**Hey everyone! **The newest season of Prison Neptune is finally here. This reset, we are focusing on improving the gameplay feel as well as revamping enchants, which should contribute to more overpowered gameplay feel as well as a more enjoyable gameplay experience.


This season, we are revamping vouchers! Previously, in crates you would only receive the permission to certain perks, but now we are changing this behavior. From now on, crates will yield vouchers for ranks, fly perks, and more. This should make it easier and more fun to sell these items around, and that should provide a better economy.

New Skills

Partway through the season, we are introducing a brand new skill for Pouch Finder which will allow you to receive overpowered items! More on this in the future…

Enchant Revamp

One of the longest neglected parts of Prison Neptune is our enchant selection. To put it simply, enchants have remained largely the same since Map 3. This map, we are introducing several new enchants as well as reworking complaints around existing enchants. We think this will improve gameplay and allow for more memorable mining.

Gem Armor Revamp

With this season, we are adding 2 new tiers for each type of gem armor (money & orb).  This means that it will not only be easier to get Gem Armor at the start, but there will be better versions of gem armor to work towards throughout the season.

Less Robots, More Mining

In previous seasons, robots were the primary way of obtaining orbs. This is defeating to those who do not wish to have an AFK experience, so we are making sure to improve the economy by making **mining the best way to get orbs. **We’ve decreased enchant prices by **10% **and made sure to balance Orb Greed so that players will be receiving the best experience when mining!


With this map, the ozone will be temporarily disabled at the start while we work on an update which will transform the Ozone into one of the coolest parts on the server!

Crates Open-All

We are adding a new mode to crates which will allow you to open all keys at a time. This should be perfect if you have hundreds of mine keys and want to open them all quickly!

We’re excited for this season and hope to see you on! Prison Neptune has always been a great part of OPLegends, and we believe that this reset helps make it even better. Throughout this fall, we’re going to be pushing the limits of what is possible within the game with OPLegends, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it!