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  • Denied Super Black Gem Srolls

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    Minecraft Username: Alsdair
    Is your suggestion for: Forums Discord In-Game In Game
    If your suggestion is relating to In-Game, please tell us the server: Prisons
    What is your suggestion? Have a new item, Super Black Gem Scroll, give back a random gem from a gem armor piece.
    Why should we add this suggestion?
    This change was talked about before the end of last season, but was never changed. To make the change now with the current item, I see it never happening as there is no incentive for income to fix it. If you add a Super Black Gem Scroll that gives back the gem, income can make it a lootbox item and sell it as a limited time item in some lootbox down the line. And would have a use.
    Not open for further replies.