Hey everyone, the newest season of Skyblock Utopia is finally here!

With this release, we are focusing on improving the player experience with an improved economy, robots revamp, a sword skill, player shops, pets improvements, a new Auction House, trading, suits improvements, and much, much, more!

You’ll want to take a look at the trailer:

Wow, crazy, right? Well, here’s an overview of these changes and what they mean!

Improved Economy

Last season, we brought a groundbreaking new style of economy to Skyblock, where the game meta is constantly evolving and changing and no one’s lead is able to last long because of our innovative rotating Trophy system.

However, with this style, there is always room for improvement. This season, we are making adjustments to the economy, specifically in spawner prices, in order to ensure that our economy does not completely leave out spawners. We believe this will help bring more balance to Skyblock than before and make it so you will need to master all three Item Skills as opposed to just working on one.

Robots Revamp

In response to the numerous issues and concerns with Robots last map, we have completely recoded our Robots module.

We noticed that players have lots of robots. In order to make managing hundreds of robots reasonable, we have made the decision to make them completely virtual! Now, when you right click robot eggs, they show up in your /robots, where they earn money, coins, etc based on their type passively whenever you are online. You can collect their balance, upgrade them, or withdraw them to trade to others without needing to leave or click out of this single robot menu at all!

We hope that this helps make managing your robots more convenient. As an added bonus, you no longer need to make your island laggy with tons of robots: they will all be conveniently there for you whenever with /robots!

Sword Skill + Item Skills Changes

Last season, we introduced Item Skills: a new way for tools to work in Minecraft. Based around mining and farming, you level up your tools to earn new abilities.

In response to feedback and seeing how last season played out, we have rebalanced the leveling curves of each skill. This should help to make each skill better balanced relative to its abilities.

This map, we are also adding a new Item Skill: Slayer! This skill is for swords, where you gain experience by grinding spawner mobs. As you level up this skill, you will unlock great abilities, including:

  • KillAura: Kill more than one mob off of a stack based on ability level.
  • **StackSmasher: **Have a % chance of killing the entire mob stack you are grinding at once.
  • **Decapitator: **Get a bonus % chance of finding suit essence while grinding.


For this season, we are once again introducing a new feature which will make gameplay more dynamic and fun: Competitions!

Every **five hours, **a random competition is chosen. This competition is a repeatable goal, like mining certain ores at the Mob Mine, farming certain crops, grinding certain mobs, or other repeatable goals.

This competition has a leaderboard of who has done this the most times. Players in the Top 3 of this leaderboard when the competition expires earn 3x, 2x, and 1x Competition Keys respectively. These competition keys contain great rewards which will help you along your way, ranging from timed multipliers to rare and exciting rewards. You will want to pursue winning these if you want to get ahead!

Pets Improvements

Last season, we introduced pets, which are used to give multipliers to certain parts of gameplay based on their level. This season, we are improving pets with the following new parts:

First, we are adding pet ascension. This popular feature from Prison will allow you to combine pets together into a pet of a higher tier.

Second, we are adding more pet tiers. These tiers give different max boost amounts, so there is incentive for you to get the best tiers!

Auction House

By popular request, we are adding an Auction House to skyblock! This system will allow you to auction items for different currencies to sell to other players.

To help make your auction experience better, it also has the following features:

  • **Categories and Search: **You can search for a specific item, or view different categories of items.
  • **Item Stock: **You can auction just the amount of items in your hand or your **entire inventory! For example, **if you have 1,000 enderpearls in your inventory, you can auction them all at once for a price/per! You can also update existing listings with more stock whenever you want.
  • **Listing Bumping: **Want to have your item show at the top of the auctions? You can bump it every 15 minutes. This will also prevent your listings from expiring.
  • Better Buying: You can buy a single item, a stack, or an inventory, all through one buy system!

Suits Improvements

Last season, we introduced Suits: custom armor which give boosts based on how many pieces are worn. This season, we are making improvements to suits in the following areas:

  • Adjusting boosts to be more balanced.
  • Moving the way some suits are obtained over to grinding to accomodate the new Slayer Skill.
  • Adjusting the rates of the Suit Essence ability to make obtaining some suits more meaningful.

We hope these changes make suits even better than before!

Player Shops

By popular request, we are adding Player Shops from Prison over to skyblock! We love how popular chest shops are. However, as I’m sure many of you know, it can be annoying to have only 54 slots of space for a chest shop. It gets tedious trying to deal with a bunch of inventory. Because of this, we are introducing Player Shops: a more convenient way to buy and sell items! They have a set number of slots where you can add stock to, and players can buy or sell items from them!


By popular request, we are also adding in our own spin on Quarries to Skyblock! Rather than fuel boxes giving you fuel, however, you will be able to find fuel as a rarer drop from ores in the Mob Mine! So, while you mine ores, you may encounter fuel, which can be burned in Quarries!

Other Bug Fixes

With this map, we are also focusing on fixing issues, inconveniences, and bugs. Here are some of the bugs we have fixed:

  • Miscellaneous issues with Daily Quests
  • Inconsistencies with daily quest voting challenges (yes, we know you cannot vote 8 times in a day…)
  • Suits are now properly unbreakable.
  • Suit helmets can no longer be placed.
  • All issues with Robots (including the annoying glitch where they would disappear.)
  • Fixed annoyances with Warp PvP. We will not do another water map for PvP. We promise.

Wow, that’s it. We’ve been working really hard on this reset and can’t wait for you all to enjoy it on Saturday @ 3PM EST. It has always been our mission to provide an experience unlike any other Skyblock server. We have always been innovating with new ideas and we know for a fact that we have the best Skyblock experience that you can find. In addition to an incredible next-level secret project we have been working on, you can expect some truly crazy things in 2021. Let’s make it the best year possible for Minecraft.