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  • Suggestion Suggestions for Skills and more in the new season of Prison


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    im gonna explain a couple points that come to my mind when thinking of new ideas:

    -add a reward for every skill levelup and every 5th is a big milestone (small ones like 2 loot keys)

    - add another system for armours:
    I like the gem apply and stuff but maybe lower the pickaxe lvl reqs for the different gems. But here comes the new thing: add another kind of armour,
    which is gaining a debuff on all the other boosts( e.g. money boost provides armour debuffs xp and orbs but is A LOT more cash multi)(e.g. 4x money and 1/2 exp n orbs)

    -maybe itll be unbalanced, so add like a special armour pet, that reduces the multi( still higher then 4/4 sellboost gems) and lowers the debuffs a bit

    -if theres a way to make it,so that mine keys always go directly into ur inv, because then you could always decide wether to sell them or use them(maybe make better rewards like more exp and orbs, so that the high price isnt just for the /pass mission)

    -last but not least: maybe add pet items like in hypixel sb, that boost either the stat the pet gives or another one

    -i had another idea rn: make a mining skill multi pot/pet and make vigor pots 15min so that they last fir a whole booster
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