The big day is finally here!

For the past year and a half, one of the most frequent questions for OPLegends has been regarding crossplay: allowing Bedrock Edition players to connect and enjoy the same amazing experience Java Edition gets. Up until today, our official response has been “we have no plans to support Bedrock Edition.” In secret, we’ve been planning on integrating Bedrock Edition support for quite a while now.

Today, we’re proud to announce that Bedrock Edition support has been added for both the Modern Network and Prison Neptune! You can connect with “” and the default Bedrock Port (19132) **right now **and enjoy the same great prison experience you get on PC.

However, that’s not all! Thanks to new technology provided by our modern engine, we have been working on seamlessly integrating Bedrock Edition support onto the modern portion of our network. When you connect to the hub or play on Mega SMP, you will notice that we have been able to rework parts of the network to better support Bedrock. Powered by our modern engine, we have already taken steps to make the Bedrock Experience more usable than other crossplay networks: rather than load off-the-shelf plugins and call it a day, because we control the entire server with our modern engine, we can make changes anywhere we need to make the Bedrock Edition experience more playable.

Early Access Limitations

Because Bedrock Edition support is in early access, you may experience the following:

  • User interfaces on Prison Neptune may be strange or difficult to navigate. Unfortunately, because Neptune is not powered by our Modern Engine, we cannot yet resolve this.
  • Certain user interface choices may be non-functional on Bedrock Edition: Anything which tells you to “click in chat” cannot be actioned upon.
  • Bedrock Edition players currently may not purchase items from our webstore due to limitations with our webstore provider. We are preparing to launch our own store infrastructure in the coming weeks which will allow us to not only support Bedrock Edition players, but also to pass on lower fees to our customers.

We’re working hard on resolving these limitations, but because this experience is in Early Access, you may experience a few strange quirks. **Please report these to us in tickets so we can work to resolve them. **Together, we will make OPLegends the best crossplay experience available!

How to Join on Bedrock Edition

To play on Bedrock Edition, go under “Servers”, then scroll down to the bottom and click “Add Server”. Enter in the server name (OPLegends), the Server Address (, and leave the port the default (19132).

Future Plans for Crossplay

Over time, as we learn about the Bedrock platform, we are committed to innovating and improving the gameplay experience with unique features. This commitment to good crossplay will be seen over the next few months as the quality of the Bedrock Edition server experience improves. We’re happy to say that the entire network is playable on Bedrock right now, but over time we are going to improve the quality standard so it is excellent on Bedrock.

Our commitment to supporting Bedrock will mean that we will become the premier crossplay experience in Minecraft. Backed by the best technologies, we will be able to create a magical experience for people playing on both editions of the game.