Hey everyone! **The newest season of Prison Neptune is finally here. As we celebrate our **sixteenth season, **we are marking the beginning of a transition time. We’ve been hard at work preparing a **full recode and revamp of Prison Neptune, which is almost ready, but in the meantime, we plan to continue to run this version of Neptune till we are 100% confident in the release of v2. I want to stress that we will be making a massive announcement very soon about the plans!

This season, we are focusing on minor gameplay improvements and major operational improvements. In anticipation of a bright and long future of continued innovation with the Prison gamemode, we recognize that we must overhaul our rules and policies to make them simpler and easier to follow. Between this change and improved staff training, we are working to make sure that your experience on Prison Neptune is as good as it can possibly be.

With that being said, here’s the changelog for the 16th season of Prison Neptune!

💸 Adjusted Economy 💸

With Prison Neptune, our primary goals are to ensure that gameplay feels exciting/overpowered and that gameplay has longevity to it (so the server stays active more than 2 weeks). These goals are often in conflict with each other, but we do our best to strike a balance between the two.

This map, we are slightly nerfing some of the rewards in Mine Crates (Lucky Blocks, Mine Keys, and Loot Keys) to ensure that there is a strong and vibrant competitive dynamic to the server. These adjustments will only be as much as necessary, and we appreciate your understanding of why we are changing this.

❇️ Enchant Overhaul ❇️

We have removed Lightning, Trainer, and Exp Boost from the enchantment line up! We plan to replace these enchants with more meaningful enchants allowing players to really gain more from the investment!

**Enchant Requirements: We have now added Enchant requirements to the new enchants added this season. **You will have to max out a certain enchants to start leveling up the following enchants: **Tamer, Nuke, and Experience. **We hope this allows for more longevity within the map!

🤖 Robot Changes 🤖

Another balance we have to strike relates to the power of Robots. If Robots are too powerful, then mining becomes pointless. However, if Robots are not powerful enough, then they are considered “useless”. Last map, in order to increase the importance of mining for orbs, Robots were heavily nerfed.

We believe this nerf was too strong, so we are very slightly buffing Robots to better strike this balance. We also want to make Robots more than just ORBS more information will be provided through updates!

🐾 Pet Slot Requirements 🐾

Another balance we care about pertains to Pet Slots. In order to ensure that Pet Slots are not too overpowered, we are restricting Pet Slots so that you must mine at least ???,??? (TBD) raw blocks. Last map we guaranteed 3 **it will only be 2 pets being activated at the same time. Once you hit the **requirement which will be provided throughout the week!

📒 Battle Pass Improvements 📒

One complaint we have received many times is that we do not do enough to update the Battle Pass. To address this, we are committing to weekly Battle Pass Updates, which will have a timer shown when the new challenges release in /pass.

This approximate timer will indicate how long until the next challenges are released, and we will do our best to release the new challenges as soon as the timer lapses.

We also have plans to add **NEW **challenges instead of the opening keys! Some of the challenges consist of Chat Games, Enchant Procs, and Collecting Stars!

** 🌠 Star Enchant** Overhaul 🌠

We have buffed all of these enchant proc rates to make them worth it especially RELIC FINDER.

Now, every 600 raw blocks you mine, you will receive 1x Star. You can spend stars on Star Enchants, which are:

  • Dragon Boost
  • Looter
  • Relic Finder
  • Supercharger

The same requirements hold: for Relic Finder, you must max out Loot Finder and Dragon Burst respectively. We have also REMOVED Thor.

👥 Community Showcase - highlighting the best of our community!

We believe our community is amazing. Back when we started OPLegends, we used to offer a Community Showcase event where we would showcase standout elements of our community with plot build events and other fun elements.

This map, we are bringing this back, but with some added flair. Stay tuned for this!

We will also be hosting QNA events to go over plans and feelings about certain updates! We plan to have these events EVERY WEEK. This will allow us to get a feel for what the community wants! ❤

🛒 Star Shop Rotation 🛒

Additionally, Star Shop will now rotate just as often as Exp Shop to allow more of an incentive to grind Stars!

🧪 Weekly Buffs 🧪

Finally, by popular demand, we are going to be updating paid Crate Keys weekly to adjust them to inflation.

🎈 Quality-of-life Improvements 🎈

We’re also introducing a couple of important quality-of-life improvements:

  • Improved performance of block breaking enchants
  • Improved performance of Prison Pickaxes
  • Reworked Pet Ascension UI to be more responsive, more intuitive, and less buggy.
  • Many other improvements and fixes
  • Removed Herobrine

🥇 Payout Raise 🥇

For this sixteenth map, we are offering PayPal + Buycraft payouts to the top 5 gangs owners on /trophy! Here is the breakdown:

**Gang Top #1: **$75 PayPal + $30 Buycraft

Gang Top #2:$35 PayPal + $20 Buycraft

**Gang Top #3: **$25 PayPal + $15 Buycraft

**Gang Top #4: **$15 PayPal + $10 Buycraft

**Gang Top #5: **$10 PayPal + $5 Buycraft

Of course, there are still Gang Top rewards. For this sixteenth map, we have decided to remove the Prestige Top, and make Block Top rewards more OP.

**Block** Top #1: ****$50 PayPal + $30 Buycraft

**Block **Top #2:****$25 PayPal + $20 Buycraft

**Block** Top #3: ****$15 PayPal + $15 Buycraft

**Block** Top #4: ****$10PayPal + $10 Buycraft

As a reminder, trophies reset weekly, so at the start of the next week everyone has a fair shot to compete for the next week!

🌓 Additional Changes

  • Added a new Easter-themed spawn for the season!
  • Added a Easter-themed Scoreboard!
  • Scavenger Hunt added to spawn upon release (Easter Egg Hunt)
  • Easter games and events throughout the whole weekend!