Hey everyone, the newest map of Prison Neptune is finally here!

With this map, we are focusing on improving enchants, adding new and rewarding gameplay mechanics, and overhauling the player experience.

You’ll want to take a look at the trailer:

Amazing! Here’s an overview of our changes this map:

Enchants Overhaul

With this reset, our biggest focus is to improve enchants. Our enchants have largely remained unchanged since Map 3, and while we think we have some pretty amazing enchants, there’s always room for improvement. We have been taking your suggestions into serious consideration, and we have arrived at the following:

New Enchants

We’ve added a couple of really cool new enchants this map.


When this enchant is active, you will always break a 1x3 hole, so every block you break will also break the next two blocks below.

This enchant has a chance of activating, and when it activates it will remain active for a certain number of seconds. Leveling up the enchant increases how long this ability remains active.


When this enchant processes, an airstrike will spawn, coming crashing down until it blows up a huge hole in the mine.

This enchant has a chance of activating. Leveling up the enchant increases both the chance of the airstrike activating as well as the size of the blast.

Removed Enchants

We’ve also thought long and hard about which enchants are useless, unbalanced, or do not contribute to gameplay in the way we expected them to. If you were a fan of these enchants, don’t worry! We’re always re-evaluating enchants, and if there is popular demand for any of these to come back, that is something we will consider.


We are removing replenish because it was annoying. I don’t think anyone liked it, and it was really a mistake to add in the first place, so it’s gone.


We feel as though Scavenger contributed to lots of clutter while mining: annoying messages, confusion for new players, and frequent questions (usually in the form of bug reports) that people’s pickaxes were “magically gaining fortune/efficiency levels”. Maybe we will be able to find a way for this concept to be improved in the future, but for now we are removing it.


The main reason for removing Combo is that it is arguably pretty confusing. It did not integrate into our standardized multiplier system (which allows you to see ALL contributing multipliers for any currency on the server), so people were confused as to whether it was working or not sometimes.

Loot Finder

When we added Loot Finder, our Prison gameplay was a lot different. We feel as though crate keys (specifically Mine keys & Loot keys) have become too much of a part of the economy, and we don’t want our server to be a “crate key simulator”, so we are removing it in an effort to make our gameplay more meaningful than opening crate keys 24/7. Seriously, we don’t want a Crate Key economy, and we don’t think you do either (even if it seems appealing at first, it really just becomes boring and ultimately pointless).

So, those are the changes we’re making to enchants for this map. We hope you will enjoy our improved enchant offerings.

Gem Armor Overhaul

When we introduced Gem Armor with our first Prison map, no one else had anything quite like it. Fast forward to where we are now, and it seems like everyone and their mother has decided to add some form of our Gem Armor to their prison servers. In response, we’re changing the game once again! We’re introducing the biggest overhaul to Gem Armor since Gem Armor. Now, as opposed to each piece of Gem Armor having one ability, the armor itself now has Gem Slots! You can obtain a fresh set of Gem Armor for a small price with /gemarmor. Now, however, instead of trading in Gems for a piece of armor, you trade it in for a Gem Rune. Your Gem Armor has a certain number of Rune Slots on it, and you just need to drag-and-drop the Gem Rune onto the armor for it to be applied.

Legend Pass

This season, we are introducing an improved version of our long-running Battle Pass concept to Prison: The Legend Pass! With the Legend Pass, you will complete a variety of different prison-related challenges in exchange for great rewards. The challenges range from simple (mine X blocks) to more challenging (activate Dragon Burst X times, apply X gem runes).

Some challenges give free rewards, but you can unlock the full potential by buying the Gold Pass, which unlocks all kinds of exclusive rewards, including very exclusive Pickaxe Skins **and **Access to the Glow Effect as the final reward!

Pickaxe Skins

One of the great cosmetics we’re introducing this map is a variety of Pickaxe Skins. Now, you can theme your pickaxe into a variety of different cool items. Some of these skins are unlocked with ranks, while others must be unlocked by completing Legend Pass challenges, and the most exclusive can be found in Crates.

Quality-of-life Improvements

We’re also introducing a couple of important quality-of-life improvements:

  • Improved performance of block breaking enchants
  • Improved performance of Prison Pickaxes
  • Added Prison Menu with a variety of useful shortcuts. You will receive an item which gives you quick access to this in your inventory on first join. You can move it around or discard it as you wish.
  • Reworked Pet Ascension UI to be more responsive, more intuitive, and less buggy.
  • Improved GKits
  • Many other improvements and fixes
  • Removed Herobrine


As you can see, we’ve been hard at work with this map of Prison. We think we are getting very close to perfecting Prison, and we hope these changes and gameplay improvements will bring us to the perfect Prison experience. Stay tuned for some even more amazing announcements later this month and into the summer: we have some truly revolutionary new gameplay coming, and we want you to be a part of it!

If you’re not already in our Discord, join it here: https://discord.gg/oplegends .