Hey everyone! Happy Halloween weekend. Here’s a quick update post to go over what is coming today, this weekend, and what’s happening in the next month!

Next Generation Network Hubs

As a part of our work to overhaul the network, today we’re releasing a new network hub experience for players who connect with 1.17.1! Here, you’ll find not only an amazing new build and graphics, but also hub minigames, gadgets, and even the cosmetics system you know and love from Modern Prison! Everything you know is still here: you can still connect to **Prison Neptune **and access the same Backpack with the cosmetics and other items you have from Modern Prison.


There’s even minigames on this new hub! You can complete a Parkour Race behind spawn, and even compete in the King of The Hill, earning Hub Coins for punching other players in the area. The King of The Hill area near spawn.


Where do you use Hub Coins, you ask? You can spend them on a variety of gadgets, which you can use to spook others, paint the world, and even blow it up!

Halloween Updates for Prison Neptune

This weekend, we’re adding a variety of new updates to enhance your Halloween experience!

All of these updates are rolling out tomorrow morning (Saturday the 30th), so enjoy!

Pumpkin Armor

This Halloween, we’re introducing Pumpkin Armor! It’s a limited set of Gem Armor which not only makes you look cooler, but also gives you the chance of finding Pumpkins while mining. These pumpkins are better lucky blocks which can contain very rare rewards (even Relic Keys!)

The Graveyard

That’s not all. We’re also adding The Graveyard, a spooky Halloween PvE area where you can kill mobs and mine Bone Blocks in the world to receive Spirits. These Spirits can be spent at the Graveyard Merchant **in exchange for Relic Keys, Pet Boxes, the Burrow enchant, a **Pumpkin Helmet **of the limited armor set, and even **an exclusive limited time-only “Spooky2021” tag!

Spooky Lootbox

Finally, we’re also adding a** Spooky Lootbox which contains both amazing rewards and the entire set of the exclusive limited-time-only **Pumpkin Armor as possible rewards. This Lootbox will only be around for a limited time, so make sure to get it while you still can!

New Gamemode Reveal: Oneblock!

We’re also proud to announce we’ve been working on a new gamemode: Oneblock!

This gamemode will be releasing November 20th and will have plenty of awesome features:

  • 🎫 Donator Ranks and Crate Keys, the way you love them!

Note: these rewards are just placeholders. You won’t be receiving dirt in your crate keys, I promise!

  • 🛡️ Custom Gear with incredible gameplay-affecting abilities. These can be crafted with advanced recipes which will take plenty of grinding and effort to obtain.

  • 💼 **Jobs, **where you earn coins based on how much of resources you can collect in an in-game day!

  • 🏆 A Battle Pass, with both free and paid rewards, where you complete challenges to earn amazing rewards, including an exclusive cosmetic if you complete it!

  • 🔧 **Player-to-Player trading **as the main basis of the economy. Instead of selling to the server and having one defined “meta”, you will need to adapt to changing demand and supply of resources to become the richest!

And much more!

Final Notes of Oneblock

As a thank you to our long-time supporters of Skyblock Utopia, you will receive compensation in gems for your previously-purchased Skyblock Utopia donator ranks upon the release of Oneblock.

Because the new ranks are a subscription, you will have the ability to purchase months of this subscription using Gems.

We’re excited to share more about this gamemode next week with a trailer and full announcement!

Closing Notes

I’d like to close this small update announcement by thanking everyone for your continued support and interest in our network. We’re more motivated than ever to make the gamemodes which we know you will love and enjoy. Thank you for sticking with us and helping make our dreams come true by allowing us to run and manage this network full-time.

We’re blown away time and time again by just how supportive and amazing this community has been, and we want to make sure that we are delivering great gamemodes for you to enjoy. Even as we have made mistakes in the past, we thank you for your continued support.

This fall and winter, we are going to be delivering some incredible content for you to enjoy, so make sure to stay tuned: our plans are finally starting to come to life, and we want you to be a part of it!