Hey everyone! After an exciting start to Neptune V2, there was a wave of expectations falling short. Because of this, we have been hard at work on changes for Map 2, and we are proud to introduce Prison Neptune Map 2: The Mad Experiment!

⏰ Release Date & Time ⏰

Neptune Map 2’s release is on Saturday, August 20th at 3PM EASTERN TIME. Here’s a helpful countdown which will show how long it is until release!

🤔 What do I Keep? 🤔

Because the server is resetting, you will lose most of your progress. However, any Ranks or GKits you have purchased will transfer. To better illustrate this, here is a list of what is kept versus what is lost.

🗳️ Transferred  Perks 🗳️

  • Ranks from /buy.
  • GKits from /buy.

🌪️ Lost Progress 🌪️

  • All inventory items, pickaxes, and pickaxe enchants.
  • All crate keys in your /crates balance.
  • Seasonal ranks from Crates or /expshop.
  • Any other in-game progress (Ranks, Robots, Companions,

🧹 Reset Changes 🧹

Without further ado, let’s get into the changes for this new reset! Our main focus this reset have been the following:

  1. Overhauling the economy to address much-needed concerns about gameplay balance.
  2. Adding in useful quality-of-life features to make your gameplay better.
  3. Doing “more” with many of the new features we introduced with V2 (especially crystals, pickaxe skins, pets, and firefight)
  4. Adding in new ways for you to benefit from mining.

Let’s take a look at these changes one-by-one, in no particular order.

✨New Feature: Essence ✨

Last season, one of the biggest complaints was that EXP was useless. We’ve taken this into consideration, and have removed Experience as a currency. In its place, we are introducing Essence! The wandering trader appears at spawn for one hour every day to give you a place to spend your essence on limited-time, overpowered items! You earn one Essence per 1,000 raw blocks you mine, and you can spend your Essence at the Wandering Trader for overpowered items like crate keys and lootboxes. The Wandering Trader will only appear at spawn for **one hour every day, **so make sure to get to him while he’s around to see his daily selection of items!

🧪 New Feature: Relics 🧪

Another amazing new feature we are introducing is Relics, which are a new way to get rewarded for mining! You have a random chance of finding a Common or Rare Relic while mining, which contains one of three rewards within it, ranging from an OK reward to a super overpowered reward! Once you have a relic, you need to give it to the Relic Incubator which is right near your /mine spawn. He will break open the Relic for you, but you will need to mine some blocks first! Once you’ve mined the required number of blocks, you can go back to him to claim your reward! This is a great new way to get a variety of rewards from mining. You can combine together two relics of the same tier with /relic ascend to get one of a higher tier, up to a Legendary Relic! Be careful, though: higher relics make you mine more blocks to open them, so you will want to strategize to get the best rewards for your effort!

💸 Economy Overhaul 💸

Last map, although the economy had some new ideas, there were many quirks and issues with the way the economy was designed. This map, we are addressing this head-on, with the following changes:

  • Rebalancing Robots to be a more useful mechanic while not making them overpowered or contributing to an AFK gameplay style.
  • Rebalancing Companions to be more useful.
  • Replaced all three crate key enchants with one “Key Finder” enchant which can be used to find Mine, Prize, and Loot keys.
  • Increased the level requirements for better Jewel Armor types to make early armors useful for longer.
  • Buffed Orb Greed to be roughly equivalent to Pouch Finder with Orbs.
  • Brought Greed/Frenzy/Yard Sale to be roughly equivalent in terms of cost versus benefit.
  • Made skills more difficult to level up so they take longer to max out and can contain better rewards.
  • Made Private Mines harder to level up due to the increasing value of the new mine sizes.
  • Made changes to Detonate crystal (described below)
  • Made changes to Metal Detector skin (described below)
  • Added new types of pets and rebalanced Pet Boxes (described below)
  • Other miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

⛏️ Mine Improvements ⛏️

By popular demand, we’ve made some great improvements to mines! This will help to make mining a much more dynamic and interesting experience.

  • Mines are now 160 blocks tall instead of being 80 blocks tall.
  • Private Mines can now be upgraded up to 160x160 in size.
  • As your Private Mine levels up, different ores will start to be incorporated in it!
  • You will now receive an alert in chat whenever your Private Mine upgrades, which will prompt you to reset it to get your new mine size.
  • The mine reset alert now sends fewer alerts, sending at 3s/2s/1s rather than for all 10 seconds leading up to the reset. It also now contains a subtle sound so you will be aware of the imminent reset and will not be caught off guard.

💎 Crystal Improvements 💎

In addition to introducing new Crystals throughout the season in updates, we’re also making several improvements to Crystals overall. Notably:

  • There are now passive multiplier-based crystals.
  • Cooldowns for Detonate and Super Breaker are now both 15 minutes.
  • Detonate now has a smaller explosion while still giving 25% of the mine’s value.
  • You can now access all crystals and skins in [Q], rather than only 5/6 of them.

🐷 Pet Improvements 🐷

We’re introducing plenty of new types of Pets! Notably:

  • Removed the Experience Pet as there is no more Experience.
  • Added a Dragon Burst pet.
  • Added a Key Finder pet.
  • Added a Lucky Block pet.
  • Added a Relic Finder pet.
  • Added a Jewel Drops pet.
  • Rebalanced common and rare pet boxes.

🔥 Pickaxe Skin Changes 🔥

In addition to introducing new Pickaxe Skins throughout the season, we’re also making several improvements to existing Pickaxe Skins. Notably:

  • The Metal Detector (lucky block) skin now includes both the common lucky blocks and rare lucky blocks, granting it a nice buff.
  • You can now access all crystals and skins in [Q], rather than only 5/6 of them.

🧟 Firefight Improvements 🧟

Last season, we introduced Firefight as a PvE gamemode with the intention of having it be an exciting and dynamic minigame. However, due to development time constraints, it was added in a state that was disappointing.

For this map, we are taking the time to overhaul Firefight by:

  • Adding a wider variety of mobs and bosses
  • Increasing the difficulty of the game
  • Improving the rewards granted by Firefight
  • Preventing Firefight from becoming an endless, easy minigame.
  • Adding in new types of attacks for mobs to make PvE more dynamic.
  • Fixing glitches with existing mobs, such as Brutes turning into friendly Pigmen.


Gang Top #1: ****$50 PayPal + $30 Buycraft

Gang Top #2:****$20 PayPal + $20 Buycraft

Gang Top #3: ****$15 PayPal + $15 Buycraft

Gang Top #4: ****$10 PayPal + $10 Buycraft

Gang Top #5: ****$5 PayPal + $5 Buycraft

🪄 Other QOL Improvements 🪄

We’ve also made numerous quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes to the gamemode:

  • You will now receive a HUD bar with the percentage you have until your next pickaxe level.
  • You can now see all 5 crystal slots AND your pickaxe skin in the [Q] activation menu.
  • You can now access pages of /pmine upgrades correctly.
  • Consumable items like boosters and crate keys have a shorter cooldown in-between claims.
  • All items are now stackable, even boosters/crate keys/pet boxes.
  • Fixed layout of /robots menu.
  • Added a new default Private Mine theme which is futuristic to account for the “Mad Experiment” theme of the map!


In conclusion, we hope these fixes and improvements contribute to an exciting and fun Map 2 for Prison Neptune V2. We are committed to keeping this gamemode fun and exciting, and know that we are in this for the long haul.

We thank you for your support for helping us create the most exciting and fun OP Prison Server around. We are glad to have consistent interest and longevity in our servers, and are excited to push the limits of what can be done for Minecraft Networks!