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    Hey OPLegends

    We've been working hard on updates for forums. The following updates include introducing both the community showcase and the creators club, as well as checking out some new and improved categories and visuals that will help our community to be able to navigate around our forums much better.

    Community Showcase:
    We have added this category so then you will be able to participate in the community showcase competitions which will be happening every week. You will find all of the important information and how to enter our competition with the link below.

    Creators Club:
    We have added the creators club. This is a section on our forums where our creators will be able to post their latest videos | giveaways | any photos they want to upload for our community to rate. Each member of our community will be able to view the content and to rate their posts.


    Our creators consist of both our partners and media ranks on our network. Feel free to check out the link below to view the latest content being uploaded.

    Visual Updates:
    We have changed the way you can see who are our staff members on our network. You will notice our staff member are now visible by their colour of their position. You will see this in our sidebar "Members Online" located on the right side of our website forum.


    - Kieran
    Not open for further replies.