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    So much of what we do at OPLegends is a learning experience. Exactly a year ago, on May 12th 2020, our original news website launched. The first article on this was titled "Where's the Forums?" (click for an archived version from our old site), which delved into my thought process behind why our new server would not have forums. To sum it up, we believed that Discord was a great option for our community because it was a good place for discussion.

    5,000 Discord members later, since our community has blown up we have been re-evaluating this. Here are the main points we have for the introduction of a forums:

    1. Forums are inherently better for sharing ideas (also known as: why #suggestions failed).

    Anyone who has been on our Discord server before has probably seen the #suggestions channel. It was originally intended to share quick short ideas of what could be improved, but this intended use was never really what it was actually used for. Across over 2,000 suggestions, over 60% of them are just plain difficult to read. Clearly, the formatting of Discord here is the problem. Discord is intended to be used for messages & conversations—not for ideas and long-form content. Because of this, one of the best reasons for a forums is to have a better place to collect user feedback, suggestions, and ideas of what we can do to make OPLegends the best network in existence.

    2. Our support process is in need of a revamp.

    This one might not be known to the general public, but our Discord ticketing system in its current state is incredibly dysfunctional. Our goal with tickets is for them to be dealt with and closed within 24 hours of being opened. There is a limit of how many channels can exist in a Discord server, and during peak demand, our tickets system has actually filled this completely. Because of this, we are going to be reworking how we handle support. While tickets may still be used for certain issues, forms and/or private forums will be used for bug reports, staff applications, and other types of support.

    3. This new website provides room to grow.

    Forums is a great way for everyone in our communities to grow and share ideas together. As I look back at some of the best communities I have been apart of, every single one of them had an active and popular forums with lots of discussion. Even though forums might be a "dated concept" as I have heard a few people say, the reality is that a well-managed forums is still an incredibly useful tool. We hope you agree with us and help participate in these forums.

    4. Our signup process is actually simple.

    With most other forum sites, you have to spend 5 minutes signing up for an account, entering in an email, a unique password, all kinds of security questions, and then verify your email. Here, it's much simpler. Just click "Login with Discord" and you will be put through a signup process which is fast and convenient. Join our site in seconds instead of minutes. Also, your roles, nickname, and more will all sync!

    I hope you understand our reasons for the switch and I am very excited for this new era of our community! We are going to continue to provide an incredible server for you to play on, but from now on our management is going to be a lot more organized and helpful to serve you better!
    Not open for further replies.