Hey everyone!

As we round out the end of April and get ready for May (and the summer) here at OPLegends, we wanted to give you guys an update about all of the amazing updates and new experiences we’re bringing to the network in May!

Skyblock Utopia

Starting out, we’re really excited to announce that a revamped version of Skyblock Utopia will be coming back to OPLegends in May! We will have a specific date and changelog as the release date approaches, but we’re really excited to bring this popular gamemode back!

With this overhaul, we have completely recoded Skyblock Utopia. Supporting **1.8 to 1.18, **it will have the classic Skyblock experience you know and love, but with new and exciting innovations which will bring OPLegends back to the top of innovating and providing new and exciting experiences!

Credits - Premium Currency

As a part of our wider summer revamp, we are introducing a new store currency - Credits! This premium currency will work everywhere on the overhauled portion of the network (starting with Skyblock Utopia V2 and later coming to the Prison Neptune V2 Overhaul), allowing you to purchase Ranks, Crate Keys, and all other items you would normally be able to purchase on our store with Credits!

Additionally, this Credits currency[1] can be used within all gamemodes of OPLegends, allowing you to pay Credits to others and use them in trading, player shops, and more!

Because Credits are being introduced, Gems no longer exist as a currency you can obtain or spend within the OPLegends network. To make this fair to our long-term Modern Network supporters, anyone who purchased Gems from the store since the release of Modern Prison in August 2021 will have their Gem payments resent for the equivalent**purchases**of**Credits** on the release of Skyblock Utopia V2.For example, if you spent $1 on Gems, you will receive the equivalent amount of Credits without any reduction in value, even if you spent those Gems previously on something else. To claim this, you will need to make a ticket after skyblock’s release so we can verify your gem purchases. This helps to make sure that you are fairly refunded if you purchased Gems previously.

Sunsetting Mega SMP

Finally, in order to allow us to better focus on providing the best Skyblock and Prison experiences possible this summer, we are removing the Mega SMP server from our network due to low demand. We appreciate everyone who tried to enjoy our SMP server, but unfortunately it did not live up to the standards we have set and we were unable to sufficiently improve it enough to bring up demand.

Conclusion (TL;DR)

In conclusion, we are:

  • Bringing back a revamped version of Skyblock Utopia in May.
  • Introducing a new Premium Currency - Credits
  • Refunding all users who purchased Gems before today (April 30th 2022) with the equivalent number of Credits.
  • Releasing a recoded and overhauled version of Prison Neptune (Neptune V2) this summer.
  • Sunsetting the Mega SMP and KitPvP gamemodes to improve our core experience.

[1] - Please read the associated legal disclaimers with Credits (TL;DR: they are not a real currency, obviously.)