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  • Forums Update Trophies & New user titles

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    Hey everyone!

    We've got the first update to the forums. To encourage activity, we've added some custom user titles you can get for being active on the forums!

    You get these by accumulating trophy points - a list of all trophies can be found at https://oplegends.com/help/trophies/.

    Here are the titles:

    New Member0 Trophy Points
    Member30 Trophy Points
    Active Member75 Trophy Points
    Well-Known Member150 Trophy Points
    Dedicated Member250 Trophy Points
    Forum Nerd450 Trophy Points
    Forum Expert600 Trophy Points
    Forum Veteran750 Trophy Points
    Forum Professional1000 Trophy Points
    Forum Legend1465 Trophy Points

    Keep in mind that it isn't possible to get all of these titles just yet because there aren't enough possible trophy points, but we'll keep adding more trophies as people get more and more unlocked.

    Thanks for signing up for our forums! We're really excited to use this more as a better way to engage with our community.
    Not open for further replies.