Hey everyone, the newest season of Skyblock Utopia is finally here! This map, we are focusing on making gameplay more dynamic, improving the economy, expanding upon existing features, and adding some interesting new quality-of-life features!

When is the Reset?

Skyblock Map 3’s release is on Saturday, September 17th at 3PM EASTERN TIME. Here’s a helpful countdown which will show how long it is until release!

🤔 What will I Keep? 🤔

Because the server is resetting, you will lose most of your progress. However, any Ranks or GKits you have purchased will transfer. To better illustrate this, here is a list of what is kept versus what is lost.

🗳️ Transferred  Perks 🗳️

  • Ranks from /buy.
  • GKits from /buy.

🌪️ Lost Progress 🌪️

  • All inventory items, tools, gear, and other items.
  • All island progress and builds.
  • All crate keys in your /crates balance.
  • Seasonal ranks from Crates or /expshop.
  • Any other in-game progress (Player Level, Skills, etc)

Omnitools - The next generation of Item Skills!

With this map, we are introducing Omnitools as a new gear system to replace Skull Gear. To those who played Skyblock back when we first launched it in 2020, this Omnitool system will seem familiar, as in many ways it is an evolution of that Item Skills system! When  you join, you will receive an omnitool with your rank kit. These omnitools can switch between being a pickaxe for mining, an axe for killing stacked mobs, and a hoe for farming! As you use each form of an omnitool, it will gain experience as you mine ores (pickaxe mode), kill stacked mobs (axe mode), and farm crops (hoe mode)! As it levels up, you will be given upgrade points to spend on the various buffs for each mode.

Additionally, we have added several new buffs to each mode compared to Skull Gear.

Essence - Making competition dynamic!

One of the biggest complaints we have received in the last map of Skyblock Utopia has been the way we structure gameplay and competition, with many complaining about the “afk economy” or “autoclicker economy”. We have been listening to these suggestions, and with this map, we are introducing a new competitive mechanism which will allow all forms of gameplay to shine! To those who are familiar with the EXP trophy /is top we have previously utilized in the past, this new feature is similar to that, but with many improvements and fewer flaws!

When you kill stacked mobs, farm crops, and participate in the /warp mine, you will receive different forms of Essence based on the action:

  • **Red Essence: **Gained by killing stacked spawner mobs
  • **Green Essence: **Gained by farming crops
  • **Blue Essence: **Gained by mining ores in /warp mine and killing PvE mobs in /warp mine.

Now, /is top value is based on the total sum of Essence that you receive during the week! For example, if you earn 10 Red Essence, 20 Green Essence, and 50 Blue Essence, you will have 80 total essence to convert into trophies in /is top! To make things more interesting, however, the amount of essence you earn will vary every 3 days as the “Essence Bonus” changes. Based on what you see in /bonus, certain colors of Essence will have a buff, and other colors of Essence will have a debuff. This exciting dynamic element will make competition more engaging long-term.

PvE Update - /mine is back!

As we mentioned in previous sections, there is now a complete overhaul to PvE with this map of Skyblock Utopia! We are making changes to the mine builds/layout, the mobs you encounter, and the ores you drop to make /mine a more lucrative and engaging part of Skyblock gameplay. There are 3 total mines to begin with, each with its own types of enemies and ores to collect. In updates throughout the season, new mines will be added, each bringing their own twist!

The new economy prices for PvE will ensure that this is a useful and lucrative part of gameplay. Get excited to destroy mobs and scavenge for ores!

Farming Update - Fortune and Omnitool Buffs!

As previously hinted at, we have changed Fortune for farming to no longer be vanilla, but rather a simpler calculation which makes more sense and is more noticeable.

Additionally, different omnitools throughout the season will come with farming abilities like Crop Explosion to make farming a more exciting experience! These abilities will be associated with each type of special Omnitool, so get prepared for these!

Grinding Update - New Omnitool buffs!

Grinding updates this map are targeting the types of features you use every day.

Omnitool Buffs

To improve the grinding experience further, we’re introducing several new types of omnitool buffs targeted towards making grinding stacked mobs a more engaging experience! These include:

  • **Poison: **Chance of applying a poison effect which passively kills mobs off of a stack.
  • **KillAura: **Kills one nearby mob per level every time you swing.
  • **StackSmash: **Chance of killing a large number of mobs off of a stack, dependent on level (up to hundreds at once!)

Omnitool Abilities

Additionally, we are adding Abilities to special omnitools (like the exclusive Dragon Omnitool in the Monthly Crate) which can be activated with [Q], like:

  • **Evil Essence Ability: **Chance of applying poison stacks to nearby enemies
  • **Auto Sword Ability: **The next mob you hit after activating will be automatically grinded by the same tool you are holding for 30 seconds.

Mob Satchel Nerf

To further balance the economy, we have nerfed the max multiplier of the Mob Satchel to 10X and made it harder to level up.

Drop Price Buff

We have increased all drop prices by 10% to speed up the economy slightly. We think last map’s economy was very slow money-wise, so we will be buffing it to make it slightly faster and more engaging.

Deal Buff

We have doubled the maximum deal % increase, which will help to make /deals more useful to follow.

Rank Buff

We have given all ranks a money multiplier of 0.2x per rank. This means Citizen rank will get a 0.2x money multiplier, recruit a 0.4x, and so on all the way up to 1.4x for Legend.

Smart Chest Buff

We have increased the capacities of all smart chests (even the ones in the free crates) to allow for more passive mob grinders to take a role in the economy. Although we do not want a primarily AFK economy, we believe this change in combination with the massive active updates will contribute to a balanced and dynamic economy and this buff will not create a 100% AFK economy, while still allowing long-term players to have value playing for many weeks.

Smart Chest Tax

Finally, we are adding in a Smart Chest Tax Feature which will allow you to set a “tax” on smart chests. This means visitors who grind mobs will only retain a certain percentage of the drops they collect.

For example, if you set a 5% Smart Chest Tax, then 95% of drops in range from players will end up in their inventories, but the other 5% will go to the smart chest. This even affects mob satchels and telepath, so you can make sure you are earning money from your public grinders!

Missions Overhaul - More dynamic upgrades!

To tie missions more into the progress you make on the server, we have added a wider variety of missions, particularly many which involve the New /warp mine experience! We have removed the Mission Shop and replaced it with **Island Upgrades **so it is very clear that completing missions allows you to upgrade your island. We have also rebalanced missions to make them slightly more grindy since the upgrades they unlock are overpowered.

Wandering Trader

Since the mission shop has been removed, we have added in the Wandering Trader as a new way to spend mission tokens in addition to /is upgrades! Every day for 1 hour, the Wandering Trader will spawn in and make available a random selection of items. From OP boosters to seasonal ranks, you will want to make sure to complete your daily missions to get access to these great rewards!

Pet Cage - Generate boosts!

To give pets a more interesting role within the server, you can now use a Pet Cage item to generate boosters from your Pets! When you place a pet cage, you can place a pet inside of it. This pet will be kept safe within the cage, and by feeding the cage Common Pets, it will gain fuel. As you keep your pet in its cage and feed it fuel, the cage will generate boosters of the same type of your pet! For example, if you place an Experience pet into your cage, and feed it common pets, over time it will generate Experience boosters which you can then use and distribute!

The pet cage can be obtained in /transfer and in crates.

Builder Hammer - Build better!

To make building complicated builds easier, we are introducing the Builder Hammer which will allow you to easily build larger structures without needing client mods! Here’s a short video of the builder hammer:

The builder hammer can be obtained in /transfer and in crates, with smaller capacity hammers being obtainable for free and  higher capacity hammers being obtainable in paid crates.

Other QoL Improvements

Pet Quickascend

The quick ascend feature we have introduced to Prison is now available on Skyblock as well.

Crate Changes

One of the biggest complaints we have seen with Crates is that it is difficult to handle opening hundreds or thousands of keys because the sheer amount of rewards flood your mailbox.

To address this, when you bulk open more than 100 keys, instead of receiving all rewards, you will be presented with a menu which will allow you to select specifically which rewards you want to claim. This will allow you to select just the rewards you want, while automatically discarding the rest.

Server Help

We’ve finally added a /help which allows you to read the usage of commands. This is about a year and a half overdue (sorry), but you can use this to get info about all commands available to you on the server and how they are used.


In conclusion, we are really looking forward to bringing a new golden era of Skyblock with these changes! We have brought back a lot of classic features from our early days with a unique twist on all of them, and we are really excited for you to come and experience this great new Skyblock experience!