Hey everyone!

We are extremely excited to announce the grand release of the Prison Neptune V2 revamp. We are really proud of how well the beta map did, and we are now hyped for you to be able to experience the best Prison update we’ve had in years!

As we approach our two year anniversary, we’re more excited than ever to release the best Prison update any server has seen in years. After a tremendous period of growth last month, we are more confident than ever that we are bringing back the best times of Minecraft Multiplayer, and we hope you will join us on this journey for the rest of the summer and beyond.

Release Date & Time

Prison Neptune V2’s release is at 3PM Eastern Time (EST) on July 16th, 2022.

To see this in your local time, refer to this countdown:

What’s New?

This post is intended for those out-of-the-loop with the major changes for Prison Neptune V2. If you are a dedicated player, you can also view a full changelog of every change since beta by clicking here.

🧟 Firefight 🧟

One of the most requested features of all time for Prison Neptune has been a PvE (player versus mob) feature, and today we are proud to announce we are introducing the most innovative PvE experience available on any Prison server: Firefight!

Firefight is a game played with your gang members, launched with /gang. You can play Firefight every once in a while, with a cooldown in between games. Each time you start a match, you are given a fresh set of **Skull Gear, **which has combat-focused upgrades to make it easier to fight mobs.

The objective of Firefight is to gain as much experience as possible by killing waves of mobs. Similar to Zombies, each wave presents more challenging and difficult mobs, which grant more EXP per kill.

The amount of EXP your gang has at the time of game over changes what quality of rewards you get from a Firefight match. Because of this, you will need to balance gear upgrades with hoarding EXP, which will present some interesting strategy. Are you ready to fight through huge waves of dungeon mobs for OP rewards?

✨ Pickaxe Skins ✨

By popular demand, we’ve added over **15 unique Pickaxe Skins **to the game. Some will be available at launch, while others will be added as updates.

Each skin has a unique ability which can be activated by pressing [Q] with an associated cooldown. These skins look cool and help you, so make sure to pick some up! They can be obtained using Skin Boxes which can be won from the high tier crates.

πŸ”₯ Battle Pass πŸ”₯

For this recode, we have completely overhauled the Battle Pass system. Rather than being a laundry list of the same challenges, there are now over 17 new challenge types!

The way Battle Pass works has also changed. Now, you have the ability to complete between 3 and 7 challenges (based on your rank) at once. For each challenge, you have between 12 hours and 2 days to complete them, based on the difficulty.

When you complete challenges, you receive Pass Points which unlock rewards based on your progress. These pass points accumulate as you finish challenges, and you can claim rewards when you have accumulated enough points.

Rewards on the top of the point meter are paid, while ones on the bottom are free. The paid pass costs 500 Credits per Season, and comes with the ability to get better rewards!

πŸ’° Heists πŸ’°

We are also introducing another Gang Game: Heists! You can start a heist with your gang members once per day. You have 2 minutes to break as many blocks as you possibly can, and based on how many blocks you break, your gang leader receives OP rewards!

🐷 Companions 🐷

Another new feature we are bringing to Nep2ne is companions! These amazing and overpowered buddies will be able to mine for you in your own private mine. Their speed and efficiency can be upgraded, and they are surely a great way to make progress in Prison!

While we have declined to add an Autominer feature for over two years now, we are finally introducing Companions as our answer to the autominer feature: it is more engaging and useful than a standard autominer, while also being more fun! Ignore the glitchy scoreboard, it’s already been fixed!

πŸ“ˆ Economy πŸ“ˆ

For Neptune V2, we have overhauled the economy! Since beta, we have buffed Orb Greed. Compared to V1, we have overhauled the economy style to be more balanced, enjoyable, and fun for the long term!

One huge example of this change is Crates: we have made the rewards substantially better, so you now have to open fewer crates to get good rewards!

πŸ’Ž Pickaxe Crystals πŸ’Ž

Another amazing feature we are introducing with Neptune V2 is Pickaxe Crystals: amazing modifiers you can add to your pickaxe.

The amount of crystal slots you have depends on your Pickaxe LV. You win crystals from Crystal Boxes, and the different crystals have abilities which vary from overpowered block-breaking effects to even proc rate multipliers. Will you collect the best crystals?

⛏️ Pickaxe Enchants ⛏️

With Neptune V2, we have improved many aspects of pickaxe enchants. We have settled on a core set of enchants which players enjoy, and refined these enchants to have the best possible experience.

Additionally, by popular demand, we have overhauled enchant toggles and added disenchanter! You can now toggle all enchants (not just block breaking enchants), and toggles now last forever and never need to be re-set.

πŸ‘‘ Cosmetics πŸ‘‘

Just like Skyblock Utopia V2, the same great cosmetics system comes to Prison Neptune V2! The same cosmetics you have on Skyblock are available on Neptune since the cosmetics system is global!

Your cosmetics are stored in your /backpack, and you can equip amazing Titles, Chat Colors, Nicknames, Hats, and more! You can unbox cosmetics of your own at /warp Cases, where there is a rotating selection of cases. Stay tuned for our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY CASE which will be launching with some incredible **Ascendant Cosmetics! **

This will come in the form of a limited Anniversary Case Drop, with only 100 total cases being available to purchase on the whole server! While each anniversary case will contain an incredible reward to celebrate our first 2 years as a network, three of them **will contain UNIQUE 1/1 Anniversary Hats, which will look similar to the preview but with a unique color/effect on each of the three hats. **One of these three will be even more special than the other two, and will truly be the most valuable cosmetic item on the entire network!


This is the map we have been waiting a long time to release! On top of these changes and the full changelog, there are **many bug fixes and improvements in all areas **because this is a complete recode of Prison Neptune!

We are extremely excited for you to experience Neptune V2, and we are going to continue to provide updates and features throughout the map to further establish our status as the best Prison server in existence! We are confident that no one else will be able to compete with our plans for this summer, and we are very excited for you to join us on this journey.

As always,** #OPLegendsOnTop, and we will see you next **Saturday, July 16th at 3PM EST!