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  • Suggestion Pmine create preview


    New Member
    Minecraft Username: Alsdair

    Is your suggestion for: Forums Discord In-Game: Forums/website at the least, if you can somehow get a preview of each theme in-game that would be cool, but would probably be very hard to do.

    If your suggestion is relating to In-Game, please tell us the server: Prisons

    What is your suggestion? Have a thumb nail picture, pictures, preview or something that can give you an idea of what each themed pmine is.

    Why should we add this suggestion? This Map currently has 5 themes to pick from, but you have no clue what each theme is. Unless you can get someone who has already picked the theme you want from visiting. The new /pmines menu helps a little bit, thank you for this menu. If you pick a theme and hate it, you are out of luck, so I believe some kind better understanding of what each theme is would help more, other than the given name of each theme.

    >> If there was a section in the forums or a post of the new map on the website of all the themes of the pmines that would be enough.

    Maybe be helpful because?
    Would also maybe spike in sales of pmines from the shop if people have some kind of preview. Before the buyer is stuck with something they could of worked a little less on, if they knew what they looked liked. (Hope that makes sense.) When checking through the /pmines list (*) , only saw maybe 3 different themes throughout the whole list.

    * - understand this is when the first few hours of the map is open, so the list is small.

    Out-there idea:
    Show some of the pmine themes in a promo video, with some Partner ranked person. Could have them use it for content, to promote the server.

    (I have a theme I want to pick for this map, but i have no clue what it's called, Faihnn is it, but he's hard to get a hold of, to ask.)