Hey everyone!

We are back with another season of Modern Prison. Since the release of season 2, we have taken a step back to evaluate & reconsider our balancing & strategy for Modern Prison. We’ve heard your complaints, concerns, and suggestions, and we have a series of balancing changes in mind to help make Modern Prison the best it can be.

Balance scale    :scales: Improved Balance

This season, we’ve made a significant number of changes to economy balance:

  • Robots are now neither absurdly overpowered nor completely useless.
  • Relics have been rebalanced so that common relics are now easier to obtain for new/free-to-play players.
  • You can now find relics from mining.
  • Heist rewards have been rebalanced.

With all of balancing these changes, we are working to ensure that your Prison experience is fun and enjoyable for weeks instead of hours.

Abacus    :abacus: Multiplier Calculation Rework

To ensure that gameplay balance is maintained, we have changed how multipliers are computed. The exact nature of how different multiplier components stack together is now hidden, but is balanced such that it is advantageous to work on several different multiplier sources at once (ascension, pets, boosters, etc) instead of just getting one overpowered type of multiplier.

Up arrow    :arrow_up: More Gang Upgrades

By popular request, we have added many new gang upgrades so there is new content for you to enjoy!

Writing hand    :writing_hand: Clarification Changes

There have been several confusing parts to gameplay that we have been working to resolve to make sure that newer players are not confused by the server. These include:

  • Renaming crates & crate keys to “Cosmetic Crates” and “Cosmetic Crate Keys” so it is clear that they do not contain gameplay affecting items (which is what Relics are for).
  • Hiding higher tier relics until certain playtime thresholds are met so people do not accidentally irreversibly click on a legendary relic right away.
  • Adding a Lucky Block reward list so you can see what possible rewards can be won from Lucky Blocks.

Pig face    :pig: Farm Enchant Rework

Last season, we introduced the Farm, which is a relaxing place to farm crops with the goal of ascending to a higher ascension multiplier.

This season, we are rebalancing and reworking almost all of the farm enchants to ensure that they are not completely overpowered.

Infinity    :infinity: Conclusion

In conclusion, we are really focused on making sure this season is as enjoyable as possible. We hope you are excited for this map, and can’t wait for you to come on and experience the next generation of Prison! As we focus on improving our content to be meaningfully better than Neptune, we have made some mistakes along the way, but we hope that these patches help to make Modern the best it can be.