As we launch this new website, you might notice something missing: Forums. This isn’t an oversight on our part. We’re in a unique spot because we are creating a new server: we have to make a call on how the community will interact.

As many of you are aware, Discord has quickly grown in popularity over the last few years. If anyone has been playing Minecraft since the start, you might recall Skype and how bad it was. Especially from the perspective of a server, it was hard to talk to other players outside of the server.

So, servers started introducing Forums: Threads, posts, and announcements all in one place. Great, right? While not ideal for today, it was a great way to talk to others outside of the server and discuss things to be added, removed, changed, and report bugs.

Then, Discord came out, and over the last few years, we’ve seen that it has solved this problem entirely. So called “synchronous communication” allows us now to talk about anything, server-related or not, in a neat and organized way. A specific area for discussion? Check. A specific area for reporting bugs? Check. A specific area for suggesting things, automated by a cool bot? Check. Suddenly, almost all of our issues that we started using Forums for have been solved.

So then, why not just use Discord for everything? Because it’s designed for communication, not for content. I love Discord. You probably do too. But it’s not made for posting large amounts of info, content, etc. It’s hard to embed content. There’s a character limit. It’s not designed to be a blog, but that’s a good thing.

So then, here we are. A separate blog website. It’s the best of the best: no longer are we using decade-old Forums software to share updates and news. Instead, we’re doing it the same way lots of indie video game developers are: a simple, effective blog. We think this is the best way to go about things. We’ll be able to share updates, patches, server news, and cool content in one place, and we think it looks pretty good too.

As a final note, please join our Discord server! We would love to see you there and hope to get some insight into what we can do to better share info and news leading up to our server’s release.