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  • Pending New Prestige Enchants


    New Member
    I would like to see more prestige Enchants as after a certain point. The new enchants I suggest would be key greed and it will have a chance to give u loot and relic keys. To purchase this enchant u must have a pickaxe lvl 150 and it cost 50 p tokens and the next it would go to is 25. The other enchant I would like is buycraft finder. To purchase this enchant it's 250 p tokens and u need a pickaxe lvl of 250. The max this will go to is 10.


    The senior staff team as already stated that WE WILL NOT be adding any way in which you can directly get buycraft from in-game.

    But I like the Key greed idea.



    Your suggestion will be put on 'Pending' as we decide weather or not to implement it.