Hey everyone!

After months of development, private testing, and the recent public beta, we are finally ready to announce that Skyblock Utopia will be releasing June 11th at 3PM EST!

This announcement is pretty similar to the beta announcement, since we want to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you just want to know about the changes since beta, click here to jump to that section.


With this complete ground-up overhaul of Skyblock Utopia, we have three main priorities:

  1. Listening to *our community *and providing the gamemodes you are used to: no surprises with this revamp, but requests being answered and improvements all-around!
  2. Providing an engaging, classic Skyblock experience like the classic Skyblock Utopia gamemode.
  3. Introducing meaningful improvements to the Skyblock gamemode, bringing innovative new features to the gamemode.

⏰ Logistics ⏰

The grand release of Skyblock Utopia V2 has the following important information:

  • The server launches Saturday, June 11th, at 3PM EST.
  • Island Top will be recorded every Saturday at 3PM EST, with the top leaders receiving prizes described in theIsland Top section (click).
  • Since beta, we have made several important changes and fixed many issues. Click here to see the changelog since Beta.

🤔 Skyblock Overview: The Basics 🤔

For Skyblock, the most important updates to note are our approach to:

  • Economy Design: A proper server-managed economy, but with interesting price fluctuations to provide endless different rotating economy types.
  • **Custom Enchants: **An innovative combination of new custom enchant types with a streamlined mechanism for purchasing and improving your gear sets.
  • **Spawners and Farming: **Solid stacking mechanisms and useful gear abilities make for a smooth and engaging grinding/farming gameplay.
  • **Island Top: **A balanced approach across our different strategies to provide a good competitive environment while also allowing for new leaders to emerge each week.
  • Other Improvements: Top-to-bottom improvements for all the ways you play Skyblock!

👨‍🔬 Smart Chests 👨‍🔬

Smart Chests are the higher-end mechanism for collecting drops. They have 5 slots of space, each which can hold one type of drop. Once you set up a Smart Chest with the drops you want, it has infinite storage for the types you have set up. With one click, you can sell all of the contents of a given item type!

🏆 Island Top 🏆

For Island Top, spawners have a week attached to them when they enter the game (e.g the time you purchase the spawner or win it from a crate, it is a “Week 1” or “Week 2” spawner based on when you obtain the spawner).

**All spawners work and spawn mobs**, but only the week’s spawners count towards island top. This means that you will need to obtain new spawners each week in order for them to count for Island Top! We will be testing this leaderboard style for the Beta Map, and hopefully this new style is a success!

For the Grand Release, we will be announcing the payouts for the short map in #payouts, so stay tuned to learn about the prizes for winning /is top shortly in our official Discord!

🪄 Other Improvements 🪄

We’ve also introduced many top-to-bottom improvements to Utopia. These include:

  • A comprehensive /settings system which allows you to toggle on/off many notifications and effects.
  • An improved flight time system which only decreases your time while you are on your island. Ranks get flight time in their /kits.
  • A new daily missions system!
  • A comprehensive Credits virtual currency which can be used to purchase Ranks, GKits,  Crate Keys, and more!
  • A player level metric which tracks how far you have come in Skyblock. Based on your player level, many crate rewards improve in value!

🎆 Changes since Beta 🎆

Since beta, we have been working hard to fix issues and add much-requested features. Here’s some highlights of what we’ve done:

  • Improved 1.8 support and fixed several inconsistencies related to the 1.8 gameplay experience.
  • Added a Battle Pass for you to complete challenges within.
  • Adjusted trophy values in /is top so more expensive spawners are all worth more trophies proportional to their price.
  • Fixed mob spawning behavior and improved performance with stacked mobs.
  • Added new items to the /vote shop and cleared all vote token balances to prevent massive vote token abuse on SOTW.
  • Sugar Cane now gives Farming Skill EXP and counts for /plevel.
  • Fixed issues with players’ /plevel progress being negative.
  • Added several new /warp mine areas.
  • Added custom drops to mobs in /warp mine areas.
  • Added regenerating chests to /warp PvP.
  • Implemented /gkits.
  • Implemented Pets.
  • Added a Skull Buff Disenchanter mode which allows you to remove buffs from your gear without receiving a refund.
  • Added an Auction House (/ah) for you to sell items to a global market.
  • Fixed the Feather Feet ability.
  • Fixed Fortune on Hoes.
  • Fixed Looting on Swords and Axes for stacked mob drops.
  • Added rank upgrades to /buy: you will only have to pay the credit difference between the two ranks you are upgrading.
  • Fixed spawner spawning mechanics (Iron Golems/Ghasts/etc now spawn correctly).
  • Fixed ghasts not dying to cactus.
  • Fixed blazes dying from water.
  • Added the Haste skull buff: Grants the Haste potion effect.
  • Added the Poison skull buff: Kills several mobs in short succession on proc.
  • Added the Scythe skull buff: breaks a radius of crops (2x2, 3x3, 4x4).
  • Fixed Slayer Skill level balancing.
  • Improved later-level skill rewards.
  • Stacked mobs can no longer tame, breed, or be ridden.
  • Breaking ungrown crops with Replant no longer resets them to age 0.
  • Stacked endermen no longer teleport away on hit.
  • Added unsellable cactus to /shop for building Ghast farms.
  • Fixed stacked wands being usable when stacked (which led to item loss).
  • Spawners no longer spawn more than 1 mob per stack # per cycle (previously, 256x blaze spawners had the chance to spawn 512 or 768 mobs).
  • Removed Herobrine

If you made it this far, thank you for checking out our changelog for Skyblock Utopia V2! We’re really excited for one of our favorite gamemodes to make a proper return this summer, and we hope you join us on Saturday at 3PM EST to check it out!