Hey everyone!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re FINALLY ready to announce that Prison Neptune V2 will have its first Public Beta Release on July 2nd at 1PM EST!

With Utopia V2 being a massive success for its first map, we are really excited to bring these core improvements forward to Prison and get back to innovating within the Prison space. We’re continuing to deliver the same style of Prison gameplay you love, but now with new content and innovations to allow us to bring Prison to more players than ever!

With this public beta of Neptune V2, our goals are:

  1. Listening to our community and fixing many of the bugs, annoyances, and quirks of our legacy Prison gamemode.
  2. Providing an engaging Prison experience by adding better versions of the most-loved Prison features while removing confusing and duplicate features which were not contributing to the value of gameplay.
  3. Introducing meaningful improvements to the Prison gamemode by introducing new and interesting gameplay features.

We recognize that this update is long-overdue: it has been over a year without substantial content or software updates for Prison, but this V2 overhaul addresses that. We will be providing more development power and resources to this gamemode than ever before to bring the classic experience you know and love to more people than ever!

⏰ Logistics ⏰

The OPEN BETA of Prison Neptune will launch on Saturday, July 2nd at 1PM EST. It will be a one-week map which will run until Saturday, July 9th at 1PM EST. The main purpose of this map will be to find issues with the server and test stability on a larger scale before our all-out release.

Gang Top will be recorded at the end of the map on July 9th. The leaderboard prizes will be announced in our Discord, so make sure to join!

🤔 Prison Overhaul: What’s New? 🤔

Neptune V2 is a complete recode of Prison Neptune. Because it is a ground-up recode, it’s easier to list the features which exist.

Some features from Prison Neptune may not have made it to V2, and that’s because we have identified and removed confusing or duplicate mechanics. If there is enough demand for any of the axed features, they may make a return after the beta and before the full release!

All ranks and GKits purchased from our webstore directly will be transferred for Beta. Seasonal ranks are not eligible to be transferred.

Out of this list, features marked with an asterisk (*) will be unavailable for Beta but will be available for the full release:

  • Legacy (1.8) and Bedrock Support (improved bedrock support)
  • 100,000 Ranks (A-Z ranks no longer exist, and “Rank” is the new name for “Prestige”)
  • Auto Rankup
  • 18 Pickaxe Enchants (All have maximum levels)
  • Disenchanter & Enchant Toggling
  • Pickaxe Crystals
  • Free Private Mines
  • Skills
  • *Battle Pass** (overhauled from Neptune to be better and more engaging)
  • 7 Crates
  • Pets (with easier to use Pet Ascension)
  • Robots (overhauled)
  • Gangs & Gang Top
  • Companions
  • Plots
  • Player Shops
  • Heists
  • *Pickaxe Skins**
  • Jewel Armor (renamed from Gem Armor, identical gameplay to Neptune)
  • Pickaxe Leveling
  • Auto Rankup
  • *EXP Shop**

The features we cover in specific sections below are worth noting because of being improved or different behavior from Neptune V1. All other listed features are similar enough to not need further explanation.

💸 Economy Design 💸

With Nep2ne, the economy design resembles a hybrid between the classic economy of Map 3 and the overpowered mechanics you are used to. The highlights of this economy are the following:

Rank Design

There are 100,000 ranks (formerly Prestiges). As you rank up, you earn more Dollars and also more Orbs from each block. However, the orbs you gain per block increase more slowly than Dollars. There is now /autorankup, which is enabled by default. This should help to make the mining flow smoother, but you can always disable this feature if you do not want it.

🪄 Enchant Design 🪄

(Yes, we still support 1.8, don’t assume the worst just because you see a 1.19 screenshot!) All 18 pickaxe enchants have maximum levels. However, these maximums are usually in the 10-20k range, so there are more enchant levels for you to purchase compared to the classic Map 3 economy. The following enchants are on Nep2ne beta:

  • Efficiency (1,000 levels)
  • Fortune (10,000 levels): Each level counts as an extra block mined for Orbs and Dollars.
  • Haste (6 levels): Move your tool faster.
  • Speed (6 levels): Move yourself faster.
  • Dragon Burst (20,000): has a chance of breaking a complete mine layer.
  • Greed (10,000): Gain a sell multiplier which increases as you level up this enchant.
  • Lucky Boost (25,000): Increase the chance of finding Lucky Blocks while you mine.
  • Yard Sale (10,000): Have a chance of finding a temporary sell multiplier while mining. As you level up the enchant, this multiplier becomes higher.
  • Frenzy (10,000): As you mine uninterrupted, get a sell multiplier which increases based on your mining streak.
  • Key Finder (20,000): Have a higher chance of finding Mine Keys (T1)
  • Prize Finder (15,000): Have a higher chance of finding Prize Keys (T2)
  • Loot Finder (10,0000: Have a higher chance of finding Loot Keys (T3)
  • Pouch Finder (10,000): Have a higher chance of finding Currency Pouches while mining.
  • Orb Greed (10,000): Each level gives a chance of finding random bonus Orbs while mining.
  • Combo (10,000): Each level gives a chance of finding 2x-5x Orbs from a mined block.
  • Apocalypse (10,000): Have a chance of spawning 4 zombies which will mine down to bedrock for you.
  • Airstrike (15,000): Have a chance of summoning an airstrike which will blow up a 3x3 hole down to bedrock for you.
  • EXP Boost (10,000): Each level gives a chance of receiving a random EXP bonus while mining.

🔥 Crate Key Design 🔥

The crate key design of Nep2ne is a hybrid between the classic experience of Map 3 and the overpowered experience which has been common on Neptune for the last year. Now, crate keys are rarer to obtain, but they are also more valuable! This means you will need to open fewer keys to get the great rewards you want, and it will make opening individual keys more exciting!

There are the following Crate Keys on Nep2ne:

  • Three tiers of Mine Keys (Mine, Prize, Loot)
  • One Vote Key
  • Three monetized crates (Magnetic, Relic, and Monthly)

Most importantly, Crate Key rewards now **scale with your progress in Prison! **The Dollars, Orbs, and Experience you earn from crates now increase based on your rank, meaning you get better crate rewards as the season goes on without needing to beg for the Crates to be updated each week. This popular addition from Skyblock Utopia is making its way to Prison!

💎 Pickaxe Crystals 💎

With Nep2ne, we are introducing Pickaxe Crystals to replace Pickaxe Gems! Whereas Pickaxe Gems just had passive multipliers, the new overhauled Pickaxe Crystals have amazing abilities and effects. Your pickaxe can hold up to five crystals depending on its pickaxe level. These overpowered crystals can be activated by pressing [Q] and selecting the ability you want to use. Each crystal has a cooldown.

There are 8 unique crystals for you to discover, which vary in abilities from overpowered mine-clearing explosives to comprehensive proc rate multipliers! These will be extremely rare and overpowered and a great goal to work towards on Prison!

🤖 Robots 🤖

With Robots on Nep2ne, we have made two major changes to improve Robots.

First, all robots of a similar type stack together. For example, if you have 5 Redstone Robots, they will all be grouped together into one item in /robots. This will make it easier to manage your robots without having thousands of pages! Second, Robots now require fuel to operate. You will have to give Robots fuel for them to earn you orbs. This balance improvement will make Robots more fair and less AFK-based to promote active gameplay.

As a minor improvement as well, there are no more UI issues preventing bedrock players from withdrawing robots.

🧑‍🚀 Companions 🧑‍🚀

Ignore the glitchy Scoreboard, this video is old and it’s already been fixed :) Another new feature we are bringing to Nep2ne is companions! These amazing and overpowered buddies will be able to mine for you in your own private mine. Their speed and efficiency can be upgraded, and they are surely a great way to make progress in Prison!

While we have declined to add an Autominer feature for over two years now, we are finally introducing Companions as our answer to the autominer feature: it is more engaging and useful than a standard autominer, while also being more fun!

💰 Heists 💰

The popular feature from Modern Prison is coming to Nep2ne! You will be able to compete in Heists with your fellow gang members. Your objective is to get as many points as possible. Breaking deeper layers of the mine gives more points, and your rewards depend on the amount of points you get! This fan-favorite minigame was one of the highlights of Modern Prison, and while we aren’t going to bring the disliked parts of Modern Prison over to Nep2ne, we will bring the good parts!

👀 Conclusion 👀

In conclusion, we’ve put a lot of effort into overhauling Prison Neptune for the recode! We are very excited for our growth to continue this summer with this revamp of Prison, and we know that both Prison and Skyblock will thrive and grow communities surrounding them so we can grow to even greater heights as a network.

Thank you to all of our supporters who have stuck with us through the mistakes we have made in the last year, we know that the future of our community is very bright and we will continue to add plenty of new features and amazing content for you to enjoy this summer and beyond!