****Hey everyone, ****the newest season of Prison Neptune is finally here!

This map, we are focusing on **improving your gameplay experience** by revamping some of the features you love the most. Mine Keys, Pickaxes, Private Mines, and Gem Armor are all getting much-needed improvements to allow for new gameplay strategies!

**Before we get into the changelog, make sure to follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/OPLegendsMC)! We’re doing giveaways and also announcing a new partner tomorrow!**

🔑 Key Changes

Mining for keys has been a major part of our Prison server for some time now. Everyone loves keys we have realized that players can just buy Loot Keys from players and become on top to combat this issue we have made Loot Keys automatically go in your /crates balance! Do not worry these Mine Keys will be given as vouchers, and each tier gives better rewards so look out for that!

🎆 Gems Revamp

You can now get Orbs and Exp boost in Gem Boxes this will be great for grinding, and very good for the amount of boost you can have on your pickaxe! More information about this feature will be posted in #sneak-peeks on discord!

⛓ Escape Room

Each week we will be adding a Escape Room this Escape Room will consist of super OP items when completed. Who ever competes the Escape Room each map will be in our TikTok’s/Shorts more information on Escape Rooms coming very soon! There will be a Escape Room on the first day of release!

🧨 Mine Bombs

We have added a new way to mine you can acquire these different tier Mine Bombs from crates! We will be adding different tiers of Mine Bombs throughout the map such as Kitty Bombs, Dog Bombs, and many more! We are super excited for this feature! Your rank will depend on how long the cooldown is for these Mine Bombs!

🥇 Gang Top Rewards 🥇

Of course, there are still Gang Top rewards. For this eleventh map, we are offering PayPal + Buycraft payouts to the top 5 gang owners on /gang top based on weekly trophies! Here is the breakdown:

**Gang Top #1: **$50 PayPal + $30 Buycraft

**Gang Top #2:**$25 PayPal + $20 Buycraft

**Gang Top #3: **$15 PayPal + $15 Buycraft

**Gang Top #4: **$10 PayPal + $10 Buycraft

**Gang Top #5: **$5 PayPal + $5 Buycraft

As a reminder, trophies reset weekly, so at the start of the next week everyone has a fair shot to compete for the next week!

✨ Additional Changes

  • Added a new spawn!
  • Added _/boosters _! Instead of /multi now you can run /boosters to see all enabled boosters!
  • Enchant Level Increased: **Fortune** 20,000 -> 22,500 **Dragon Burst** 20,000 -> 22,500 **Loot Finder** 15,000 -> 20,000 **Orb Greed** 10,000 -> 15,000
  • Turkey Armor will be available in the Monthly Keys at the start!
  • Blocks from Block Keys will be reset!
  • Private Mine Multiplier are now fixed to give a multiplier forever!
  • Fixed Player Shop issue!

Stay tuned for **huge announcements** coming in the next few weeks!