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  • Smhxd


    New Member
    • IGN: Smhxd, I thought of this name due to huge amount of toxicity in the PvP community that I got sick off and quit until i saw OPLegends and started playing and enjoying the server.
    • My favorite Game-Mode is Prisons cause i didn't even play Skyblock on this server lol.
    • I listen a bit of everything really, when I vibe to the beat or the voice of the singer I would listen to it no matter what kind of music it is considered, good music is good music.
    • Something interesting about myself huh.... Mmm, I really can't think of much. I work, go to college but due to Covid everything is still shut down and i already completed my exams for college so i got a huge vacation now.
    • What makes me unique...... Probably that I go outside? I'm joking, don't get offended now haha.... But I don't know what makes me unique really, i just live life the best I can although its a b*tch sometimes.
    • My talents.... That would probably be my ability to learn, I read school books 3 or 4 times and i can remember 90% of it! Pretty amazing if you're one lazy son of a gun, I bet a lot of people are jealous because of that lol.
    • As for my hobbies, I like playing soccer, I like taking a run outside every other day through the woods.... Thats it lol, besides that I only work and play video games or be with my girlfriend.