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Hey everyone!

Last week, we introduced Modern Prison as the new addition to OPLegends. Over the past week, we’ve been testing with a small group of testers and have been working on completing the server. Now, we’re happy to announce the full release of Modern Prison. Without a doubt, this is definitely the best Prison gamemode we’ve ever made, and many who have tried it have called it the best Prison server beyond any doubt. We’re really excited to release this as we believe it will set a new bar for Minecraft servers. Over a year of work has gone into this gamemode, and we think that everyone will enjoy it Smile    :)

Release Date & Time Saturday, August 7th, 2021 3PM Eastern Time (Click to view this time in your local timezone) ​ Because there’s so much to discuss with this server, the announcement is split into 3 posts: (you can click on parts 2 and 3 to jump to them) 1. Prison Gameplay Explained (you are here)    An overview of the actual Prison gameplay itself (stuff specific to Prison).    This section is explained as if you have never played Prison before. If you are an avid Prison Neptune player, much has changed! I will put out a specific post  explaining this to Prison Neptune players, but for now, just read this as if nothing is the same as Prison Neptune, because a lot of things have different names & terminology. 2. Global Cosmetics System Explained   An overview of the global cosmetics system, which is shared between Modern Prison and all future OPLegends gamemodes (Skyblock V2, Minigames, etc). [3. Information for our generous Prison Neptune and Skyblock Utopia supporters **](__GHOST_URL__/threads/modern-prison-release-august-7th-2021-at-3pm-eastern-time.653/post-4148)(special cosmetics)**    Although Modern Prison is not replacing Prison Neptune, we have some great news for all of our valued supporters!


Pick    :pick: What is Prison?​The goal of Prison is to rank up to become the best by mining blocks inside of a prison mine. When you mine a block, you receive an amount of Dollars and Orbs based on your rank. As you rank up, you earn more Dollars and more Orbs per block. Dollars are spent on ranking up, while Orbs are spent on pickaxe enchants which make you mine blocks faster and more dramatically!

Joystick    :joystick: How do I play Prison?​To play Prison on OPLegends, you log onto on Minecraft 1.17.1, click the Server Compass, and click on the right icon which says “Modern Prison”. You will be able to play Modern Prison starting August 7th, 2021 at 3PM ET.

In order to play Modern Prison, you must accept a server resource pack. This is what allows us to add all of the incredible features you see below, and it is not possible to play without accepting this pack. It is also not possible to join without being on the latest release of Minecraft (currently 1.17.1) because we take advantage of so many features which are impossible to do on outdated versions like 1.8 or 1.12. Luckily, there’s no PvP, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t update!

(Note: we will post a guide later this week explaining how to get the best performance out of 1.17.1 for users who normally get bad FPS on newer versions. You might be surprised at some of the recommendations, and you may even be surprised to find out that you can get better FPS on optimized 1.17.1 than you can on 1.8!)

Magic wand    :magic_wand: Pickaxe Enchants​Pickaxe Enchants are overpowered magical enchants which you can apply to your pickaxe to help you break blocks faster and make more while mining. They include exploding goats, a dragon burst enchant which removes an entire layer of the mine, a zombie army which mines for you, and even an enchant which allows you find Lucky Blocks while mining!

Puzzle piece    :jigsaw: **Relics​Relics are items which have many different possible rewards. Their rewards are all items which help you in Prison, such as pouches, boosters, pet food, and even mushrooms!**

Every day, the **Relic Archeologist has a different selection of Relics. You can move these over into your Relic Inventory, where they will stay for the rest of the season, so you can unlock them whenever.**

In order to unlock these relics, they need to go through the **Relic Researcher. His high tech machine can only process one relic at a time (unless you have a Relic Slot Unlocker backpack item), so be very careful which relic you want to unlock! Each relic has a set amount of time that it takes to unlock, which can be boosted by Relic Potions or by gemming.**

Once a relic is unlocked, you can claim it into your inventory. Then, you can trade it around or choose to open it. Opening a relic will reveal a special animation which will show you your reward!


Pig face    :pig: Pets​Pets are epic companions which give you a multiplier while you mine! They come in Money and **Orb **varieties, and they follow you around to give you a multiplier.

Pets can be leveled up using Pet Food. If you have extra pets of a lower level that you don’t want, you can exchange them at the Pet Collector to get pet food for your pet. Pet food can be found randomly while mining, or in relics or lucky blocks.


Mushroom    :mushroom: Mushroom Armor​Mushroom Armor is special armor which gives you multipliers while you mine.

As you mine, you may find Mushrooms. These mushrooms have a Type (Shroom = money mushrooms, Cap = orb mushrooms), as well as a Tier **(1-8). If you have enough of a certain type & tier of mushroom, you can **craft it into Mushroom Armor with /mushrooms.

You can also trade-up mushrooms into higher mushrooms. For example, if you have 10 tier 1 mushrooms, it can be traded into 1 tier 2 mushroom. Each mushroom armor takes 10x mushrooms to craft.

You can also salvage old Mushroom Armor back into half of its original value.


Robot    :robot: Robots​Robots are amazing helpers which make you money without you needing to do anything! When you have robots redeemed, they will passively earn Money for you without you even needing to mine!

Even better, they will make money while you are offline! When you first join, you receive a summary of how much money your robots made while you were gone.

Your robot levels can be upgraded to increase how much money they make. You can also withdraw your robots back to eggs if you wish to trade them around to others.


1st place medal    :first_place: **Gangs and Monthly Seasons​One of the most fun parts about Prison is competing with others to see who has the best gang. You can join a gang with others to pool together Beacons. You deposit beacons into your gang with /gang deposit, and the top gangs are ranked by Beacons.**

With Modern Prison, we are introducing the concept of **Seasons. Each month is a different competitive season (starting with the August season, then the September season, then the October season, and so on). Seasons always start **the first Saturday of the month.****

**When a new season starts, **all progress related to Prison will reset.****

**What will be reset for each season:**

  1. Your rank progress
  2. Your gang & beacon progress
  3. Any pickaxe enchants you have
  4. Any prison-specific items in your inventory (Relics, Robots, Mushrooms, Pets, Pet Food, etc).
  5. Any prison-specific items in chests on your cells.What will NOT be reset for each season:

  6. Cell Builds (note: any prison season items will be automatically cleared from your cell in between seasons.)
  7. Any Premium Items in your Backpack (titles, hats, crates, keys, paints, furniture, etc. If it’s in your backpack, it will NEVER reset.)This innovation means you get to keep all of your cool cosmetics and you can put as much effort into your cell builds as you want because they will stay there permanently. This also means that Prison Cells are a great place for you to build with your friends if you’re just looking for a relaxing place to build something cool using our amazing Furniture system.

Houses    :homes: Cells (formerly known as Plots)​Cells are your very own world where you can build anything you want and be assured that it will stay there forever (even between seasons!). If you are familiar with “Plots” on other prison servers (including Prison Neptune), Cells are the same thing, just with a different name to sound more prison-like.


Pictured: the amazing dirt hut I built on my cell.

The nice thing about Cells is you can invite anyone to them! They are independent of gangs and you can both have your own cell and be invited to others’ cells. Building blocks for Cells are purchased with Experience (building blocks are the only purpose of Experience).

When you unlock Furniture from Crates, you can place it from your backpack into your cell. There are 50 pieces of furniture that will be added as the first update after launch, so get excited to build entirely new builds that were never before buildable in Vanilla Minecraft!


1st place medal    :first_place: **Private Mines​The old favorite feature from Prison Neptune is back! You can buy a Private Mine directly from our webstore and have an uninterrupted place to mine. You can set a tax on it to collect money from others as they mine.**

As players mine blocks out of your pmine, the total # of blocks mined contribute to Beacon Upgrades!


With all of the Prison gameplay features out of the way, check out the next post (reply) for info about the Global Cosmetics system! OPLegends_1-17_CosmeticsExplained_Compressed.gif Another part of the huge amount of content we have with Modern Prison is due to our expansive Global Cosmetic Economy, which is the first of its kind. As we expand our modern gamemodes to more in the future (skyblock, minigames, etc), the Global Cosmetic Economy will become even more important.

The main parts of the economy revolve around your Backpack, Crates, and the Premium Market, which I will explain each.

Gem stone    :gem: Gems​Gems are the central premium currency to OPLegends. Everything related to crates and backpack items revolves around Gems. You can spend them on crates to unlock new backpack items, and you can also spend them on things like more member slots for your cell among other things.

The main way for Gems to enter the economy are through the store. You can buy packs of gems on The other way to earn Gems is by market flipping your items. For example, if you open a crate for 100 gems and win an incredibly rare hat, you can potentially sell it to another player on /market for tens of thousands of gems! Market flipping is a great way to be entrepreneurial on the server.

Exclamation question mark    :interrobang: What are Global Items & Backpack​The most important part of understanding the Global Economy is understanding what Global Items are.

To put it simply, Global Items are just special items which exist on all servers of OPLegends! Because they exist in multiple places (Prison, hubs, skyblock V2, etc), they get their own special inventory: your **backpack. **No matter what server you are on, as long as it is running our Modern system, your Backpack items will be viewable and usable! For example, if you unlock a hat from a crate while playing Prison, that same hat will be equippable and usable on Skyblock V2 without you needing to transfer it!

Global items include hats, titles, paints, and more. Here is a full list of the types of global items that exist:

Your backpack is the central place where your global items belong. Every global item stays in your backpack. **This makes it easy to see where all of your premium items are. You can even use search functionality to look for specific things in your backpack! **Demo:

Wrapped gift    :gift: Crates​You may be asking yourself: how are global items created? All global items are brought into the economy through randomly generated crates. They can be traded or resold on the Premium Market, which is how you will most likely get the exact item you want, but the only way items are created is through Crates.

There are two different types of crates: Common Crates and Drop Crates.

Common Crates are crates that contain low tier items. The Steve. Co Crate Shop has a daily assortment of them at /crates, where they are randomly generated each day. You can open as many of these per day as you want! Unlike Drop Crates, you do not need a key item in your backpack to open them: Steve Co. will sell you one when you go to open it for 100 gems. Common Crates are mostly common items (titles, paints, and common emotes), but they also can contain keys which can be used to open drop crates as well as an exceedingly rare hat which has some type of particle effect, tab color, or both!

Drop Crates are Rare, Mythic, and Legendary crates, which have incredibly good rewards. Unlike Common Crates, there is a limited supply of them. They will drop randomly while you are playing. In order to open a Drop Crate, you must have a key to open it (note that this is different from how crates on most other servers work). A key can be used once to open one crate. _A key cannot be used without a drop crate in your backpack to use it on. _

Drop Crates are guaranteed to have better quality rewards than Common Crates.


Speech balloon    :speech_balloon: Player to Player Trading​Another great feature is the ability to trade items with others. Not only can you trade regular inventory items, but you can also trade Backpack items with other players! There is an attached video so you can see how this works.


Chart increasing with yen    :chart: Premium Market​Arguably the best part about the cosmetic economy is the ability to make listings in a central /market system. If you have global items you want to sell to another player for a set price, you can list it on /market. Players who are looking for the item can search the /market system, and if they like what you have to buy, they can purchase it and you can be rewarded for Gems!


That’s the gist of the cosmetic system on OPLegends! We think this will be a great source of fun for many people as there’s now a way to show off really cool cosmetics to your friends and a good way to stand out from normal players! Top hat    :tophat: Prison Neptune Supporter Benefits​ Because Modern Prison is existing alongside Prison Neptune, we will not be directly transferring purchases like we are with Skyblock V2. However, to thank all of our supporters, **players who purchased a rank directly from our webstore before this post went live **will receive the following based on their rank:

Ares Rank: Red Wizard Hat


Hermes Rank: Aqua Wizard Hat


Apollo Rank: Green Wizard Hat


Neptune Rank: Yellow Wizard Hat


Legend Rank: Aqua Glittering Halo Hat with Legend Crown


Double Legend Rank (Skyblock Legend & Prison Legend): 1 of 1 unique color Glittering Halo Hat with Legend Crown and Tab Color