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  • Suggestion Prisons Crates Updates


    Minecraft Username: Sythe9

    Is your suggestion for: In-Game

    If your suggestion is relating to In-Game, please tell us the server: Prisons

    What is your suggestion? My suggestion is to have buffs on
    all crates thought the season for example having a buff in the middle of the season would make it so players would vote more, like the namemc page/claim the rewards, and have better rewards from mine/loot/relic and the other crates.

    Why should we add this suggestion? This suggestion should be added because it would get more players to vote and like the NameMC page even at the end of the season because all the crates would be balanced with the current economy which can also help is some joins mid way through the season which can help them catch up to the other players.


    I agree with skisam, I think crates should be buffed but they shouldn't be crazy overpowered. Possibly we could do something like increasing the amount of orbs, maybe making pouches better, but they shouldn't be an insane buff just a small amount so that the eco doesn't go crazy.


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    +0.5 could develop into chaos, and could be too overpowered for new players, maybe as the season goes the higher blocks or money spent the higher the multiplier, or unlock a new crate that u can use (leveled crates) level 1 for 1000 blocks level 5 for 200000 blocks mined


    +0 We already buff/change crates throughout the season however as Akuro&Skisam mentioned it would make it too OP for new players if we buffed orbs etc by like x2 or even x1.5 each week


    I feel like some correlation between prestige rank and the rewards from MineKey/Prestige/Loot/Relic would be a nice addition, adding another addition that would benefit grinders.