Hey all,

As we continue to provide new content for Prison, I am proud to announce a brand-new update which is live now on Prison!

One of the most requested features so far has been a Quests or Missions system, and I believe what we have to offer starting today is one of the most interesting and innovative quest systems: I can say without a doubt that no other server can offer such a great missions system.

Today, we are introducing Miracle Cubes: An interactive quest system where you get to pick what rewards you get!

When you start out by running /mcube, you are greeted with a menu where you get to pick the “final reward” you get from your Miracle Cube board: This reward will be randomly scattered across the 20 slots on your board. Once you decrypt a slot and it contains this final reward, your board will reset and you get to pick a new reward. The other 19 slots contain other random, lower-quality prizes.

In order to decrypt slots on the board, you must receive Miracle Fragments. Every reboot, a new objective appears on the /mcube board. The clock item will show you what the current objective is. Whenever you complete this objective, you receive 1x Miracle Fragment. In order to decrypt a slot on your board, you must have 5x Miracle Fragments. When decrypting a slot, you will see a spectacular custom animation and your reward will explode onto the board. If it is your final reward, your board will close automatically and you will be able to make a new board. We hope you enjoy this system, and we will be taking any and all feedback or suggestions from it as we work to improve it and make it the best it can be. We are continuing to work on developing our Skyblock gamemode and have a release date around August 15th planned.