Hey everyone! We have been hard at work with the follow-up season to Modern Prison, and it’s finally here! The purpose of our first season was primarily to test the stability of our framework at high playercounts. After addressing core issues (data loss, unavailability, transit issues, etc), we are now confident in saying that we are ready to push the limits of Modern Prison to new limits!

With this season, in addition to three major headlining features, we have addressed major balancing concerns (robots). I felt it was important to bring this up at the start so you know that balance should be fixed and gameplay should be enjoyable for more than the first day. Thank our robot friends for this mishap, but luckily we’ve put them in check.

With that being said, here’s a quick overview of the newest features!

The trailer will be released later this week in our Discord (https://discord.gg/oplegends). Make sure to join so you don’t miss it!

One of the goals of our Modern Prison experience is to revolutionize how Prison is played. Rather than conforming to random standards set by expecations, our goal is to defy expectations by redefining what the Prison gamemode is. We are looking to introduce new grind mechanics that feel distinctly “prison”-like while being fresh and new. The first of these is The Farm!

Crops within your farm slowly regenerate, meaning that you can mine forever! As your farm levels up, the crops within it change! You will see yourself slowly having more potatoes, beetroots, and carrots within your farm.

The Farm is a relaxing place for you to mine in peace. However, don’t let its peaceful nature fool you: it is integral to doing the best possible in Prison. As you improve your Farm and earn more Crops, you can purchase valuable Money Multipliers through /ascend. This multiplier is very powerful and is necessary if you want to do the best possible, so it’s in your best interests to farm because it makes your mining that much more OP!

Just like mining, you have a tool which can be upgraded to improve how much you are able to farm. Your **Farm Hoe **has plenty of magical enchants:

  • Creeper Surge: Have a chance of breaking a creeper pattern centered around where you break.
  • Fertilizer: Have a chance of nearby crops turning into better materials around where you break.
  • Scarecrow Scramble: Have a chance of spawning a scarecrow! This scarecrow will pick a random spot in the field and run to it, breaking crops in its path for you.
  • Combo: As you farm uninterrupted, you will gain a Crop Multiplier.
  • Speed: Move faster in your farm!
  • **Dog Launcher: **Launch a dog from your hoe, which will explode and give you nearby crops.
  • **Special Harvest: **Have a chance of earning a 6x+ multiplier for a block. When this happens, heart particles will spawn based on what the multiplier was.
  • Ballistic Sheep: Launch a sheep from your hoe, which will explode for a bonus!
  • **Lucky Burst: **Have a chance of a lucky block appearing when you break a crop!There’s also new armor for the farm as well! **Fruit **are a rare drop from crops, and just like Mushrooms, you can craft them into different pieces of Fruit Armor!

​As you can see, there are some parallels to the mine. The farm is almost like a cool alternate universe…

Another element we’re introducing with Season 2 is a revolutionary new special event for Gangs. We’ve heard a lot of feedback that gangs should be useful for more than just Gang Top, and we agree! The second half of major content updates for Season 2 has to do with Gangs.

The first part of improving Gangs is the Heist Event. This is a hyper-pace event that your gang can participate in periodically. When the event is started by the gang leader, every gang member who is online has the ability to participate, and the more people that participate, the better you will likely do.

While the event is running, you have one goal: break as much of the mine as you possibly can before you run out of time. You will notice that the mine is in different colored layers from top to bottom. Enchant activation rates are boosted towards the top of the mine, but diminish as you get closer to the bottom. Because of this, you will need to strategize. Who knows, maybe if you figure out the strategy you can be the first gang to break the entire mine.

Based on how many blocks you break, when the event ends, your gang will receive OP rewards such as Relics, multipliers, and more! There will also be a Heist Top leaderboard, where the top heists will be recognized and celebrated.

The second part of gang content updates is Gang Upgrades. This is an all-encompassing system where your gang can pool together resources to upgrade various aspects of gameplay. While we are not going to share the specific upgrades until release (to keep them a surprise and to prevent too much pre-season strategizing), we can say that these will be worthwhile to complete for all gangs!

The final big content update is Enchant Upgrades. We also are not sharing these specific upgrades until release, but there will be upgrades for most Pickaxe Enchants so you can truly improve your pickaxes late-game. These include things like breaking additional layers, spawning in additional airstrikes, and more (the sky is the limit!)

We also have a lot of other miscellaneous changes we are bringing. In the interest of saving you time, these will just be bullet-pointed:

  • Robot balance has been re-assessed to prevent Robots from being massively overpowered.
  • Relic balance has been adjusted. Opening costs, wait times, and reward tables have been completely redesigned.
  • Armor balance has been adjusted.
  • Multipliers are now true multipliers: instead of them adding together then multiplying, they multiply together. For example, if you have a 1.2x armor multiplier and a 1.4x booster, your total multiplier would be 1.68x. **Because of this change, multiplier amounts have been redone. **They are not nerfed! They are just a different format entirely.
  • (Global Cosmetics) added farm tool skins and punctuation paints.We’re really excited for this release and hope you are as well! As you can clearly see, the amount of content we can bring each season with Modern is one of our strengths, and we are glad to bring a map with more content.

We hope to see you on release, next Saturday, September 4th at 3PM EST!