Hey everyone!

It’s finally time for a second map for Skyblock Utopia V2! As the 8th total map we’ve had of Skyblock on OPLegends and the first major update to Skyblock since V2 launched in June, we are focusing on listening to your concerns and adding amazing new content for you to enjoy.

With this reset, our priorities are the following:

  • Fixing the economy, leading to a more enjoyable and sustainable Skyblock experience for weeks rather than days.
  • Incentivizing active gameplay over AFK with new grinding mechanic changes and the Smart Satchel feature.
  • Improving access to features by making Smart Satchels (the replacement for Smart Chests) **free for everyone when they start playing, **so you will not need to spend money to have a good time playing Skyblock.
  • Adding exciting PvP mechanics, with the best PvP Gear/Custom Enchant system on any Minecraft server.

With these changes, we are working to make Skyblock a more exciting, fair, and enjoyable server for everyone to enjoy.

Release Date & Time

Skyblock Utopia V2.1’s release is at 3PM Eastern Time (EST) on August 6th, 2022.

To see this in your local time, refer to this countdown:

Reset TL;DR: What will I keep?

You will keep the following when the server resets:

  • Any permanent (non-seasonal) ranks. Permanent ranks are those unlocked through /buy.
  • Any permanent (non-seasonal) GKits. Permanent GKits are those unlocked through /buy.
  • Any credits in your /balance (these are global, they do not reset).

Everything else will be cleared: your in-game items, balances other than Credits, your island, and all other Skyblock progress will be completely wiped.

With that out of the way, here’s the latest news on all of the new features and changes, in no particular order!

Economy Changes

Based on the way the first map of Utopia V2 played out, we have overhauled the economy to achieve the following:

  • **Less drastic scale: **Instead of people obtaining billions of spawners and having more items than they can handle, we have scaled back prices and costs to make the late-game scale smaller while still preserving the great feel of making progress.
  • Improved active grinding: AFK is no longer the dominant strategy. Thanks to the Smart Satchel, grinding mobs will now be a better return than AFKing at all points in the game. Smart Chests are now one slot with a limited, non-upgradable capacity.
  • **Improved farming focus: **Farming is now a more exciting and lucrative opportunity early game, and will be a great way to get started.

These changes are all intended to make AFKing a less useful strategy. The islands which are able to compete and succeed will be those who put in the consistent time and effort to work hard, rather than those sitting around collecting gains from early efforts alone.

Smart Satchel

Last season, one of the most useful features was also one of the most difficult to obtain. After tons of complaints and problems associated with Smart Chests, we have nerfed them to be fairer and are introducing the Smart Satchel: a free to obtain, included when you start satchel which evolves as you do. As you play Skyblock, you will be able to upgrade your Smart Satchel’s capacity, slots, and multiplier. All your mob and crop drops from active gameplay go straight into your satchel and are easy to sell. This feature will surely make it easier than ever to play OP Skyblock without needing to constantly manage your inventory for drops!

PvP Gear

In order to make PvP an exciting feature on Skyblock, we have replaced Skull Armor with PvP Gear. Skull Tools are still the way to upgrade your Axe (for grinding mobs), Pickaxe (for mining), and Hoe (for farming), but now, for PvP (Armor and Sword), there is a new system of PvP Gear!

This new PvP Gear works like the custom enchants you may be used to. There are tiers of books you can buy from **/enchanter, **which can be opened to reveal a random enchantment. The enchant books you uncover have a level, success rate, and destroy rate. They can be applied to armor and swords, but have a chance of failing or destroying your item. The tools and armor you can build with custom enchants are truly incredible! Between the 30+ available custom enchants and the many unique types of scrolls, you can build some truly amazing **God Sets **for use in PvP and PvE! OG Skyblock players are sure to love this unique spin on Custom Enchants. (Enchant limits are NOT finalized yet!)

PvP Gear Scrolls

Of course, there are various kinds of scrolls which you can apply to PvP Gear, including some unique and never-before-seen scrolls!

  • **White Scroll: **Protects your gear from being destroyed by a Rune.
  • **Black Scroll: **Removes a random enchant from your gear.
  • **Transmog Scroll: **While applied, all enchants will be displayed in the order of their rarity.
  • **Stat Trak Scroll: **Tracks your damage dealt (sword) or damage taken (armor) while using the tool.
  • **Proficiency Scroll: **Allows your gear to hold one extra enchant.
  • **Thievery Scroll: **When you are killed, the gear piece with the scroll will be delivered to your Mailbox rather than dropped to your enemy.
  • **Librarian Scroll: **Hides descriptions of what scrolls do from the lore.
  • **Spirit Scroll: **Can be applied to a  gear item which was destroyed by a rune to revive it to its original form.

PvP Features

PvP will be disabled for the first week of the map for a “grace period” of sorts. When PvP is enabled, look forward to the following:

1.8 PvP Mechanics

One of our biggest advantages with PvP is the ability to combine the amazing modern features of the game with PvP mechanics that don’t suck. You might think we are lying or exaggerating when we say we have 100% accurate 1.8 PvP mechanics on a modern server. Every other server which tries to claim this is lying. However, thanks to a lot of careful work, we are not lying when we say we have exact 1.8 PvP on our network. We are the first network to accomplish this feat, and we are extremely proud of how accurate it is.

To reiterate, we don’t have “1.8-like combat”, or “old combat mechanics”, we actually reimplemented 1.8 combat on the server. When you PvP on our server, none of the modern server’s combat logic is used. All combat actions and PvP actions go directly to our 100% accurate, line by line recreation of 1.8 PvP. When you play on our server on 1.8, you can be completely confident that we have the **exact same combat mechanics you would find on a native 1.8 server. **

While other modern servers lie through their teeth and try to claim to you that removing a hit cooldown is the same thing as bringing back legacy combat, we have actually sat down and done the work that no one else ever has to provide 100% accurate, faithful 1.8 PvP mechanics on a modern server base. We hope you enjoy it!

PvP Warp

To use these new PvP mechanics, we are adding in new ways to PvP with others. In addition to the Island PvP you can already enable (which has Keep Inventory), you can now visit the all-new /warp PvP! In addition to being a great place to PvP, it also functions as a Permanent Outpost! **By controlling the center of the map, you can get a **Money Booster which is granted to your entire island.


One of the most highly contested events is back! When KOTH events begin, all players on the server will be given a command they can run to warp to the running KOTH arena! Because the KOTH is its own arena, it is a proper arena designed just for KOTH. The rewards are amazing and include some unique PvP Enchants, crate keys, and more, so make sure to participate!


Finally, the reason all of these PvP additions are possible are because of our new anticheat! We have invested thousands of dollars into anticheat development for this upcoming map, and we are going to continue to do so until we are completely confident that our anticheat is effective and free from false positives!

We are really excited about the ability to have fair PvP with fewer cheaters, and we will make sure to continue to train and improve our checks over time. We are confident going into this map that our anticheat stands above most servers currently (certainly better than any public anticheat), and over time it is only going to get better!

Closing Thoughts

Even if this new map seems like it doesn’t have a bunch of new features, we are focusing our time and effort on the biggest changes we can make to improve the Skyblock experience.

With the new economy, PvP features, and other additions we have made, we hope that this map will be one to remember! Thank you to everyone who has supported us as we’ve grown to 1,300 players this summer, and we are only going to continue to grow!