Because we want this server to be ready this summer, I thought it would be useful to give some information to those who are new on what this server is all about. I’ve received a lot of questions from people like the following:

What’s the point of OPLegends?

Why are you moving away from CaribbeanMC?

What will be different about this server?

What does a casual server entail?

as well as even more like this. Because of this, I want to give some context on what the server is all about.

First thing’s first: Why “OPLegends”?

OPLegends is a server concept that’s near and dear to my heart. My friend at the development company I work for gave me the server name and branding a while back, and we’ve collectively been holding onto this server idea for a few years now. Originally (last year), we wanted to do something with SkyDoesMinecraft for this server, but unfortunately plans fell through.

Okay, then. Why now?

Since then, I’ve been keeping this server in the back of my head and wondering what would be the best type of server to bring forward. Back when I used to exclusively play Minecraft, long before becoming a developer and working for large networks), I used to have a lot of fun playing Survival and Skyblock. However, I never had the chance to make a server like this because I was running a Factions server of my own for 6 years.

Now, however, things are different. People are loving and enjoying Skyblock, but a lot of the top networks have stagnated in what their servers offer. You don’t see as much innovation or new features offered at these large networks, and I hope to change this.

What’s different, then?

My vision with this server is to design a fun MMO-style Skyblock server. I want to bring a vast open spawn world with different things to do (like mining, farming, fishing, mob arenas, and adventures to go on) and combine it with a redesigned Skills system (similar in name and innovation to the Skills seen on CaribbeanMC last month, but vastly reworked to provide weeks of fun content instead of days of monotonous content).

On top of this, I want to offer meaningful objectives and improvements you can make to your character in-game for the motivated players out there. I’ve played a lot of games which allow you to improve your character’s base stats, and this isn’t done as much in Minecraft.

Finally, I want to offer relaxing and fun gameplay for all to enjoy during these tough times. I want this to be available to everyone, regardless of whether you are a free-to-play player or a pay-to-win player. I feel as though this has been lacking from most servers recently, and I want to return to an era where everyone can enjoy the server instead of having to pay to enjoy the server. Sure, this gameplay might be inspired by other games (Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and even MMORPG games), but that’s part of what makes Minecraft networks fun: you get to see the best elements of other games all brought together in a new light.

This is by no means a detailed explanation, nor is it a full changelog of what’s coming: I want to be clear that the server is still in active development. I will try to post progress updates and feedback forms for people to weigh in their opinion, and I hope that you all join me and the team this summer in enjoying OPLegends when it is ready.