creeper Surge:** Have a chance of breaking a creeper pattern centered around where you break.
  • **Lucky Burst: **Have a chance of a lucky block appearing when you break a crop!
  • **Special Harvest: **Have a chance of earning a 6x+ multiplier for a block. When this happens, heart particles will spawn based on what the multiplier was.
  • We’re also still working on additional Farm enchants which may arrive at launch or in updates, stay tuned :)

The Mine Universe

Of course, the classic Mine universe you know and love is still here! Unlike the other universes, it still has two special currencies (Dollars and Orbs), but it now grants Green Beacons.

Gang Top

Gang top has also been updated and is now based on all colored beacons you have, combining them in a way that rewards gathering all colored beacons.

For example, if I have 50 Green, 25 Yellow, and 10 Blue beacons, I will be better than someone who has 50 Green and 35 Yellow, who will still be better than someone who just has 85 Green beacons! This rewards diversification and makes sure that there is a strategy and purpose connecting all the universes together!

Of course, all colored Beacons are full-blown currencies that can be exchanged and used in Player Shops, /pay, /trade, and more, so there is plenty of strategy to go around!


We’ve heard your complaints about Robots, and so for the next map of Prison, they have been upgraded into **Minions!**

Rather than being virtual, they are now physical friends you place down on your Prison Plot! You will need to strategize, however, because you can only place a limited number on your plot!

Minions generate rankup currency for you by turning fuel into currency over time. The different types of Minions correspond to how efficient they are. As you rank up, your minions will be able to generate more currency for you from each fuel item. So, to make more money from Minions, you need to keep ranking up in addition to using the higher tier Minions!

Fuel is obtained by mining, so to make the best use of it, you will want to deposit it to your robot or sell fuel to others.

For those who are familiar with our classic Quarry feature from way back in the day, Minions are like the best of Quarries combined with the best of Robots! We hope you enjoy this new feature which will be coming to the new map of Prison, as they will be much more useful and interesting gameplay-wise compared to our old Robots.


Brewing is another amazing feature we are bringing this map! Brewing allows you to create special potions with unique effects for the Lake, Farm, and Mine areas. They take different ingredients & time to be brewed, but the effects generated from them are unique and overpowered!


In conclusion, we’re really excited about this map of Prison because we feel like the universe concept ties in new content and areas in a uniquely “prison-like” way. Even though farming and fishing seem like Skyblock features, we’ve designed these areas to feel like Prison gameplay, and we think you all will really enjoy the unique twists associated with these areas.

They’re like parallel universes, and we know that this concept will become even more awesome as we add new universes in the future as updates! We have been thinking about this idea and considering it for a long time now (years!) and think it will revolutionize Prison, and we can’t wait for you to try it!