While I covered a lot of ground regarding our Prison server last week, I wanted to make this feature showcase to give an overview to our Prison gamemode from the context of a Skyblock player. While I have years of experience as a developer for a top Prison network (300+ players), this is my first time making my own Prison server, so I have had a really interesting time deciding how to make everything.

**OPLegends Prison will be releasing July 18th at 3PM ET! **To find that time in your own timezone, google “3PM ET” (Click Here)

With that being said, this feature showcase is designed to be an introduction to our Prison gamemode for those who may not have played Prison before. I, like many of you, am an avid Skyblock player, so I’ve done my best to blend and integrate some of my most favorite parts of Skyblock and bring them to Prison in a way that creates a fresh, unique gamemode different from other servers. This approach is the same approach I am following for our upcoming Skyblock server, so I hope you all are as excited as I am for creating a truly innovative experience.


With our Prison server, we are innovating in terms of our economy. We are introducing Coins for the first time as a high-level currency to simplify buying and selling shop items, gear, and any other typical transactions between players.

The typical flow of the game wil look something like this:

Mining will yield Money, Orbs, and EXP. Money **is spent on /rankup and /prestige. **Orbs are spent on Pickaxe Enchants. EXP **is spent on enchants for other gear (swords, axes, armor, etc) as well as on rare items in /expshop (which is basically Mob Coins for Prison). **Coins are a very rare drop from Mining. They are more easily obtained from the Mob Mine, which will be impossible to survive unless you have crafted together **Diamond Gear with enchants **by spending your hard-earned coins on Diamonds (which cost a fair amount of coins!) and spending your hard-earned EXP on custom enchant orbs, which contain everything from typical enchants like Protection/Unbreaking to our own custom enchantments. Once you have amassed a large number of coins from the Mob Mine, you can start to build your own spawner grinders and farms on your plot!

The balance screen, which can be viewed by running /balance.

🥇 Payouts 🥇

For this first map, we are offering PayPal + Buycraft payouts to the top 5 plot owners on /plot top! Here is the breakdown:

**Plot Top #1: **$50 PayPal + $30 Buycraft

Plot Top #2:$20 PayPal + $20 Buycraft

**Plot Top #3: **$15 PayPal + $15 Buycraft

**Plot Top #4: **$10 PayPal + $10 Buycraft

**Plot Top #5: **$5 PayPal + $5 Buycraft

Mob Mine

A brand-new feature we are introducing is the Mob Mine! We are introducing this feature to Prison as an exclusive feature to OPLegends Prison. We have adapted the highly-popular Skyblock Mine gameplay to Prison.

A teaser of the mob mine….. With this feature, we have made a few changes to make it work well in Prison.

First, with a little bit of magic, you’ll notice that your super-powerful pickaxes are somehow less powerful in the Mob Mine! To balance the gameplay, we have scaled all Efficiency enchants back by about 300 levels.

Second, you’ll notice that the mobs are very difficult and have their own unique strengths! I’ll talk more about the unique way we have armor and PvP gear in place on Prison in a bit, but just know that the Mob Mine is meant for the late game! It’s best taken advantage of after getting through ranks and some prestiges. All the custom ores obtainable in the Mob Mine!

Gear and Armor: Finally useful for Prison!

With OPLegends Prison, we are putting a renewed focus on building sets of armor and weapons. Uniquely important for the Mob Mine, it will be of great use to spend your time building god-sets of Armor! Here are some of the key things to note about armor:

  • The member kit will provide enchanted leather armor.
  • Donator kits will provide various qualities of enchanted leather and iron armor.
  • Enchantments of various types will be obtained in /enchanter for EXP.

Diamond Armor

Diamond armor will only be obtainable in the following ways:

  • Crafting it on a crafting table with Diamonds purchased in /shop with Coins
  • Winning it as a perk from Lucky Blocks, Crate Keys, or other randomized elements.
  • Buying pre-crafted armor in **/shop armor **(For the same price as buying the diamonds and crafting them yourself)

Now, you may find yourself asking something like the following:

I thought this was supposed to be **OP **Prison!

Let me address this concern. OPLegends’ Prison is all about delivering a new and unique balance between what’s popular on other Prison servers now and what made OG Prison great back when I used to play it.

I believe that making armor set building a more-difficult mechanic will give our Prison gamemode elements of what used to make old-school Prison (and even Factions) fun. By incorporating these fun old-school mechanics into our Prison, we will provide a fun and unique experience that is familiar to anyone who has played Minecraft, but also distinctly unique and enjoyable in a combination never seen before.

With that out of the way, let’s get into what our Enchants system will provide!

Gear Enchantments: Unique abilities with fun PvP!

On Prison, we are introducing a brand-new unified gear enchantment system! Our enchanter, a complete replacement for Minecraft’s enchant system! On most other servers, there is a clear distinction between vanilla enchantments, which are normally obtained with an enchantment table, and custom enchantments, which are usually obtained with a /enchanter menu. A sneak peek of the enchant browser, where you can quickly view all the enchants you can apply to a given item. I believe this system creates too much confusion for new players and makes it too complicated to create new armor sets. Because of that, we are effectively merging the two into one unified enchant process which looks like the following:

  1. You open an enchantment table or type /enchanter.
  2. You put a book into the open slot.
  3. You pick from the three tiers of enchants, and receive an enchantment. They cost EXP levels.
  4. You drag-and-drop the enchant orb onto the gear piece it is applicable to. It will always succeed (no dumb success/failure chances).

The exact lineup of enchants is not finalized yet, but I can assure you that they will be picked with the following criteria in mind:

  • Whether they pose a significant benefit for player-versus-mob combat
  • Whether they maintain the vanilla balance of PvP well.
  • Whether they will be popular or overlooked.

There will likely be between 20-25 enchants (including vanilla enchants), so stay tuned in our Discord sometime this week for a sneak-peek reveal of the enchantment lineup!

PvP events and mechanics!

The warzone/warp pvp will have some pretty crazy events going on in it! From the PvP mine (which can be used to obtain lots of money and orbs), to the mob arena, to the KOTH event, PvP will be fun and rewarding on Prison! The boss mob pit in the PvP zone. Additionally, we are introducing boss spawns in the PvP zone! At this crazy boss mob pit, boss mobs will frequently spawn. They will carry overpowered rewards to any who dare to fight them.

CRAAZY pickaxe enchants!

While I won’t be sharing everything about our pickaxe enchants (I want to leave some stuff about the server to surprise!), I can show the following sneak peek and share the following information: There will be 10+ pickaxe enchants which all have wicked effects. There will also be a system in place to get super rare enchants using prestige tokens (the currency obtained by prestiging) which make your pickaxe far above and beyond anything else which could normally be obtained.

Additionally, all your blocks mined autosell, so you don’t have to worry about inventory management! You can just sit down and grind out the prison mines.

State-of-the-art Prison Ranks and Prestiges

Part of what makes our Prison server the best is our ability to do everything better than other Prison servers. A great example of this is our ranks and prestiges system. Everything about it is designed to be easy and quick to use.

From being able to quickly /rankup max or /prestige max to being able to view your Rank progression in a cool /ranks GUI, this is all designed with convenience in mind. Additionally, you can also use /mine quickly to get to the farthest mine you have access to! Everything about it is convenient and fun.


Our server is a cool and unique mix between the original Prison gamemode that everyone used to love and the features that modern Prison servers offer today. There is no better example of this perfect hybrid than our Plots system!

Players have expressed how much they love plots compared to cells, and I agree. With that being said, the Plots system that is typically on Prison servers was very outdated. To remedy this, our custom Plot system is the best of both worlds!

Every player can claim a plot and be a member of other peoples’ plots. On top of this, there is a /plot GUI as well as /plot perms to allow you to customize what actions are allowed and denied on your plot. I believe this system is the best available, and I hope you all will agree when you are able to check out the server! The plot menu, complete with all the settings and options you might want.The plot permissions system is based on the Skyblock permissions system you’ve come to know and love! Now you can take fine control over exactly what visitors, members, trusted members, and managers can do on your plot. That’s all I have to show for now, but rest assured there is plenty awaiting you for our first season of Prison! I hope you are as excited as I am and I can’t wait for you to experience the best Prison experience ever!