Hey everyone! It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks since our last post. We have added in plenty of new updates over on Skyblock Utopia, including new custom enchants, a Battle Pass and more. Make sure to check it out. Today, I am happy to announce the pending reset of Prison Neptune: releasing September 5th (next Saturday) at 3PM Eastern Time (click here to see what that is in your timezone).

With this reset, our primary areas of focus were:

  • Addressing economy feedback: removing coins and spawners, revamping the mob mine (now Mob Arena)
  • Improving plot top ranking: introducing trophies
  • Massive revamps in prison gameplay: Backpacks, Gems, and more.
  • Quality of life changes and other minor improvements

I’m going to focus on each of these areas in more detail below.

Addressing Economy Feedback

  • After feedback, we have completely removed Coins and Spawners from Prison. We agree that it does not fit with Prison, and so this season’s focus is a return to a fun and enjoyable prison experience with a focus on mining.
  • We have lowered prestige prices to make late game feel less slow. We have also slightly lowered rank prices in order to make the early game more fun.
  • We have removed autosell and added upgradable soulbound backpacks.
  • EXP is no longer obtained by mining. The mob mine has been replaced with the mob arena: it is now the only source of EXP. When you kill mobs in the mob arena, you are awarded with EXP. This EXP can be spent in the EXP shop. More on this below.
  • Instead of plot value being determined by spawners, they are now determined by trophies: more on this below.

Beacons: the new valuable currency

Beacons are a currency which are used soley to purchase trophies. They are scattered randomly across the mine. They drop into your inventory, but are converted into your Beacon Vault by using /beacons and clicking the conversion button. In order to purchase trophies, you must have them in your vault. Once beacons are in your vault, you cannot withdraw them. There is also a rare Beacon Finder enchant which you can win and apply to your pickaxe with a voucher to have a chance to find additional beacons while mining.

Improving Plot Top Ranking: Trophies

We are introducing a new way to calculate plot top value to replace spawners.

Trophies are valuable custom blocks which are placed on your plot to determine value. They are obtained by the trophy merchant at spawn, who offers the Trophy of the Week in exchange for Beacons in your Beacon Vault. The trophy merchant at spawn. Here I can see what the trophy of the week is, its value, and buy it however many times I want. The Trophy of the Week changes every single week. This means that each week, after plot top is calculated, the trophy which counts towards /plot top changes, leading to a more dynamic and fresh competitive aspect. If you miss one week of the competition, for example, you are on a level playing field the next week!

For the last week of the competition, all trophies count, so it is in your best interest to compete every week if you want to win the final challenge!

Prison Gameplay Improvements


My backpack. I can right-click it in my hand to view and upgrade it. Because we have removed instant autosell, every player receives a soulbound backpack. This is your one backpack for the whole season. You will not lose it on death, and if you drop it or lose it somehow, you can use /backpack to get it back. It is nontransferrable but is upgradable.

You will be able to upgrade the backpack’s capacity by purchasing additional slots with orbs. When your backpack is full, blocks will go into your inventory. In order to sell, you can right-click the sell NPC at each mine.

Gems & Gem Armor

After hearing some constructive criticism and feedback regarding Gem Armor from last map, we have decided to completely recode and revamp the system. Here we are all wearing fully maxed out gem armor sets. When you have a maxed out set, its name is displayed next to yours so you have an extra cool status! Now, to obtain armor, you must craft it in /gemarmor with Gems. Some gems are randomly found while mining, and others are rare drops from mobs in the Mob Arena. Gem armor, when equipped, is very helpful to wear when mining. Some of the boosts include:

  • Money multipliers from selling when wearing the armor
  • Orb multipliers when mining
  • Extra EXP from killing mobs in the Mob Arena

Gems are fun to grind and the Gem Armor looks cool to wear. Grind away and show off your abilities to your friends! The gem armor menu. Here you can view all of the types of armor available and purchase gear pieces with Gems in your inventory.

Mob Arena

You may have heard me use the term “mob arena” instead of “mob mine”. Indeed, we have decided to make some changes to the mob mine concept from last map.

Now, instead of having blocks to mine, there are just mobs. Each mob arena area has its own unique mobs to fight. When killed, these mobs grant EXP. This is now the only way to obtain EXP. Additionally, some mobs have a chance of dropping some gems.

There are a total of 8** different mob arenas. They are obtained by prestiging. The prestiges you obtain these at are:**

  • Prestige 1
  • Prestige 25
  • Prestige 50
  • Prestige 100
  • Prestige 500
  • Prestige 1000
  • Prestige 1500
  • Prestige 2000

New PvP Area & Conquests

The new PvP zone, complete with conquests and a boss mob pit. For this reset, we are introducing an improved PvP zone as well as replacing KOTH with a new event: Conquest!

For those who are not familiar with this event, it goes something like the following:

  • Four capping areas are all open at the same time.
  • When a player caps one of the areas, they are given a point.
  • The first player to 100 points wins.

We hope this event provides more excitement and variety than KOTH.

Timed Fly

I got 1 hour of fly time from /vote. By popular request, we are adding timed fly. Now, when you vote, you are given Fly Time. You can use this fly time to fly at your plot. Ranks still retain the ability to fly permanently.


Now, you are able to disenchant any enchants you don’t like for a small partial refund of orbs. This should make it easier to build up your pickaxes exactly how you like them.

Private Mines

The Private Mine GUI, where you can manage settings related to your private mine. We are introducing private mines! Now you can purchase or win access to a private mine, which is your own personal mine. You can pick a theme for your mine and mine in peace! You can also do the following:

  • Set the block your private mine has (for cosmetic purposes).
  • Warp to other players’ private mines.
  • Set a tax on your mine for when other players decide to mine there.
  • Toggle a whitelist and whitelist people for if you want to mine in peace or only allow some of your friends to your mine.

Lucky Crates

Wow! These are pretty cool… We have removed Lucky Blocks as you knew them last map and replaced them with Lucky Crates. Now, when mining, there is a chance for the block you mine to uncover a Lucky Crate! You can then mine the Lucky Crate and it will spin up and open right in front of you and reveal a prize. This should help make mining more thrilling and enjoyable.

Mine Keys

In addition to Lucky Crates, when mining, you can uncover Mine Keys. These come in four tiers and can be opened with /crates or at /warp crates. This should also help to make mining more fun.

🥇 Payouts 🥇

For this second map, we are offering PayPal + Buycraft payouts to the top 5 plot owners on /plot top! Here is the breakdown:

**Plot Top #1: **$50 PayPal + $30 Buycraft

Plot Top #2:$20 PayPal + $20 Buycraft

**Plot Top #3: **$15 PayPal + $15 Buycraft

**Plot Top #4: **$10 PayPal + $10 Buycraft

**Plot Top #5: **$5 PayPal + $5 Buycraft

We hope you come on and enjoy this new map of Prison next Saturday (September 5th) at 3PM EST. I believe this map is gearing up to be our best so far, and I can’t wait for you all to experience it.

Thank you for the suggestions!

Thank you to the following users for their suggestions which we have implemented:

  • CarrotAtoms
  • Repayed
  • RipMonts
  • ImKindaUgly
  • Orc
  • Applesfly
  • hydra
  • Algoritam
  • Napkins
  • Zayvo
  • LuxyyyyyFanBoy
  • SpeccyGoblin
  • FishermanBilly

We have pinged you all on Discord and you can make a ticket to redeem your reward for your suggestion being used.

That’s all I have for now, so make sure to come check out the reset when it launches!