****Hey everyone, ****the newest season of Prison Neptune is finally here!

This map, our focus is to bring back the innovative nature of Prison Neptune. We’re really excited about the improvements we are bringing this map, and we hope you are too! I want to make sure you all know this map isn’t going to provide a ton of **NEW **content, but it will make the experience x10000 times better. Our primary focus this time around is making a Prison server which feels right to play. The most important part of that is making sure that the economy feels right. We have completely redone all rank prices, prestige prices, sell prices, robots and enchant costs. This should contribute to a fun, fast-paced feel which is still a grind.

🦴Pet Slots

We have removed Pet Slots, but not completely our plan is to make Pet Slots available for everyone we will be adding Pet Slots throughout the season. Where will you be able to obtain Pet Slots? You will be able to get them through free crates, escape rooms, and envoys (once they are added).

⛏Pickaxe Levels

We have changed the leveling system for Pickaxe Leveling. Our old system would start at 900 raw blocks and each level it would increase by 50 more blocks. We have made it easier now it is 350 **raw blocks, and each level will now increase by 25 **more blocks (this can change as we undergo testing). This will make it easier to unlock better gem armors, and crystal slots.

🧨Pickaxe Enchants

Over the course of Neptune’s History mining’s importance has been slowly decreasing with the mass production of robots. Today, we will be fixing this the changes we will hopefully incentivize more mining, but also making progression x100 better. We believe in a perfect balancing of grinding and having fun!

🪓 Enchants Removed Starstruck Exp Boost Lightning

We have plans to introduce a NEW enchant every week during next week! So, look out for that!

💵Enchant Prices Efficiency —> 30% price decrease –> Max Level: 15,000 Fortune –> 50% price decrease –> Max Level: 30,000 Haste –> 25% price decrease –> Max Level: 5 Speed –> 10% price increase –> Max Level: 5 Dragon Burst –> 35% price decrease –> Max Level: 22,500 Lightning –> 25% price decrease –> Max Level: 15,000 Greed –> 30% price decrease –> Max Level: 10,000 Lucky –> 35% price decrease –> Max Level: 15,000 Lucky Boost –> 25% price decrease –> Max Level: 15,000 Frenzy –> 30% price decrease –> Max Level 10,000 Boost –> 25% price decrease –> Max Level 15,000 Loot Finder –> 30% price decrease –> Max Level: 25,000 Scavenger –> 25% price decrease –> Max Level: 15,000 Orb Greed –> 15% price decrease –> Max Level: 25,000 Combo –> 25% price decrease –> Max Level: 10,000 Pouch Finder –> 20% price decrease –> Max Level: 10,000

Orb Greed You can now get up to **100,000 orbs **per proc!

The chance of proc was raised x5 times!

🤖 Robots Robot prices have been decreased by %60

Robots will only be obtainable through Crates, and XPShop they will be x100 rarer than before!

Robot upgrade price have been increased by %15

We have removed the Coal, Iron, and Redstone Robots. Which means Lapis, Gold, and Diamond are left.

Lapis –> Robot (Tier I) Gold –> Robot (Tier II) Diamond –> Robot (Tier III)

🔑 Mine Keys Mine Keys and Loot Keys will go straight into your crate balance not as a voucher

Ranks A-Z, or “rankup gameplay” is a fun and fast-paced way to start the game.

It’s now a blast to play through ranks A-Z. According to our playtesters, they have said things like the following:

  • “It feels like Prison now”
  • “This rank gameplay is fast-paced and fun”
  • “I like how it’s easy to get started and get my pickaxe leveled up quickly at first”

We want the “rank gameplay” to be fun and fast-paced as a nice introduction to our Prison. We think we have delivered.

There are now over 250,000 prestiges.

Rebirths were never intended to be a permanent feature. As such, they have been removed.

As a part of expanding gameplay and completely redoing our economy, we are increasing the maximum prestige cap from 200,000 to 250,000 initially. When people reach 250,000 prestiges, we may increase the cap even further.

🎆 Pickaxe Crystals

Pickaxe Gems have been another feature which we believe has been under-utilized on Prison Neptune. By popular demand, we are completely revamping these to Pickaxe Crystals! Apart from a name change (which was done because “gem” could refer to the premium currency we have or Gem Armor ambiguously), these new pickaxe crystals exist for any currency! This means you can get Orbs crystals, Money crystals, EXP crystals, and even future crystals which can affect enchants and other multipliable things.

These crystals are earned from Crystal Boxes, which give a crystal with a certain multiplier percentage.

⛓ PvP Enhancements

This season, we are also overhauling PvP and making it much more enjoyable!

Boss Keys

In order to make bosses more amazing, we are introducing new types of bosses as well as Boss Keys as rewards. These crate keys, which are won when you defeat a boss, contain amazing rewards on par with Partner Key rewards.

KOTH Improvements

You can now receive KOTH Soul Boosters for completing the King of the Hill in Warp PvP. These soul boosters are extremely rare and help you along your journey to level up your pickaxe.

New PvP

We have made kits more **OP **you now receive OP armor in kits! We have made PvP x10 more enjoyable we have also fixed knockback, and lag when it comes to PvP!

🔑 Battlepass Revamp

In order to improve the types of challenges that exist with the Battle Pass, they are now grouped into tiers based on a required Prestige. As you work your way through the server, the pass challenges you can complete depend on your prestige!

Additionally, the challenges in the Battle Pass should be a lot more enjoyable and will relate more to the ways you progress through the server. As a reminder, the Battle Pass costs just $5.99 a month as a subscription and comes with all kinds of great rewards to help you on your Prison journey!

**🧨 Vote Parties **

To incentivize voting, vote parties will now activate a Global Booster for 15 minutes! The entire server can enjoy a nice boost when these parties get activated.

⚔ Gang Events

To celebrate the holiday season, we’re expanding the types of events and contests we do. This season, you can look forward to some contests which will be taking place in-game and on Discord. Income will be live streaming these events as they take place. (THIS WILL ACTUALLY HAPPEN)

What is at stake? These skill-based competitions will have awesome rewards (including PayPal prizes!). More information will be coming soon on the details but look forward to this!

🧱 Bedrock Experience

We have been constantly working on improvements for our Bedrock players. Some of the improvements we hope to fix for this map! Down below!

  • Robots upgrading
  • Being kicked for flying
  • Lagging when Mines Reset

(We are investigating these issues closely and will provide updates in our discord when fixed! These are not all the issues we are aware of we will be posting an announcement before release on the changes we have made to the bedrock experience)

✨ Additional Changes

  • Removed Ozone completely
  • Added Envoys within the PvP Zone
  • Revamped Gkits
  • Buffed Flares
  • Buffed XP Pets
  • Making Coinflip Tax (2%)

Finally, as a network we strive to make sure your experience is the best possible I want to thank you all for the support I know you all care deeply about OPLegends, and as time goes on you will all see what we have been playing! I hope you all are excited about this map and see you on Feb. 5th <3