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    -=- Voting Milestones -=-

    This brings me to my next topic. voting milestones. I've actually heard this suggestion from others too and they think it would be a good idea as well. Voting milestones would introduce a new reason to vote and I feel would be more motivating to anyone. Recently, vote top was introduced, which is a great start but that is another competition which could be hard to beat.

    I feel this would be a good counter to vote top since you don't have to compete with these millstones. I also feel like it's a good community initiate.


    This is my current idea. I multiplied days by 3 since there are 3 voting links currently. This would be consistent voting.

    The chart I posted is just ideas. I put the battlepass in there because the battlepass on the Buycraft store is not expensive, which can be a good incentive to put in a voting milestone. The battlepass is also a good motivational implement to get more rewards throughout. It would take 2 full weeks of voting in order to get it, which I think is enough time considering the people that buy the pass start of the world have an advantage since they paid for it.

    The seasonal pmine could be a little controversial but let me break it down.
    A normal season lasts about 6 weeks, so I chose the pmine to unlock at week 3, which is very hard to stay consistent with voting. If you're someone that doesn't vote a lot then chances are you wouldn't reach this point in a normal season length. You may think it's too OP but that's part of the incentive and it gets people to vote.

    That's all. Let me know your ideas. :)
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    Or vote top every month 1st gets like a 25 gc 2nd 15 gc and 3rd 10gc
    Edit* nevermind it’s already a thing
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