Hey everyone, the newest season of Prison Neptune is finally here!

With this release, we are focused on improving the economy with more balanced gameplay & new market features, bringing quality-of-life improvements to important aspects of the server, and other important improvements.

You’ll want to take a look at the trailer:

Wow, the new map looks cool, right? Now, for an overview of some of the changes we are bringing to Map 5. These are just the highlights; there is more to discover on release 😃

Economy Improvements - Auction House; Tiered Prison Enchants

This map, we have focused on balancing the economy to provide weeks of progression and fun as opposed to days. This should help return the gameplay feel you all knew and loved from our October map. Additionally, we have added new ways to sell items to other players to make the economy easier for new players to enjoy.

Auction House

Arguably the most important improvements this reset are our improvements to our economy, which will make sure that your grind is rewarding for weeks instead of days. Part of this includes better market features to allow you to buy and sell items. Because of this, we are introducing Auction House*, but with a twist: you can sell items for whatever currency you like! (Money, Orbs, EXP)* For those who are unfamiliar with our Auction House system, it is a central place where you can list whatever items you wish. Our Auction House also has a **stock feature **where you can add however many items you wish within a single listing—simplifying the buying and selling process.

Tiered Prison Enchants

Additionally, one of our primary focuses is making sure that gameplay is fresh and exciting throughout the season with a constant grind. In order to improve progression, we are introducing Tiered Prison Enchants—a mechanic to make sure that enchant levels are more meaningful. Pickaxe Leveling, previously used just to unlock Gem Slots, is now used to unlock more levels of enchants! At the start, certain enchants (Dragon Burst, Loot Finder, Speed, Haste, etc) will have initially lower level limits. In order to access the next “Tier” of levels, your pickaxe must reach a certain Pickaxe Level! This not only allows us to make the enchants more enjoyable, but also makes sure that you are rewarded for your mining grind.

Important Rule Changes

Last map, one primary concern we heard from you was regarding our rules. Specifically, there was outrage regarding our insiding/scamming rules as well as an intentional lack of Prison-specific rules.

To remedy this, we are making important changes to our rules: we are making Scamming and Insiding bannable, and also introducing gamemode-specific rules for Prison which relate to alternate gangs, insiding, scamming, alt boosting, and other important concerns.

To see these new rules in-depth, check out https://oplegends.com/rules (click on Prison-Specific rules).

Important Quality-of-Life Improvements

While these would usually go at the end of the laundry list of “bugs fixed”, we wanted to make sure to give these special attention at the top of our changelog.

Mine Resetting & Dragon Burst Speed

We have redone the system which handles block breaking enchants (such as Dragon Burst) so that it is much smoother. You can expect a far smoother mining experience where you no longer experience FPS drops from enchants like Dragon Burst! **As an added bonus, overcoming this technical issue will allow us to introduce new and innovative block breaking enchants as updates, so stay tuned for those **👀 Mining is now much smoother & less FPS-intensive. You’ll enjoy how smooth it feels now!

Beacons in Mines

As you probably know, last map we introduced beacon upgrades to Private Mines. As a negative side effect of this, the amount of beacons in mines quickly became unmanageable and would cause FPS lag to our players with lower-end computers. To remedy this, we have now made Beacons appear as Sea Lanterns in mines. Don’t worry: you still get Beacons when you break them just like last season! It’s just a visual change that we do on the server to make your mining experience smoother.

Robots Improvements

There will be a dedicated section on this, but please note that because of our Robots improvements you will no longer experience FPS lag at plots and will hopefully experience fewer lag spikes. This will also free up space on your Plots for more building!

Item Loss Prevention Changes

By popular request, we have disabled pickaxe dropping entirely. This should help prevent you from accidentally pressing ‘q’ multiple times and losing your hard work. If you wish to trade pickaxes, you can put it in a chest or use /trade.

Gem Armor Improvements

Gem Armor now has an ownership attribute so you will only receive its effects while wearing it if you are the owner of the armor (the person who first received or crafted it). This change is designed to make it more fair for individuals to compete with large gangs, and will allow us to do even cooler things with Gem Armor in the near future!

Blocks Top Improvements

Blocks top will now reset weekly when Trophies reset. This should make the blocks top competition fair every week, just as Trophies are.


With this reset, we’re introducing a new type of consumable items: Runes! These magical items can be consumed to give incredible potion effects and even timed multipliers of various different game events (dragon burst processing, gem finding, so on and so forth!). You’ll want to collect and use these! As another side note, to help make high haste effects rarer, we have maxed Speed and Haste at LV 3 in pickaxes. We hope this will make gameplay more enjoyable as we work to make these overpowered effects meaningful.

Robots Recode

We are very proud to announce that we are adding our well-received Virtual Robots system to Prison! By popular request, instead of having to actually place robots down on your plot, you can now redeem them to a virtual balance! There are important benefits of this system to you. First of all, you have more space to build on your plot! It also will help to reduce FPS lag of plots, and will make it more convenient to access your robots all in one place! Also, there’s no sub-menus anymore, so it is faster & easier to colect, upgrade, and withdraw your robots.

The Pit - Quarry Ore!

This map, we are introducing a new PvP arena by popular request. In this new map, there is a brand-new zone: The Pit! Here, you can mine regenerating ore to find Quarry Fuel. You have a 50% of finding Quarry Fuel for any given block, but the catch is PvP is enabled. So, if you want to earn experience with Quarries, you can get mining!


This map, we are also introducing a tinkerer - a way for you to get EXP in exchange for salvaging common pets, pickaxe gems, and Crud (the byproduct from the Pit). This will help prevent you from having hundreds of chests filled with common pets and whatnot on your plots :)

Orb Coinflip

This season, we’re also adding Orb Coinflip, which will allow you to wager orbs against other players in exchange for a small fee.

Rotating EXP Shop

This season, instead of manually updating the EXP Shop items when we feel like it, we are introducing an automated EXP Shop! This will update on an interval with new items, so make sure you are checking the EXP Shop frequently to see its rewards!

🥇Gang Top Payouts 🥇

As usual, we are offering some incentive to competition. As a reminder, these are given to the top members on /gang top based on trophy count. For those  who have not played our Prison, the way it works is you must buy trophies using beacons. These trophies are what count for Gang Top, and the trophy balance resets weekly to provide a fresh week of competition.

**Gang Top #1: **$50 PayPal + $30 Buycraft

Gang Top #2:$20 PayPal + $20 Buycraft

**Gang Top #3: **$15 PayPal + $15 Buycraft

**Gang Top #4: **$10 PayPal + $10 Buycraft

**Gang Top #5: **$5 PayPal + $5 Buycraft

As a reminder, trophies reset weekly, so at the start of the next week everyone has a fair shot to compete for the next week!

🥈Block Top Payouts 🥈

For this map, we are adding Block Top payouts for the people who mine the most blocks as well! This isn’t meant to be the primary source of competition, but we are going to add some incentive to those who mine the most blocks!

**Block Top #1: **$20 Buycraft

**Block Top #2: **$15 Buycraft

**Block Top #3: **$10 Buycraft

Wow, that’s a lot. We have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes on this reset and we can’t wait for you all to enjoy it next Saturday @ 3PM EST. Our goal has always been to provide the best Prison experience; with inconveniences and annoyances tweaked from last map, we are certain that this will be something special. I want to personally thank you all for helping us make this server a reality. We are truly amazed by the support and enthusiasm you show each and every day for our community, and we won’t let you down. When we first released Prison last July, I had no idea that we would become as popular as we are. Thanks to all of you, our dreams of being the most innovative Prison network have come alive. Just know that we’re just getting started and have some truly incredible things on the pipeline in the future as well. We won’t stop until we are the largest network.