Hey everyone!

We’re really excited to announce Map 8 of Prison Neptune, which will release next Saturday (July 17th) at 3PM EST. This is our one-year celebratory map, and our main focus with this reset is a polished, complete Prison experience. Over the last year, we have been revising and reworking our Prison server, changing several major features with each reset. This time, however, we are being careful to take every lesson we have learned into consideration. Instead of trying to massively revamp the server, we are instead focusing on polishing the core of what makes our Prison experience so great.


Soul Boosters

One of the core parts of Prison are boosters. They help you level up faster and accelerate your playing experience, which is awesome. Today, we are introducing Soul Boosters, which are a brand new category of boosters.

While regular boosters have a fixed multiplier rate and length, Soul Boosters are unique because they actually have a wide range of outcomes when you claim them. Each soul booster has a range of multipliers and lengths. When you claim one, a random multiplier and length will be selected.

We believe that this will add more thrill in addition to our existing types of multipliers as you now have a chance to get really lucky and win a very overpowered multiplier from a booster! This will certainly open up a new type of demand to our economy.

Gem Armor Rewind

Last year, we introduced Gem Armor. Since August, we have reworked this system 5 times. Now, after having learned many important lessons about this feature, we are settling in on a simple and refined version of it.

Essentially, we are reverting the system back to how it worked around last October: You collect gems while mining, and when you have enough of them, you can trade them for a piece of armor specific to the gem. No more armor runes, no more scrolls, just a basic, simple form of Gem Armor. Each piece of armor has one boost, and it’s as simple as that.

Skills Improvements

This map, we are focusing on improving skills by revamping the rewards for each skill. At the start of the map, only the Miner skill will be available. Throughout the map, we will be adding new types of Skills with their own rewards.

Robots Improvements

We are also rebalancing Robots. Last map, while they were excellent towards the beginning of the map, we have found that towards the end they become so plentiful that they are the primary method of earning orbs, to the extent where it is pointless to mine.

This map, we are focusing on alleviating this concern while minimally impacting their value early game. We hope this will make Robots significantly better.

Jewel Kits (aka VKits)

This map, we are introducing a great new form of kits: JKits! Like GKits, they are overpowered kits that contain great items to help you on your Prison grind. However, unlike GKits, the way they are obtained and work is different!

When you buy a JKit, you receive a Jewel. These jewels unlock with two different outcomes:

  1. You receive one copy of the kit. or, less commonly:
  2. You receive permanent access to redeem the kit once every 5 days in /jkit.

Because of this enhanced power, these kits are exceedingly powerful. Use them to get better!

Improved Pass Challenges

This map, we are also reworking the Legend Pass. As many have you have pointed out, our current Pass challenge lineup gets incredibly repetitive, with familiar challenge types and increasing amounts. This map, we are working on adding more variety to pass challenges, such as reducing the number of Dragon Burst/Burrow challenges and using previously underutilized challenge types.

Featured Private Mines

We are also adding a new way to find pmines! When you do /pmines, you will be granted with a new interface which allows you to find public pmines! They will be sorted by lowest tax rate, so you can find a great pmine to mine at!

And, that’s what we have in store for this map! While it might seem like a smaller changelog than previous maps, it’s because we are focusing on refining our Prison experience instead of trying to transform it. It’s a perfect way to celebrate our one-year anniversary, and I hope that you agree!