Hey everyone! **The newest season of Prison Neptune is finally here. This reset, we are focusing on improving the gameplay feel as well as revamping enchants, which should contribute to a more overpowered gameplay feel as well as a more enjoyable gameplay experience. Down below will be a list of the new features, and exciting gameplay changes we have made to Neptune for this upcoming map! **PLEASE READ ALL OF THEM!Private Mine Multipliers Collision    :boom:

We have been getting a ton of requests to add Private Mine Upgrades for Orbs Boost! We are excited to announce that it is now added for the next map of Prison Neptune! You can purchase these Multipliers in the store or you can win them through crates! The max multiplier for the first week will be x2 Orbs Boost!

Ozone Revamp Full moon    :full_moon:

As you all know we removed the Ozone for Map 9 as we saved it for an update well I’m happy to announce it will be added at the start of this map! We’ve added a new Boss called the “CYBORG” this boss is extremely powerful, but once killed it drops nickname vouchers, color chat vouchers, and many more exclusive items! This boss only spawns once a day at random times so be very careful heading into the Ozone, and make sure you bring your best gear! New exclusive enchants are now found in the /ozone with prices reduced tremendously!

Event Points Eight-pointed star    :eight_pointed_black_star:

I’m happy to introduce event points this is a new concept to get players more involved with the events going on with the server! Every Wednesday and Saturday we will be hosting events that give you event points! At the end of each map, these points will get you things like Keyboards, Mouses, Monitors, and many other items! We want to give back to our community so look out for those big events. We will be posting something this upcoming Wednesday with directions, and the time posted for the first event so look out for that! Some of these events will be creator-focused so be sure to look out for some of your favorite creators!

Enchant Level Increases Pick    :pick:

Fortune 20,000 -> 22,500 Dragon Burst 20,000 -> 22,500 Loot Finder 15,000 -> 20,000 Orb Greed 10,000 -> 15,000

Weekly Updates Fire    :fire:

I’m excited to announce weekly updates this means that we will be adding more than just a new pass, and a new skill we will be adding a new set of Gem Armor every week with a certain kind of concept each week. Now do not worry **EVERYONE **will have the opportunity to get one piece of the armor each week! We will also be adding new gameplay features as well so look out for that see if you spot any hints in the trailer being released on Tuesday Face with monocle    :face_with_monocle:

New skills each week Comet    :comet:

We will be adding new Skills each week with the first week being the Pouch Finder Skill as an update! We will be adding brand new skills each week this is not what you usually think when you think of “new skills” trust me Wink    ;)

Map information Length:** 5 weeks** Seasonal Ranks will be** RESET** Pickaxe Skins will be** RESET**

Minor Changes Legend Ranks will now receive a free private mine Loot Keys now redeem by the stack​