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  • Pending Skill Rewards Revamp

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    Now, don't get me wrong at all, I love getting a relic key or so every now and then, or whatever the reward is.
    but naming it skills is a bit misleading.

    Usually, the more you perform a skill you'd expect to become better at doing it no?

    so here's what I'm saying:

    New skills system. Stay with the levelling, that's not bad at all, but for example, maybe with Excavator, you actually become a better .. Excavator?
    (This can be implemented in one of two ways; Higher DB proc % OR introducing a double (even triple for the really late levels) proc rate? This would mean instead of getting rid of 1 physical layer, DB is proccing for 2 layers. I know. Crazy.)

    This is really quite explanatory, but at this point having a high skill level is just useless, give us something else we can grind besides blocks broken and our pickaxe :).
    love you
    leave criticisms in the replies and I'll update the thread as I receive stuff.


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    +0 i like the cool concept, but it can be simplified.

    i gave it a 0 because it can be confusing to new players which owners are trying to avoid
    Not open for further replies.