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    Hi staff members, when did you guys first become staff, and were you nervous your first couple of days of being staff. For example, being nervous to punish someone that you are friends with, or not knowing if you were allowed to punish that person for?

    Also, how did you guys hear about OpLegends, and what made you guys want to become a staff on here?

    You can also add your journey as staff to your answer if you would like.


    Great question!
    I first became staff on opl December 22nd. The hardest part starting off is like you said not knowing what to punish people in if it could technically fall under 2 categories. And about the punishing your friends part I agree in the beginning it’s hard for you to punish your fiends because your afraid that they won’t be friends with you but usually they understand your just doing your job and don’t get mad about it.

    I first heard of opl around September from a media that used to play here. And what made me want to apply was some of the staff members back then that aren’t currently with us any more and it’s just a great community to hang around and i want to keep it that way.


    Great question!

    I began my journey as a staff member on a different server. I worked my way up from Helper to Administrator, to a management role. I’ve had a good 7 years of experience before being asked to come to OPLegends. Myokan and I have known each other for sometime now as well as Kaleb and a couple of other developers on the network.

    Punishing someone was a scary thing for me when I first started. It was trying to make sure, (so many times) that I punished for the right reasons and not abusing my extra permissions than a player would have.

    OPLegends, so far has been amazing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am getting to learn a lot about this community and team. The ambitions and goals from us portray down to even our community with the same mindset and ideas.

    Not only that, but it’s the feeling of being wanted and appreciated. In my opinion I’ve had it tough when it comes to other servers not listening to their community, staff team or management team. So having the backing of this management team and being able to discuss and work on ideas and feedback for this network makes me feel wanted and a key member to this team. Just like everyone plays an important role in the future of OPLegends.

    - Kieran


    Im coming close to one year of being staff, its been great. Was I nervous at first? Kinda, I didn’t really want to mess up and punish someone incorrectly.

    I blame everything on P0wer0wner for showing me the server.


    I became staff in last July so almost a year ago now, I wasn’t very nervous to punish anybody even if they were my friends.

    I heard about the server from Hydrants in June/May of that same year when he had been talking about it. So when the server I was previously staff on went south I asked hydrants about OPLegends, I applied, and here I am :)