Hey everyone, the newest season of Prison Neptune is finally here!

With this release, we are focusing on improving the player experience with faster gameplay, innovative revamps of Gem Armor and Pets, Quarries, a Battle Pass, and other fixes & improvements!

You’ll want to take a look at the trailer:

Wow, the new map looks cool, right? Now, for an overview of some of the changes we are bringing to Map 4. These are just the highlights; there is more to discover on release 😃

🛢️ Quarries - Burn Fuel, get EXP!

This reset wouldn’t be complete without a brand-new gameplay element. Introducing Quarries - small refinery structures you can place on your plot to burn Fuel with!

Throughout gameplay, you will receive Fuel Boxes: **these boxes can be opened for a certain amount of **Fuel. Fuel are special items enriched with EXP in them. In order to extract the fuel inside of them, the fuel must be burned in a Quarry. To do so, you just place down a Quarry. Placing it will build a big Quarry structure, where you can open up its menu and place your fuel to burn.

A quarry has 9 slots for fuel to burn in. One fuel is burned into experience each minute. Whenever you feel like it, you can go in and collect the experience or replace the fuel. When your Quarry is out of fuel, it will not burn anything, so make sure to keep replenishing it!

😃 Trade - No more getting scammed!

By popular request, we are adding /trade (FINALLY). You can now make sure you aren’t getting scammed when trading with other players. Rest assured that you will both need to confirm a trade before it processes!

💵 Accelerated Economy - Improved Mine Keys!

Our primary focus of last map was dramatically improving gameplay with a better economy. We made huge improvements and our economy was enjoyed by most, but some people still wanted a bit more.

Now, with Map 4, we are improving rewards and **increasing the rates of Mine Keys. **This should help make your mining grind even more fun!

🛡️ UPGRADABLE Gem Armor - Innovating once again!

Since we first revolutionized Prison last July with Gem Armor, we have been improving the concept with every reset. With Map 2, we introduced a new style and ability types to the armor. With Map 3, we made Gem Armor progression-based, so you would have to grind your pickaxe to a high enough level to start obtaining the better gems. Now, with Map 4, we are innovating once again. Today, we are introducing a leveling system to Gem Armor! How this will work is each piece can be leveled up individually. Certain actions (mining, processing enchants, etc.) will contribute toward an armor piece’s EXP. Then, by wearing your armor and mining with it, you can level up Gem Armor to receive even better boosts than before!

🐷 Pets Revamp - New Pet Types!

This reset, we are also revamping pets. Now, there are more types of Pets than just a money booster. This means that there is actually a purpose to the different types of pets rather than just skins.

Additionally, we have reworked Pet Ascension: By default, pets are imprinted with an owner. This means only the owner can use it in pet ascension. However, you can now apply a Training Scroll to a pet in order to remove this imprint. Then, when there is no owner imprinted upon it, anyone can use it to ascend it!

🤖 Robot Revamp - COLLECT ALL, improvements, and bug fixes!

This reset, by popular request, we have made some significant improvements to our Robots. To accomplish this, we decided to completely recode our Robots system to be less buggy, more efficient, and easier to use. Here are some of the highlights:

  • When upgrading a robot, you will no longer be kicked out of the menu after every upgrade level. Instead, you can just keep clicking the upgrade button till you reach the desired level.
  • There is now a /robots menu which allows you to see all of the robots you own. You can click in on any individual robot to access its management menu.
  • We have added a Collect All Perk to Ares Rank and higher, so you can click to collect all of your robots’ stored orbs at once.
  • We have added support for different types of robots: later on in the map you might see robots for different currencies 👀

(Collect All will not be enabled for the first few days due to gameplay balance.)

🛍️ Player Shops - A better way to buy and sell items on your plots!

We love how popular chest shops are. However, as I’m sure many of you know, it can be annoying to have only 54 slots of space for a chest shop. It gets tedious trying to deal with a bunch of inventory. Because of this, we are introducing **Player Shops: **a more convenient way to buy and sell items!

The owner of a player shop can input the item they want to buy or sell into a Player Shop by sneak-right-clicking it. Then, you can right-click the shop to set the price for it, whether you are buying and selling it, and enable it by clicking the toggle button.

Each Player Shop starts with a certain number of slots, which can be upgraded with Orbs. There is a chest inventory with pages where you can access the inventory.

📖 Battle Pass - more grinding!

By popular request, we are adding a Battle Pass to Prison. This pass will have all sorts of challenges which relate to Prison gameplay, such as mining, processing enchants, ascending Pets, leveling up Gem Armor, opening Grind keys, and so on!

This pass will have free rewards and paid rewards for every challenge. We hope this will make it fair to those who wish to play for free while also offering incentive to those who wish to help support our server’s success.

(Battle Pass will be added as an update so we can provide more content when it is desired. Thanks for understanding!)

⚔️ Improved PvP Experience

To build off of our players’ suggestions, we are adding a God Apple cooldown and working to balance our rank armor/gear to make PvP a more enjoyable experience.

💻  Anticheat improvements for gameplay-affecting elements

We are also committed to making sure that cheaters do not get ahead on our server. Because of this, we are adding detection against Nuker cheats to prevent people from getting ahead without putting in the grind.

⛏️ Private Mines - Beacon Upgrades!

Last map, many people suggested that we add beacons to Private Mines. This map, we are updating them to add a **beacon upgrade. This means you can now level up your private mines to get a higher percentage of beacons **in exchange for orbs.

We hope this will make Private Mines your favorite destination to mine in!

👥 Community Showcase - highlighting the best of our community!

We believe our community is amazing. Back when we started OPLegends, we used to offer a Community Showcase event where we would showcase standout elements of our community with plot build events and other fun elements.

This map, we are bringing this back, but with some added flair. Stay tuned for this!

🥇Gang Top Payouts 🥇

As usual, we are offering some incentive to competition. As a reminder, these are given to the top members on /gang top based on trophy count. For those  who have not played our Prison, the way it works is you must buy trophies using beacons. These trophies are what count for Gang Top, and the trophy balance resets weekly to provide a fresh week of competition.

**Gang Top #1: **$50 PayPal + $30 Buycraft

Gang Top #2:$20 PayPal + $20 Buycraft

**Gang Top #3: **$15 PayPal + $15 Buycraft

**Gang Top #4: **$10 PayPal + $10 Buycraft

**Gang Top #5: **$5 PayPal + $5 Buycraft

As a reminder, trophies reset weekly, so at the start of the next week everyone has a fair shot to compete for the next week!

🥈Block Top Payouts 🥈

For this map, we are adding Block Top payouts for the people who mine the most blocks as well! This isn’t meant to be the primary source of competition, but we are going to add some incentive to those who mine the most blocks!

**Block Top #1: **$20 Buycraft

**Block Top #2: **$15 Buycraft

**Block Top #3: **$10 Buycraft

**Wow, that’s it. We’ve been working really hard on this reset and can’t wait for you all to enjoy it on Saturday @ 3PM EST. It has always been our mission to provide an experience unlike any other Prison server. We have always been innovating with new ideas and we know for a fact that we have the best Prison experience that you can find. I want to take this last paragraph to thank everyone who constantly shows OPLegends support. We have built something incredible over the past 6 months, but we are just getting started **😈