Hey everyone! We’ve been hard at work on new and exciting gamemodes to bring to the OPLegends community, and today we are very excited to announce Oneblock will be coming to OPLegends next Saturday (November 20th) at 3PM EST!

We will keep this post brief (so maybe you will actually read it this time…) but it explains how Oneblock works on OPLegends. There may be some differences from how Oneblock works on other networks, so make sure to check out everything that makes our version unique!

🎦 Oneblock Trailer

Watch this amazing trailer to get a first peek at what Oneblock is all about!

🌲 What is Oneblock?

Oneblock is a gamemode where you spawn on one block in the sky. As you break the block, it regenerates to reveal another block. As you break thousands of blocks, you will progress through 12 repeating phases which contain different themed blocks and mobs. This is my oneblock in the sky! I haven’t gotten much built yet, but everyone has to start somewhere… Over time, you can build a large oneblock with farms, grinders, and creative builds. Create shops to buy and sell from others, invite people to visit, and even create PvP arenas on your oneblock. The sky is the limit (quite literally) to what you can do, so get creative!

In addition to this classic Oneblock experience, we are introducing several custom features to ensure that you always have something to work towards. From unlocking and crafting custom gear, to building extremely overpowered custom enchanted gear, you can do anything!

⏰ When does Oneblock release?

Oneblock releases on **November 20th, 2021 at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). **To find what time that is for you (in your local timezone), just click this paragraph.

❓ How do I play Oneblock?

To play Oneblock, join play.oplegends.com (click to learn how to join) on or after the release date on Java Edition 1.17.1.

We do not allow versions other than *Java Edition 1.17.1 *to play on Oneblock to protect your security. If you play on old versions like 1.8.9 or 1.12.2, you are opening yourself to attackers who could hack you due to your choice of running outdated, insecure software.

Make sure to update to 1.17.1 to play, it’s what the majority of Minecraft: Java Edition players use and it helps keep you safe!

✨ What features does Oneblock have?

In addition to the core gameplay of Oneblock, we have added several new and exciting features so there is always something for you to be doing, regardless of which type of player you are!

🔨 Jobs

Oneblock is a player-driven economy. This means that, instead of selling your items to /shop, you buy and sell from other players instead! I’m a woodcutter, which means I can earn money when I chop down trees I have either grown on my island or found in the farming dimension. Of course, there still needs to be a way to earn money from the server, and that is where jobs come in. Each job has a set of items you can collect from your oneblock or dimensions to earn money. You can change your job once per hour, and earnings come in every in-game day at sunrise.

🛍️ Player Shops

Because Oneblock is a player-driven economy, there needs to be a good way to buy and sell from other people. Luckily, we are introducing Player Shops as a way to buy and sell with other players. To craft a Player Shop, just place a hopper on top of a chest and surround it with cobblestone. You’ll be able to buy or sell an item in no time! After crafting a Player Shop, all you need to do is place it down. Just like the Player Shops on Prison Neptune, you just click the item in your inventory which you wish to buy or sell.

After you’ve clicked an item, you can specify whether you are buying/selling it, and enter in a price to buy or sell for. Then, just enable the shop, and a hologram will pop up above it showing what you’re buying/selling and at what price! Player Shops are similar to the ones on Prison Neptune. Although we don’t have the design finalized for Oneblock Player Shops yet, here is what they look like on Prison Neptune! These are basically improved chest shops. Rather than needing to mess around with signs and random item IDs, you just click the item you want, and get to buying and selling.

Your player shop has two pages of storage for a total of 90 slots. Not only is it more compact than a chest shop, but it allows you to store even more!

📖 Quests

If you’re new to our Oneblock server and don’t know where to start, don’t be afraid! Even though the gamemode is very complex and has lots of moving parts, we have prepared **a nice set of tutorial quests to help you learn how to play! ** I’m currently working on the first quest because I just started. I’m almost done with it, though! Each of these quests walks you through some part of the server (oneblock, jobs, dimensions, enchants, quests, and so on…). Make sure to complete them because they give you rewards to help you get started faster!

🔥 Ranks

By popular demand, we have added Global Ranks to the modern portion of the network. In exchange for a monthly subscription, you can look cooler than others and also get amazing perks to help you along the way with Oneblock. The four webstore ranks you can obtain. Ultra is the best one! These ranks range from $4.99/mo to $24.99/mo in pricing, and in exchange for your continued support you get access to amazing features like:

  • Ability to set multiple homes on Oneblock realms
  • Access to menu shortcuts like /craft, /enchant, and /echest.
  • Multiple ender chest pages for higher ranks
  • Access to /feed and /heal shortcuts (with cooldowns)
  • Access to sell between 10 to**40 items** on the Gear Market.
  • An awesome badge to stand apart from others.

As we add more gamemodes and features to OPLegends, these Global Ranks will become increasingly valuable. Make sure to get your ranks on release to get the exclusive early supporter badge!

💎 Crates

By popular demand, we have also added Crates and Crate Keys **for Oneblock.These crates contain amazing rewards which can help you on your Oneblock journey! The OP Crate, which has the best rewards. The two free crates are the **Vote Crate and **Party Crate. **Vote Keys are obtained by voting, while Party Keys are given out for server events like Key Alls.

The only paid crate is the OP Crate. If you are familiar with the Monthly Crate on Prison Neptune, it’s very similar, with the only difference being that it is 250 Gems per key instead of $25 per 10 rewards. This means that you get the same value with OP Keys as the Monthly Crate, but you get to buy the keys individually! The OP crate and some of its amazing rewards. In addition to the main ways of getting Crate Keys, you can also win them in-game from Bonus Chests. Learn more about that below!

‼️ Bonus Chests

In addition to earning blocks and spawning mobs, when you mine your Oneblock there is a chance of finding a Bonus Chest! These chests contain items to help you which you cannot normally get just by breaking the Oneblock. These items contain blocks, water sources, crops, saplings, and even rarer items like Dimension Teleporters and Crate Keys! The contents of these chests are randomly generated, so make sure to keep finding them so you get lucky and find some of the rarer rewards!

📘 Enchantments

On Oneblock, we have a completely new Custom Enchant system which is much more feature-complete and amazing than the regular vanilla enchants. To enchant items, you  bring them to an enchanting table like normal. However, once your items are enchanted, you’ll notice there are some new options which were never there before! First, all gear you enchant has a level. This level is increased by using the tool or wearing the armor. The level dictates the maximum modifier level you can upgrade to. For example, a Level 3 pickaxe can hold Efficiency 3, but a Level 4 pickaxe cannot hold Efficiency 5.

Once you’ve enchanted gear, you can right-click it from your inventory screen ([E]) to open its options. Here, because this tool has a third slot, if I had an enchanted book, I could add it to the gear without any cost.

Additionally, the enchants themselves can be upgraded by depositing materials. Each enchant has a unique item or block which levels it up. For example, here I can level up Efficiency by depositing Redstone. Here’s a video of what this looks like!

These custom enchants should help add a new dynamic to your Oneblock experience. The possibilities are endless, and now suddenly all of the materials used to upgrade enchants will become extremely valuable as well!

⌛ Dimensions

Do you wish there was a way to collect infinite resources? Well, with Dimensions, you can have a short burst of time to do so! Dimensions are special realms which have regenerating resources. There are currently Mine and Farm dimensions, which allow you to collect ores and farm crops/chop trees! To visit a dimension, you need a Teleporter. This magical tech is a rare chance drop from your Oneblock, so you need to keep mining your Oneblock to find them. When you consume a teleporter, you have a limited amount of time to be there (starting at 2 minutes). As you level up your mining and farming skills, this time period increases.

🪓 Skills

Skills are an important feature for Oneblock because they are the primary way of unlocking recipes for cool and unique items. There are Mining, Logging, and Farming skills which can be leveled up. As you level these skills up, you get rewards. These range from Stat Boosts to free Coins to recipes. When you unlock a recipe, you are able to craft it as many times as you want provided you have the materials for it.

Will you be the first to reach Level 15 for all of your skills?

📓 Recipes

With Oneblock, there are all kinds of custom recipes you can unlock and use. Some of these are unlocked right away, but others require certain Skill Levels to craft. You can view your recipe book with /recipes, and even search for different recipes. Custom recipes mostly fall into two types: Materials and Gear. Gear is the ultimate goal of what you will want to craft because it contains all kinds of powerful abilities. All of the shiny versions of materials! These take tons of the base material to craft (like 512 iron for shiny iron), but in exchange they can be used to craft more powerful gear! However, in order to craft this more powerful gear, you will need some more powerful materials to do so. You can’t craft a better drill without stronger iron! This is where Shiny Materials come in. They are condensed versions of regular items. As you get better and better at Oneblock, these will be the best way to trade resources with others. For example, you might want a shop to buy and sell Shiny Iron instead of regular iron.

🛡️ Gear

There are all kinds of amazing custom gear you can obtain in Oneblock. Here’s some of the pieces and what they do:

  • Vegetable Armor: Provides enhanced protection against undead
  • **Enriched Sword: **Provides enhanced damage against undead
  • **Potato Blade: **Allows you to feed yourself by right clicking!
  • **Treecapitator: **Allows you to break down up to ten blocks of connected logs!
  • **Wheatcapitator: **Breaks two blocks in the direction you farm instead of one!
  • **Chainsaw: **Allows you to break up to fifteen blocks of connected logs!
  • **Drill: **Has a radius break ability which has a chance of breaking nearby ores.
  • Super Drill: Has an instabreak ability which allows you to mine blocks very quickly for a short period of time.
  • **Super Scythe: **Breaks a 3x3 radius of crops.

The active abilities for this gear requires Mana to consume. This mana slowly regenerates and is shown above your health bar.

🎟️ Rank Transfers from Skyblock Utopia

To thank all of our loyal supporters from Skyblock Utopia, we will be compensating anyone who purchased a Skyblock Rank or GKit from our webstore before May 15th, 2021 with gems according to the following transfer table:

  • Recruit Rank: 860 Gems
  • Bishop Rank: 1,740 Gems
  • Guard Rank: 2,487 Gems
  • Emperor : 6,979 Gems
  • Zeus Rank: 10,979 Gems
  • Legend Rank: 17,200 Gems

And for GKits:

  • OP GKit: 1,400 Gems
  • Robot GKit: 2,000 Gems
  • Enchanter GKit: 800 Gems
  • Miner GKit: 1,000 Gems
  • Key GKit: 2,000 Gems
  • Slayer GKit: 1,200 Gems
  • Grinder GKit: 1,200 Gems

For all of these conversion rates, these are equivalent to the original value of the package (after deducting webstore fees we had to pay originally). You can spend these gems on Oneblock crates and even our vast system of cosmetics!

**Rank compensation will be granted automatically when you log in. **To claim GKit compensation, you will need to make a ticket in our Discord and we will look up your purchase history.


In conclusion, we’re really excited for the release of Oneblock as it is ultimately the continuation of Skyblock, which is one of our favorite gamemodes.

We hope you enjoy the unique content we have developed for this server. We have big plans for Oneblock, and that includes new content updates throughout the duration of the server. We plan on bringing a new generation of players to OPLegends, and we know that this is the start of an amazing new era for us, where we are unrestricted in what we can create and are able to deliver amazing new experiences you can’t find anywhere else.

Powered by the latest version of the game and the amazing innovations we have developed over the last year, we hope you will enjoy our first attempt at a gamemode designed to last for months rather than weeks!