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  • Denied Suggestion for Starters and staff!

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    Minecraft Username: Ghosar_
    Is your suggestion for: In-Game
    If your suggestion is relating to In-Game, please tell us the server:
    What is your suggestion? My suggestion is To Add a Help Chat, Trade Chat I know it may be hard to do but it will be so helpful for less spam and it will be easier for staff to help starters and the trade chat will help people to get less spam and whenever someone wants to sell anything just do /tradechat
    Why should we add this suggestion? It will help all Starters and Staff And people who buying and selling stuff and that would help the community
    Ty for reading and if u agree for me plz leave a like and a +1 ❤️


    Active Member
    -1 that could be even more confusing to new players and they can just ask in normal chat if they need help?


    New Member
    +1 , i agree on a differant chat for advertising and stuff as chat is just full of people advertising and people cant see other peoples msgs


    -1 I dont like this suggestion mainly because that would be too confusing for new players to use and it would also be very congested for staff to read.
    Not open for further replies.