****Hey everyone, ****the newest season of Prison Neptune is finally here!

This map, our focus is to bring back the innovative nature of Prison Neptune. We’re really excited about the improvements we are bringing this map, and we hope you are too!

⏰ About the early reset…

We decided to reset a week early to bring a unique experience to your Christmas holiday. By resetting now, we are making sure that everyone can enjoy the thrill of a new reset over winter break!

Because of this early reset, seasonal ranks will stay from last map this time. **We’re also doubling payouts for the last week of Map 12, which will close **Thursday, December 23rd at 3PM EST.

Make sure to follow us on twitter (https://twitter.com/OPLegendsMC) for giveaways going into this next map!

🔑 Prestige Enchants Redesign

One of the most important features for our Prison experience has been overlooked for too long. Pickaxe Enchants are one of the best parts of playing Prison, but for too long, there has been no greater goal past maxing out these enchants.

Now, we are changing this with overhauled Prestige Enchants. We’re introducing four new Prestige Enchants which have incredibly overpowered abilities. Each of these Prestige Enchants has a corresponding enchant which must be maxed out before you can begin to purchase it.

New Prestige Enchants

  • Thor: Have a chance of breaking a 3x3 hole down to bedrock.
  • Present Finder: Have a chance of finding a present lucky block which contains amazing rewards!
  • **Relic Finder: **Have a chance of finding a Relic key while mining.
  • **Dragon Boom: **Each level will give you an additional layer of Dragon Burst.

🎆 Pickaxe Crystals

Pickaxe Gems have been another feature which we believe has been under-utilized on Prison Neptune. By popular demand, we are completely revamping these to Pickaxe Crystals! Apart from a name change (which was done because “gem” could refer to the premium currency we have or Gem Armor ambiguously), these new pickaxe crystals exist for any currency! This means you can get Orbs crystals, Money crystals, EXP crystals, and even future crystals which can affect enchants and other multipliable things.

These crystals are earned from Crystal Boxes, which give a crystal with a certain multiplier percentage.

⛓ PvP Enhancements

This season, we are also overhauling PvP and making it much more enjoyable!

Boss Keys

In order to make bosses more amazing, we are introducing new types of bosses as well as Boss Keys as rewards. These crate keys, which are won when you defeat a boss, contain amazing rewards on par with Partner Key rewards.

KOTH Improvements

You can now receive KOTH Soul Boosters for completing the King of the Hill in Warp PvP. These soul boosters are extremely rare and help you along your journey to level up your pickaxe.

New PvP Arena

Last but not least, we’ve added in a new PvP arena which is christmas-themed and has been designed to be more enjoyable for PvP!

🔑 Battlepass Revamp

In order to improve the types of challenges that exist with the Battle Pass, they are now grouped into tiers based on a required Prestige. As you work your way through the server, the pass challenges you can complete depend on your prestige!

Additionally, the challenges in the Battle Pass should be a lot more enjoyable and will relate more to the ways you progress through the server. As a reminder, the Battle Pass costs just $5.99 a month as a subscription and comes with all kinds of great rewards to help you on your Prison journey!

🎅 (Winter) Wonderland

To account for the holiday season, the Ozone has been transformed into a winter wonderland! Fight the Grinch’s minions for Presents which can be traded in to Santa for amazing rewards.

Grinch Boss

Once a day, the Grinch Boss will spawn at the center of this map. Fight him for bonus presents and even a Boss crate key! The Ozone is back with a twist we have added a Christmas themed Ozone with events, and exclusive items on obtainable through the Wintery Wonderland.

Present Storm

Once an hour, a present storm will come to the wonderland. These epic presents contain amazing rewards, but make sure to get to them quick because others can too!

Snow Bombs

These exclusive Mine Bombs can be purchased from Santa in exchange for presents. They’re super overpowered, so make sure to get them!

⛏ Skills Improvements

By popular demand, all skill levels now contain rewards. No more disappointment or unlocking of levels that have no rewards!

🎈 Prestige Improvements

We’ve overhauled the Prestige Lootbox to make prestiging more significant. This lootbox now contains **Prestige Armor **which can give you a good Orbs Boost.

⚔ Gang Events

To celebrate the holiday season, we’re expanding the types of events and contests we do. This season, you can look forward to some contests which will be taking place in-game and on Discord. income will be live-streaming these events as they take place.

What is at stake? These skill-based competitions will have awesome rewards (including PayPal prizes!). More information will be coming soon on the details, but look forward to this!

**🧨 Vote Parties **

To incentivize voting, vote parties will now activate a Global Booster for 15 minutes! The entire server can enjoy a nice boost when these parties get activated.

**🥇 Block Top Rewards 🥇**

Of course, there are still Gang Top rewards. For this thirteenth map, we have decided to remove the Prestige Top, and make Block Top rewards more OP.

**Block****** Top #1: ********$20 PayPal + $30 Buycraft

**Block ******Top #2:********$15 PayPal + $20 Buycraft

**Block****** Top #3: ********$10 PayPal + $15 Buycraft

**Block****** Top #4: ********$5 PayPal + $10 Buycraft

As a reminder, trophies reset weekly, so at the start of the next week everyone has a fair shot to compete for the next week!

✨ Additional Changes

  • Gem armor now has a max level of 200.
  • Coinflips now have a 10% tax on them to support the economy.
  • Fixed bugs with Private Mine multipliers.
  • Fixed a bug where Private Mine blocks would not reset in between maps.

Stay tuned and get hyped for this awesome Christmas map. We hope you are excited as we are, and we are glad to be back in the swing of things keeping our presence as the best Prison experience out there!