Hey everyone! We are proud to announce the final map of our V1 base for Prison Neptune. Despite us coining several previous maps “the final V1 map”, we are now confident that Map 17 will be the last map before our long-awaited overhaul of Neptune V2 is ready.

In order to celebrate everything we have accomplished over the last 16 seasons, we are taking a trip down memory lane with a **throwback map, **where we are adjusting many parts of our economy to the classic balance from Map 4 that you remember and enjoy.

**On another note, stay tuned for a Skyblock release announcement and changelog soon! **

🎁 Enchants 🎁

In order to celebrate the simplicity and completeness of our classic enchant selection, we are reverting the balance of enchants to their Map 4 levels, which is much more rewarding and balanced compared to our current balance.

Because of popularity, we will be keeping Loot Finder and Star Enchants, which should provide an exciting balance between the classic simplicity of Map 4 enchants and the new excitement of current enchants!

However, to achieve this balance, we will be removing some of the least used enchants, such as the following:

  • Ascension
  • Nuke
  • Super Breaker
  • Boost

Additionally, Beacon Finder will be in the voucher forum, but will require more than just 100 levels to max!

🧨 Gem Armor 🧨

There are now **4 tiers** of gem armor instead of the 6 different tiers!:

  • **Jade:** Smaller orb boost
  • **Ruby:** Smaller money boost
  • **Lemonite:** Larger orb boost
  • **Topaz:** Larger money boost

We have decided to keep the leveling system as we feel it gives an incentive for players to grind with the armor! The maximum boost achievable will be equivalent to Map 4.

Due to the Loot Finder pickaxe enchant’s existence, Lemonite Armor will not increase Loot Key chances, but the Mine Keys achievable with the Lemonite Armor will be a comparable rate!

🔑 Battle Pass Improvements 🔑

One big concern in previous maps has been the lackluster delivery of Battle Pass updates each week, with some of the updates coming late or not at all.

For the start of the season, instead of having one week of challenges, we will have two pages of challenges ready.

While automatic Battle Pass updates will be arriving with Neptune V2, in the meantime, we are starting out by **designing six weeks of challenges in advance. **Then, in order to release them as updates, we will only need to adjust the rewards to inflation, which will simplify the updating process.

🐱‍👤Bosses 🐱‍👤

We will be adding back the Lurker, C-3PO, and Dragon King bosses. We will also be making the rewards better instead of just giving keys once you kill the boss. Bosses will be a bit harder to obtain next map, but they will be worth fighting. We will also be adding more Boss events in the /warp pvp.

🔐 Crate Keys 🔐

We will be adding back Event Keys, and we will be restructuring the Crate Keys to fit a more balanced economy.

We strongly believe giving every player access to the opportunity of obtaining paid items, and that will not change.

We will be making crates more balanced, and more enjoyable to open. Instead of opening 10,000 keys and getting garbage, we will be returning to the classic experience, where even opening one Crate Key is worth your time.

🐾 Pet Slots 🐾

We have decided to remove the pet slot requirements, and decided to give everyone the opportunity to have 2 pets. We want everyone to experience the fun of progressing fast.

🐶 Pets 🐶

In order to make Pets more balanced, we are redesigning the Pet Box structure. Rather than having three very similar Pet Box types, we are replacing this with four clearly defined tiers:

  • **Common Pet Boxes: **Obtainable through free Mine Keys, these common boxes contain low-tier pets.
  • Rare Pet Boxes: Obtainable through free Loot Keys, these rare boxes contain slightly better pets.
  • **Mythic Pet Boxes: **Obtainable through Monthly Crates, these mythic boxes contain great pets.
  • **Legendary Pet Boxes: **The best pet boxes obtainable. Unobtainable at the start of the map, but are added throughout the season to the best possible rewards to celebrate updates.

🛒 Star Shop Rotation 🛒

Star Shop will now rotate just as often as Exp Shop to allow more of an incentive to grind Stars!

🧪 Weekly Buffs 🧪

By popular demand, we are going to be updating paid Crate Keys weekly to adjust them to inflation.

✨Closing ✨

I want to thank our supporters who have been with us since Day 1! We are excited to go all out this summer with content and improvements to bring our network back to the highest standard. Thank you to everyone for your constant support and we will see you on May 21st @ 3PM EST!