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    You should make the /ce on skyblock not levels, but rather experience points. For example, the vanilla enchant orb costs about 15 levels, and when you have 15 levels it is only about 2000 experience, but when you have 2 million experince (about 350 levels) it costs about 300k exp (off memory) for the 15 levels. It is very difficult later on in the game to enchant because if you decide to use the 50 level legendary enchant it would cost millions of exp compared to about 10-15k.


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    +1, it gets super annoying when you're up in those high levels and it takes like half your EXP lol. They should also add a withdraw exp.



    Skyblock will be changing so there will be more updates and information regarding this. There is currently a post regarding the latest on our Skyblock 1.16 Server and the future plans for this.

    > Kieran