**Hey everyone, **the newest season of Skyblock Utopia is finally here!

With this release, we are focusing on improving gameplay with a better economy, a new way of determining island top,**reintroducing the Mine,** introducing Item Skills, introducing Suits, and improvements across the **entire server**.

First, here is a trailer showcasing the reset:

Wow, the new map looks cool, right? Now, for an overview of some of the changes we are bringing to Map 3. These are just the highlights; a full changelog is available at the bottom.


Over the last 2 maps, we have tried to bring Skills to Skyblock, but we have failed to make it fun or enjoyable. We have learned a lot from these trials, and today, we are introducing Item Skills: a brand-new mechanic never before seen which will revolutionize Skyblock.

Now, when you receive items from your kits, you will see an Item Skills section to them. Every individual item has its own level, experience, and Abilities. Here are some screenshots: So, you can level up Pickaxes and Hoes now! What do these levels bring, you ask? Well, if you press [F] (on 1.12 clients) or use /itemskills (for you lame 1.8 clients), you can see the Abilities! My merchant ability. I have level 1, so now every plant I break with this hoe will be sold and replanted Unlike the last versions of skills, you can now **trade skill items with others! **We hope this will bring a new type of marketability to these skill items.

Here are the abilities available:

Miner (Pickaxes)

  • Haste: Get the haste effect while using the tool
  • Magnet: Automatically pick up ores from /warp mine
  • Fortune: Get bonus ores from /warp mine
  • Excavator: Have a chance to find Suit Essence (more on this below) while mining ores at /warp mine

Farmer (Hoes)

  • Haste: Get the haste effect while using the tool
  • Merchant: Automatically sell AND replant any crops broken with the hoe. Can be toggled off with /merchant toggle
  • Herbalism: Have a chance to find Suit Essence while farming


We are upgrading Mob Armor! Now, there are several different types of suits, each with their own abilities. These suits contain special powers.

Suits must be crafted with Suit Essence. This essence is obtained by different grinding tasks and can be crafted into the different types of Suits.


We are upgrading Mob Coins as well! Now, Coins can be obtained not only from grinding mobs, but also from Robots and other methods of gameplay. You can spend them in /transfer. It is best to think of them as similar to how EXP behaves on Prison.

New Economy

We are revamping the economy! We have heard your feedback, and we are making the gameplay more fast-paced. This will make it as fun to play as Prison as we work to make our gameplay more overpowered. Here are the big changes

  • Now, stacked mobs multiply their EXP and Coins with the entire stack.
  • Buffed sell prices to many items
  • Minions now give Coins instead of items (kind of like Orbs with prison robots)
  • Mining and Farming sell for more to make the economy less AFK

Island Top: TROPHIES!

Gone are the days of placing spawners and blocks for Island Top value. In fact, Island Top no longer counts value for ranking!

After hearing many of your complaints and suggestions, we have introduced a parallel to the trophies system for Prison. The key points are the following:

  • You can gain EXP exclusively from mining ores in the mob mine, farming crops, and grinding spawner mobs.
  • This EXP is balanced across the board for all actions. This means you can get Island Top ranking from whatever gameplay style you enjoy!
  • Once you have EXP, you can spend it on the Trophy of the Week: these are what count for Island Top
  • Every week at 3PM EST, after payouts are calculated, the **Trophy of the Week resets! **This means that there is a fresh start to competition every week!

We hope you enjoy this new system for competition. We believe it is fairer, more enjoyable, and allows you to focus on whatever gameplay style you prefer for Skyblock while still remaining competitive for /is top!

The Mine

We have added back the mine! We heard how much it was loved, so we have brought it back. Now, there are 5 total areas in the mine: 4 stages, and one central hub to all of the areas.

You start out at area 1, where you walk down to the central hub. Throughout area 1, there are ores and easy bosses to fight.

Once you get to the central hub, you will notice a vast expanse of terrain. There are ledges you can mine off of as well as spiders to fight. You can also get to the other 3 areas.

However, there is a catch! You unlock the 3 areas based on the item skill level of your pickaxe. If your pickaxe is not a high enough level, you will not be able to enter.


We are also introducing **inventory pets. **These pets have unique abilities and can be leveled up through grinding an action related to them. Each pet has its own buff and purpose, so make sure to collection them all: boosters in EXP, money, mobcoins, and more!

🥇 Payouts 🥇

For this third map, we are offering PayPal + Buycraft payouts to the top 5 island owners on /gang top based on weekly trophies! Here is the breakdown:

**Island Top #1: **$50 PayPal + $30 Buycraft

Island Top #2:$20 PayPal + $20 Buycraft

**Island Top #3: **$15 PayPal + $15 Buycraft

**Island Top #4: **$10 PayPal + $10 Buycraft

**Island Top #5: **$5 PayPal + $5 Buycraft

As a reminder, trophies reset weekly, so at the start of the next week everyone has a fair shot to compete for the next week!